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Moving Abroad in 2022? 15 Things To Consider Before You Leave

Moving Abroad in 2022? 15 Things To Consider Before You Leave

Last Updated: 13th January 2022

Moving abroad is a fantasy many of us have, but only the courageous few decide actually to take the leap.

Whether it’s for retirement, a job or a better quality of life, moving abroad could lead to an entirely new way of life.

However, there is some work required first as several things are often overlooked when moving abroad, leading to delays.

Furthermore, relocating internationally has become increasingly difficult in the last 12 months due to global the impact of the pandemic!

The widespread influence that COVID has had across all countries will undoubtedly cause some drastic changes to any upcoming international moves you may have planned!

It is, therefore, more important than ever that you are completely certain that moving abroad from UK is right for you.

An exciting part of your life is about to begin, and to ensure the beginning is stress-free and enjoyable, here are 15 things you should consider before moving abroad:

USA visa in a passport - travel backgroundWhich VISA?

While many of you have done your in-depth research, it’s essential to know that the VISA you are applying for is the correct one.

On top of this, double-checking the visa requirements is a must as knowing the ins and outs can allow you to avoid any pitfalls along the way.

Make sure to visit the website of the government you are travelling to as well as extensive research using sites specifically for expats.

There are also some important things to consider in 2021, including moving within the EU and the impact of COVID.

As of 2021, the UK is no longer a member of the European Union!

Prior to Brexit, Brits ish residents maintained the right to visit, live and work anywhere in the EU.

This meant Brits could move to a European country without visa restrictions or maximum length of stay.

As a result of new post-Brexit rules, the situation for British citizens who want to live in Europe is now very similar to those in place for non-European citizens.

The new rules mean there is now a maximum stay of three months for UK passport holders in Europe.

Anyone hoping to stay longer must legally register as a resident, and any non-resident hoping to work in Europe, could need a visa or work permit.

Inform Your Bank

The next step to take before moving? Let your banks know.

If you are connected to any credit and debit card companies; you could see your cards frozen if they are not aware you have moved abroad.

So, to avoid this minor (or major) inconvenience, have a chat with your bank.

Choose your removals company wisely

Shipping all your personal effects abroad can be stressful.

You want to be sure that your sofas, tables, chairs, photo albums and your child’s favourite toys are all safe and protected.

It is of paramount importance to pick the right moving company when moving abroad. This can be the difference between a delightful start to your new life and the move from hell.

The best way to ship would be to hire an international removal company that includes the shipping aspect of the procedure. If they have BAR registration, then that is a sure sign that they are a reputable and trusted company.

It is also important to consider if your chosen removals company offer a COVID friendly service!

The last year has meant removals companies have had to adapt to new rules and regulations.

These have been implemented to ensure not only the best possible service for customers but also to ensure the safety of customers and workers alike.

In this time, a number of new services have become available.

When choosing your removals company be sure to enquire about remote video surveys!

During these unprecedented times, the best removals companies are offering this new video survey service.

Using this technology, an agent from your removals company will be able to gather all the information required to assist with your move, from the comfort of your home!

Video surveys will help you save valuable time and ensure the best possible safety levels are upheld.

Do you need Storage?

You’re now committed to moving abroad.

Are you bringing absolutely everything with you, or would you prefer to keep some in storage while you are gone?

International removal companies often offer many services alongside the actual act of moving abroad everything you want.

Suburban residential street with red brick houses

Which Neighbourhood Is For You?

The majority of cities around the world will have many neighbourhoods to choose from.

Some are more family-friendly than others; some are suited more towards young professionals; while some are better for those who wish to retire.

Moving abroad comes with many challenges.

It’s fair to say that choosing where to live is one of the biggest challenges going.

When moving in 2021 it could be a good idea to check local covid cases!

By checking this you will not only gather a better understanding of where you want to live but you will also be able to establish if there are any different rules in your potential new home.

What will happen to your property in the UK?

If you were planning on keeping your property in the UK and renting it out; you are still liable to pay UK tax on that income.

If you’re thinking of selling your property; it means you can make a fresh start and have a large enough cash injection that you’ll be financially stable in your new home country. The downside to selling is that you have no backup plan if something were to go wrong.

