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House-hunting tips for Farnborough

You’ve decided you’d like to move to Farnborough, how do you make sure you get the house of your dreams before someone else snatches it up?

The low supply of good properties and the high demand means you need to use every trick you can.

Work your estate agent!

Instead of treating them as the enemy, make the agent your best friend, so you have them on your side.  That way, they’ll contact you first if they know something is about to come on the market.  Use them to get vital information about the area, ask them what they think the seller will accept with regard asking prices?  How many offers have been made? Pump them for as much information as you can.

Plan your viewings

Put aside a whole day and do no more than six viewings, if you view on a weekend it’s more likely the estate agent will give you more time.

View at different times of the day and night.

If you find somewhere you like, make sure you’ve seen it at night, it might be just around the corner from a rowdy pub or have noisy neighbours.

Take some pictures

Use your mobile phone to take some snaps to remind you later, it’s also worth checking you have a good mobile signal too!

Pay attention when you’re viewing

You can cut out an expensive survey if you check to see if the house smells of damp or there are patches showing on the walls?  You may be happy to tackle this, but if you’re not, you don’t want to wait until it has shown up in a survey, which will just waist your time and money.

How long has it been on the market?

Check to see how long it has been on the market, have many people made offers and then pulled out?  Try to coax this information from the agent and you could save yourself the cost of a survey, not to mention wasting your precious time.

Estate agents in Farnborough worth visiting are:  Romans, Gregjames, Bridges and Mitchell & Partners.  There are 128 properties for sale in the town at this present time with an average asking price of £276,893.

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