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Moving To Quebec

Are you are thinking of moving to Quebec? Canada is the world’s second largest country and French-speaking Quebec has a lot to recommend it. Roughly a quarter of all Quebec residents live in the Greater Montreal Area, including the island of Montreal, the English speaking institutions are concentrated in the west of the island.

Everyone in Canada has access to high quality healthcare, making it a very attractive place settle. You will need to get a visa; the Canadian Citizenship and Immigration service’s Visa Wizard will help you see if you are eligible. You should make sure all your vaccinations are up to date; hepatitis B is recommended, as well as rabies if you are likely to be working with animals. You will also need to be able to show you can support yourself and any dependants, unless you already have employment in Canada, you will also need to pass a medical exam.

Property prices if you are thinking of moving to Quebec

The average price of small homes is $229,500 CAD, a larger home will cost around $1,495,000 CAD. If you are moving to Quebec and need to find a property for sale then a helpful site is

Schools if moving to Quebec

Quebec has a good range of specialist International and bilingual schools. Help to select a school can be found at

Local Information

When you first move to a new city finding your way round the local taxes and requirements can be daunting, a quick visit to the Expat Arrivals website can help you on your way. Simply visit


Walking around old Quebec City is a good idea. The narrow, crowded and winding streets would be very difficult in a car. On top of that, parking is usually expensive and difficult to find. The funicular, a kind of cable car, is a cheap and easy way to move between the Upper and Lower town. A cab is another possibility; most are yellow but not always!

Currency Conversion If Moving To Quebec

When moving overseas making sure you get the best exchange rate possible is essential to starting your new life on a sound footing. White and Company have an exclusive arrangement with The FX Firm. Simply call us on Tel: 01494-857672 or follow the link to see what additional monies you will receive compared to using your high street bank and to set up a free account.

International Removals To Quebec

This service is aimed at people moving to Quebec and for those looking for a removals, storage and shipping company.

If you are looking to move to Quebec, White and Company have been providing an international removals, packing and storage service for over 140 years and are members of FIDI. and Omni:

White & Company also provide specialist removal services to locations around Europe and all international destinations. We work tirelessly to provide the best possible service and peace of mind for those looking to move home.

Moving To Quebec, 11th February 2015

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