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Moving to Lodz

moving to Lodz

Moving to Lodz

Are you planning on moving to Lodz in Poland? In Polish ‘Łódź’ means ‘a small boat. It has been suggested that the city’s coat of arms is a reference to Janusz’s little punt! It is the third largest city and is located in the central part of the country. Approximately 135 kilometres south-west of Warsaw. It is the centre of the Polish film industry. Polish directorial such as Andrzej Wajda, Roman Polański and Krzysztof Kieślowski are all associated with Łódź.

In recent years, investment has been pouring into the city in an effort to spur one of the country’s biggest renovation efforts. This investment has led to the rejuvenation of ul Piotrkowska, the main pedestrian centre.

More work opportunities are arising and expats are most likely to find employment in finance, IT, business services and management. As more than 95% of the population only speak Polish, there is a high demand for people who can teach English. Salaries tend to be amongst the lowest in Europe but the cost of living is also very low.

Local Information if you are thinking of moving to Lodz

When you first move to a new city finding your way around the local taxes and requirements can be daunting, a quick visit to the following website can help you on your way: Banking & Tax Information

Accommodation if you are thinking of moving to Lodz

There is a huge variety of accommodation available in Łódź , depending on the area you choose to live. There are many Soviet-style apartment buildings, some are rented furnished but it is more likely they will be unfurnished. You should expect to pay a deposit of between three and six months rent upfront and usually utilities such as water, gas and electricity are not included in the rental cost.

Schools if moving to Lodz

All children are allowed to attend public schools in Łódź which is free, that said, this may not be the best choice as all teaching will be carried out in Polish. Most expats will want their children to continue with their home country’s curricula, and will prefer to find an international school.

A selection of English language schools can be found on the following site: Schools Portal

Travel if you are thinking of moving to Lodz

Łódź has a well-developed tram and bus network as well as a plentiful supply of cheap taxis. If you are in the centre of the city, Piotrkowska, the main high street, you can find plenty of cheap rickshaws that zip up-and-down the streets. The closest airport to Lodz is Lodz Wladyslaw Reymont Airport, which is about 6 km from the city centre.

Currency Conversion If Moving To Lodz

Poland joined the European Union in 2004, but has not yet adopted the Euro. The Polish currency is the Zloty (PLN).

When moving overseas making sure you get the best exchange rate possible is essential. White & Company has an exclusive arrangement with an FX Firm.

Simply call us on Tel: 01494-857672 or follow the link to see what additional monies you will receive compared to using your high street bank and to set up a free account. Foreign-Exchange Portal

European Removals If Moving To Lodz

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Moving House To Lodz


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