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    Moving to France?

    In collaboration with a well-established network of moving hubs throughout France, White and Company offers customers an internationally acclaimed removals service, ensuring the swift and secure arrival of all belongings.

    Enjoy a stress-free door-to-door experience with our services, as we take care of every aspect of your move. From expertly packing all your possessions at your UK residence to delivering them to your new home in France, we’ve got every detail covered.

    Why Choose Us?

    • Award winning international removals
    • Long established company since 1871
    • Local offices & storage depots located in France
    • Extensive FIDI & OMNI international network
    • Door-to-door service from the UK to France
    • Flexible terms available to suit your needs
    • Professionally trained removals team
    • Full packing, storage & shipping service
    • Comprehensive insurance options
    • Full or part-load shipping options

    How It Works

    Normally, belongings bound for France are transported by road freight and cross-channel ferry. We offer flexible solutions tailored to various requirements and budgets. To accommodate, we present customers with two different options when shipping goods to France:

    Part Load

    This option is perfect if you don’t plan to move an entire household of items. Your possessions will be transported to France in a shared high-capacity truck, and you’ll only be billed for the space you use. Part-loads are excellent for customers moving to France with a smaller quantity of items, making it a suitable option for those who only need to transport a few essential belongings.

    Full Load

    If your moving plans involve relocating your entire household of belongings to France, we recommend opting for our full-load service. With this option, you’ll be billed for the entire trailer, allowing you the flexibility to fill it to your requirements.

    Our professional packing team in the UK will securely wrap and box up your possessions, which will then be transported in our specialised removals trucks to our UK depot. From there, they will proceed to the port for the short hop across the British channel via ferry. While this choice is pricier than our part-load option, it offers quicker delivery times to France.

    Moving to France? Get a quick quote

    Weekly Removals to France

    At White and Company, we provide weekly removals services from the UK to France, with both full-loads and part-load options available to suit your specific needs. Our extensive experience, expertise, local knowledge, and a specialised fleet of removals trucks position us as the top choice for a hassle-free move to France.

    We aslo offer fully containerised storage facilities in modern, secure warehouses if you require it. Recognising the value of your belongings, we handle each item, regardless of size, with the utmost care and attention.

    How Long Do Removals to France Take?

    The average time for removals to France from the UK will vary depending on whether you have opted for a full or part-load service.

    As part-load services are taken as separate consignments, it may take longer for all your items to arrive, so you should choose our full-load service if speed is a key factor in your move.

    We will be able to provide you with a more accurate time frame once we understand the specifics of your move.

    What Happens Once My Goods Arrive?

    Your designated account manager will forward all paperwork to our team in France. Upon arrival of your goods, they will send all necessary forms onto you, assist with customs clearance, and coordinate the final delivery to your new home in France.

    As with any international relocation, there’s times where things may get lost in translation. Our local experts can help with any customs issues that may be confusing or misunderstood. Moving to France is a challenging process, so you can be confident that we’ll always be there to offer support throughout your move.

    Still Have Questions?

    Call us today on 01489 854603 and speak to one of our helpful European removals team about your move to France.

    France Removals Man


    White and Company is a founding member of the British Association of Removers, serving as a prominent voice in the UK removals industry.

    As members, we adhere to the highest standards and actively seek feedback from our customers to consistently improve our services.

    Furthermore, we hold affiliate membership with the FIDI & OMNI international relocation network, and our network of industry partners extends globally.

    Insurance for Removals to France

    Marine insurance is a key consideration when shipping a large consignment of items overseas.

    We recommend you protect your possessions while in transit and storage with our ‘All Risk’ Marine Standard Liability cover.

    Marine insurance cover is offered to you on receipt of a completed ‘Overseas Valuation Form’.

    Such insurance cover is fully comprehensive and ‘All Risk’, and is based on the total value declared by you on your application.

    Preparing for Your Move

    France stands as the world’s top tourist destination and is consistently among our most sought-after removal locations, and for good reason.

    With its diverse climate, vibrant culture, world-renowned cuisine, and stunningly landscape, it’s no wonder that more than 150,000 British expats have chosen to make it their home. Whether you’re relocating a few items to a new holiday home or making a full move to France, we offer a dedicated range of tailored services to meet your specific removal needs.

    While France is just a short ferry ride across the British Channel, any move to a new country with a markedly different culture can be challenging and occasionally stressful. That’s exactly why we’re here to help take the load.

