Canada – Climbing the Rankings for International Moves

Canada’s growth from number 19 to number 11 within 12 months within ranking tables born from the HSBC Expat Explorer Survey is no coincidence.

This shows just how popular the country is becoming for people looking to take up residence and work in the country. So if you’re considering an international move to Canada, what can you expect?

The overall 11th place rank is made up of a number of factors and for ‘expat experience’ Canada receives a 12th place finish, with its ‘raising children abroad’ ranking in 8th.  Straight away, these statistics suggest Canada has become a hotspot for families looking to mix up their way of living and overall quality of life.

Perhaps one of the biggest draws for expats is the ease that a transition can be made, 76% of survey respondents said they found it easy to integrate into the local community and 79% were more than happy with the local economy and choice of state schools.

On top of this, an impressive 88% – almost nine in ten expats – said they felt a strong connection with Canada; this is a full 10% above the USA.

Within the survey, it was announced that a full 85% of expats saw Canada as a long term option, compared 61% in the Asia Pacific region and just 56% in Hong Kong. A lesser 71% said they saw the USA as a long term home.

It seems that all of these figures point closely towards an overall quality of life that draws people to the country.

This could go some way to explaining why the over-55s market account for almost two thirds of all expats in the Canada (58%); with the 35-54 market accounting for 36% of movers.

Overall, the survey suggests more and more people are flocking to Canada either for retirement, or for work, so could it be the move you’ve been waiting for?

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