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Saving Jersey’s Grass Snakes

Common grass snakes are one of the Channel Island’s rarest reptiles. It is also Jersey’s only native snake.

Rob Ward, a PhD student at the University of Kent, is studying the harmless grass snake to prevent its extinction on Jersey. The study is funded by the States Department for the Environment, and Mr Ward is researching ways to save the snake.

He advises that we all need to protect grass snakes nesting habitats and says:

“We’re asking people not to disturb or turn their compost heaps until October when any eggs should have hatched.”

“We’ll also be checking a number of compost heaps for eggshells in early October, and would appreciate the public getting in touch if they find any eggshells in their heaps; or suspect that grass snakes may have been using their compost or manure heaps.”

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Grass Snakes, removals Jersey 07/10/2014

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