With a lot to think about before moving, it’s incredibly important to take your time on this step and decide what is right for you.

What about your pets?

Sadly, moving pets isn’t as easy as moving humans.

This has something to do with the different strains of bacteria in different countries, and our pets tend to be a tiny bit dirtier than us.

Ensure that you know how to get your pet snake, dog or cat safely into the country, or you could find your pets quarantined due to failure to follow proper procedure.

Be sure to check the relevant government websites regarding any rule changes during COVID.

Whilst these may not have changed it is certainly best to avoid any last-minute surprises.

Open a New Account

On top of talking to your current bank accounts, it’s beneficial to look into opening an account in your new country of residence.

These can be far more difficult to open up abroad due to specific requirements needing to be fulfilled.

Your best course of action will be to do your research, ensure you get the best deals and keep an eye out on the fine print for any traps along the way.

Businessman holding Different size of a smartphone sim card 3d

What about your phone?

If you’re planning on getting a new SIM, then it will be worth unlocking your phone. This is very common nowadays and straightforward to get done for £20 or so.

You may find it more beneficial to opt for a new contract. Again, many people will do this; however, it depends on what’s right for you.

At the end of the day, you can always buy a cheap prepay SIM for £10 and use that until you’ve made your decision.

Make New friends

A step that is quite easy to do; however, many are often too shy to involve themselves in community activities.

There are many ways to make friends while abroad, ranging from a BBQ to a house-warming party and so on.

One way to everyone’s heart is food, and let’s be honest, food shared between friends are friends for life.

Rember, during these unprecedented times it may be a little tricky to meet new people!

When moving abroad, be sure to follow the social distancing and safety measures that are in place.

We all hope that any such limitations will eventually be eased, but remaining vigilant is key.

As the rules in the UK are eased it may be easy to forget that strict regulations remain in place in many different countries.

As a general rule, you should keep up to date with the latest rules on the relevant government websites.

We are sure you will still be able to meet new friends despite these rules!

Tackling Homesickness

Right now, you are on top of the world and ecstatic to begin your new life!

One day you may find yourself missing home just a little too much, especially if it’s a quiet day.

On these days, it’s essential to keep yourself busy by challenging yourself or starting a project that you’ve always wanted to, or even go outside and do something new.

Don’t allow yourself to get bored in the stunning new country you call home and keep yourself busy in those tough times.

Learn the Lingo

While English is spoken throughout the world, it is beneficial to learn the basics of the native language of the country you are moving to. This means that you can at least converse with the local populace and even begin to make new friends along the way.

Even if you are moving to an English-speaking country, try and learn some of the lingo; Australian lingo is one of the hardest out there.

Many apps are free, such as LingoDeer, that provide you with short lessons daily. You’ll slowly see the transition from knowing nothing to bilingual before you know it.

Large collection of junk food isolated on white. Includes Coca Cola, Pepsi, Fanta, Sprite, Skittles, Snickers, Kit Kat, Twix, Bounty, Mars, Milky Way, Picnic, Nuts, Kinder Bueno, Maltesers, M&M's.

Stock Up On The Things You Love

This often doesn’t come to mind for many people. When you move abroad, the likelihood of you finding your favourite food is quite low, especially if it’s very obscure.

Is there anything that you just can’t live without? Make sure to bring a large enough stock abroad with you, and whenever friends and family come to stay, make it a requirement that they bring you these snacks.

So, if you crave those coveted marmite cashew nuts, make sure to bring at least a suitcase load with you.

Need a Hand Moving?

Moving abroad is stressful for all involved. That’s why White & Company are here, to help your move be smooth and stress-free.

Over the years, White & Company has positioned itself as the international removals firm of choice for removals worldwide.

Our experience is second to none. As members of BAR, FIDI and OMNI, White & Company have been relocating people to destinations worldwide for 145 years.

Our experienced teams located across the UK will pack and prepare your valuable, fragile and bulky furniture ready for export

To find out more about how we could get your dream move underway, don’t hesitate to give us a call today. Alternatively, fill out a quick quote form or chat with our Bot and we’ll get in touch with you straight away.

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