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Green Acres Hotel to be a Dementia Care Home

A new application was submitted on Friday 5th September to convert Green acres Hotel the former Guernsey hotel into a specialist dementia care unit.  A group of doctors who want to convert the hotel hope to get permission a second time around, having already been turned down once. The council was also given a 6,000 signature petition of support for the care unit.

The 43-bedroon, three star hotel closed its doors at the end of October 2012 and has since become derelict.  Sarah Griffith, campaigner for the care home said that the new facilities were badly needed and that mixing dementia patients with infirm elderly people with no mental problems, as often currently happens, was unfair to both sets of patients.

Ms Griffiths was recognised earlier this year in the Queen’s New Year Honours list for her charity work. The Honours list recognises people of outstanding merit who have committed themselves to the service of the nation.

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Green Acres Hotel 07/10/2014

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