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Moving to Sao Paulo

 moving to Sao Paulo

Moving to Sao Paulo

Are you planning on moving to Sao Paulo? It’s the commercial and industrial centre of Brazil. Locally known as Sampa, It’s the largest city in Brazil with a population of over 11 million people.

Expats moving to Sao Paulo should allow some time to readjust to living in such a chaotic city, with a lack of public services, traffic congestion. a high rate of crime, pollution and poverty. The city is home to every major industry in Brazil and has attracted expats from across the world.

The cost of living in Sao Paulo is very high and is one of the most expensive cities in the Americas. If you are considering relocating here, it is essential that you negotiate a salary that is sufficient to cover the cost of accommodation in a good neighbourhood.

As well as the challenges of living in Sao Paulo, the city offers a vibrant and exiting nightlife with clubs, restaurants and bars and the annual carnival.

Local Information if you are thinking of moving to Sao Paulo

When you first move to a new city finding your way around the local taxes and requirements can be daunting, a quick visit to the following website can help you on your way: http://www.expatarrivals.com

Accommodation if you are thinking of moving to Sao Paulo

There is a wide choice of property available in Sao Paulo. Most expats choose to rent an apartment, house or in condominiums in gated communities. This offers security and many shared amenities such as swimming pools. Most apartments are rented out unfurnished with the duration of the lease is normally two or three years.

Expats signing a lease will need a Cadastro de Pessoas Físicas (CPF). A Brazilian Identity Card. These can take a number of months to finalise. There are no restrictions of expats owning land in Brazil, however if you want to buy a property you will also need a CPF.

The following site has a selection of properties: http://www.braziloverseasproperty.co.uk

Schools if moving to Sao Paulo

Sadly, the standard of education in public schools across Brazil is low. This is also the case in Sao Paulo. Although foreign children are able to attend local schools in Sao Paulo, which is free for all children, most expats choose to educate their children in international schools.

Help to select a school can be found at: http://www.expat-quotes.com

Travel if you are thinking of moving to Sao Paulo

Expats can move around the city using taxis, trains, buses and cycles. However, it would be wise not to display valuables, mobile phones or laptops whilst commuting. There are plans to improve public transport in Sao Paulo and the surrounding area, however, this will take time and expats should expect delays and congestion when they travel.

Currency Conversion If Moving To Sao Paulo

The Brazilian currency is the Real (BRL).

When moving overseas making sure you get the best exchange rate possible is essential. White & Company has an exclusive arrangement with an FX Firm.

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International Removals if you are moving to Sao Paulo

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