    As you set off on the adventure of moving to France, the process of packing up and relocating can seem daunting. But relax! Our team of experienced international removals experts specialises in transporting your belongings from the UK to France hassle-free, making the process more manageable for you.

    Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have – we’re here to support you every step of the way!

    Read Our Moving Guide

    Discover everything there is to know about moving to France from the UK. Read our helpful guide that comprehensively covers essentials you need to know before setting off.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can a UK citizen move to France after Brexit?

    For a duration exceeding 90 days in France or a French Overseas territory, a UK national is required to possess a long-stay visa, regardless of the purpose (be it work, study, visit, or family-related). Individuals owning second homes and spending 3 to 6 months annually in France are not classified as residents and should seek a temporary long-stay visitor visa (VLS-T Visiteur). If second-home owners spend more than 6 months a year in France, they are regarded as French residents and must apply for a long-stay visitor visa (VLS-TS Visiteur).

    How much money do I need in the bank to move to France?

    Typically, individuals without an EU-member country passport are required to demonstrate an annual/monthly income surpassing the French minimum wage, which stood at €1,747.2 per month (Gross) or approximately €1,383.08 per month (net) in 2023. These amounts are on a per-person basis, so for couples, each individual must exhibit a net income of at least €1,383 per month (or a combined income of €2,800 per month per couple).

    What is the 90 day rule in France?

    Following the UK’s departure from the EU, all British citizens, including property owners in France, have a 90-day stay limit within every 180 days without needing a visa. If a longer stay is desired, Britons must apply for a temporary long-stay visa, permitting them to remain for up to six months. However, there is potential for a relaxation of the 90-day visa rule for British second homeowners in France. Some French politicians argue that they have been adversely affected by Brexit. The country’s upper chamber, the senate, has approved an amendment to the new immigration law that would automatically grant British homeowners the right to a long-stay visa.

    Can I live in France permanently if I buy a house?

    After purchasing your dream home in France, if you plan to relocate or visit for more than 90 days, obtaining a visa is necessary. The process becomes straightforward once you’re a French property owner. You may opt to apply for a Long Stay Visa for Residence (VLS-TS), which is essential for stays lasting between 90 days and one year.

    Can I move to France without a job?

    If you plan to relocate to France without employment or a steady income, you’ll require a letter detailing your intentions for your time in the country, evidence that you can sustain yourself financially without employment, and proof of medical insurance. Additionally, you have the option to apply for a spousal visa if you marry a French citizen, a student visa, or an au pair visa.

    Can Brits retire to France?

    If you’re considering retiring in France from the UK and don’t possess a European passport, you must apply for a Long Stay Visa, also known as French Residency. Fortunately, the application process has been made relatively straightforward by the French authorities. In France, for citizens of Third Countries (which now includes the UK), there are two types of Long Stay Visa processes, and they bear remarkably similar names, which can be confusing. There’s the Long Term Visa used as Residence Permit (VLS-TS), typically issued for a maximum of 1 year, and the Temporary Long Term Visa (VLS-T).

    How do I get a 10 year residence card in France?

    Non-French residents can apply for this particular residence permit, subject to specific conditions, with a validity period of 10 years. Typically granted to individuals with family connections in France, either at the initial stay or upon the expiration of a temporary or multi-year stay card, it allows the holder to stay in France and participate in paid activities, whether as an employee or a self-employed professional.

    Can I bring furniture from UK to France?

    Since Brexit, it’s important to remember that removals from the UK to any EU country, including France, are subject to that country’s import restrictions. As a result, any furniture brought to your new house abroad must be cleared by French customs first. If you are changing your main residence from the UK to France, then you should also be able to move your personal possessions with you without having to pay any additional VAT or customs fees, this includes your furniture.

    How much does it cost to move furniture from UK to France?

    The cost of moving your furniture from the UK to France will really depend on your specific circumstances. The final price will mostly be determined by the final volume of furniture you are looking to move. For the most accurate quote for your move to France, you should book a free survey with us today by giving us a call at01489 663018. We will be happy to arrange your survey and get your move started.

    Is it easy to move to France from UK?

    Since January 1, 2021, British nationals have been unable to move to France and live freely, as other European citizens can. Because of the termination of free movement as a result of Brexit, it is now significantly more difficult for British nationals to relocate to France, however, it is not impossible to make the move. The process now requires careful planning and adherence to French immigration rules and you will need to have the appropriate visa or residence permit

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