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We offer range of secure archive storage, cataloguing, document shredding, carton delivery and bar coded security services to cater for all your record management needs. Contact us for a comprehensive quote.

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    Storage Facilities

    Our storage facilities are secure, dry and clean. Only authorised personnel have access to our restricted archive store:

    • Smoke and fire detection
    • Intruder alarms
    • Secure, dry and clean
    • CCTV
    • Access for authorised personnel only

    Why Choose Us?

    All of our warehouses are clean, dry, secure and accredited to European standard BS EN 14873. When using our world-class storage facilities you will benefit from:

    • Written inventories
    • Monitored security systems & CCTV
    • Long & short term storage options
    • Exclusive use of containers
    • Fabric & upholstery cleaning available
    • Vehicle storage
    • Performed in accordance with BS EN 14873
    • 19 freehold locations

    Contact us to arrange a no-obligation home visit by one of our surveyors who can assess your requirements and the volume of the goods to be stored.

    Do you need Record Management?

    Record Management offers a complete retrieval and delivery service tailor made to your individual requirements.

    • Daily deliveries and collections
    • Dedicated personnel
    • High standard of customer service

    At Record Management you will have immediate authorised access to your documents. You can retrieve them whenever they are required, or if you prefer, we’ll deliver them back to you. White & Company also offers secure storage solutions at various locations in the UK when required.


    Record Management offer a cataloguing service for individual files held within cartons and will design a suitable cataloguing package, tailor made for each companies personal requirements.

    • Boxes are individually bar-coded
    • Details are held on our secure database
    • We use state of the art software
    • Immediate authorised access to your documents

    Document Destruction

    We log automatic review dates onto our document storage system and can alert our customers when records are due for destruction. Why pay for a carton to be stored when it can be destroyed? All documents are shredded in a secure environment with Certificates of Destruction provided.

    • Confidential
    • Total security and peace of mind
    • Certificate of destruction

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    Business Storage

    Storage Units

    Securely store business merchandise, stock, excess office furniture, or equipment with our business storage solutions. Experience the convenience, flexibility, and security we offer. With unit sizes ranging from 16 sq ft to 250 sq ft, and the option for short-term or long-term storage, we provide a cost-effective and easy solution, tailored to your distribution networks.

    Archive Storage

    Securely store your archived business documents, accounting records, and legal files with our range of secure storage options. Tailor your storage to fit your needs with a variety of unit sizes available on flexible terms. Our secure storage units come equipped with smoke detectors and fire alarms, ensuring the safety of your critical business documents.

    Stock Storage

    Are you an online seller? Join our community of e-commerce retailers who securely store their online stock at our storage locations and run their businesses directly from their storage units. Benefit from our flexible contracts allowing you to store for a duration that suits you, with the freedom to upsize or downsize your unit as and when required as your enterprise grows.

    Personal Storage

    Moving Home

    The process of moving house can be highly stressful. Utilising home storage, which involves placing your belongings into temporary secure storage units, provides a practical solution to streamline the process. This approach allows you to pack at your own pace, effectively eliminating the challenges associated with home moves and helps everything go smoothly.

    Student Storage

    Heading off to University is an exciting period, so you don't want to waste time searching for a storage solution for all your belongings when you find your student halls doesn't have enough room to swing a cat! There may also be times when you find yourself without suitable storage for your gear in between moving student houses or returning home for the summer.

    Home Improvements

    Our passion for DIY runs deep in the UK. We all love a fixer upper, whether it's a full home renovation, a newly fitted kitchen, loft conversion, extension or conservatory. Whilst all the extensive building work goes on, we can provide secure storage to ensure your items are safely stored away and not at risk from damage, dust penetration, or loss.

    Life Events

    We all know life can be full of surprises! From having a newborn baby, to an unexpected job move, to changes in personal circumstances, you simply never know what's right around the corner. That's why we're here to help ease even a little bit of stress by providing flexible, affordable emergency storage space. We're right here for you during those significant life moments.


    Whether you live in a small one-bedroom flat or a country manor house, it always seems like you can never have enough space for all your things. If this sounds like your situation, then why not consider a declutter, and put the lesser essentials into secure storage, safely away for another day? Free up invaluable space in your home for the things you really need!


    Frequent or prolonged travel, be it for business, a gap year, or personal adventure, can be a stressful process. What do you take with you, but equally important what stuff stays behind? Safely placing your belongings into secure storage provides peace of mind, allowing you to fully embrace the excitement of exploring the big wide world.

    Commercial Storage

    White & Company delivers a flexible and convenient archiving and document retrieval solution at Record Management:

    • Archives storage
    • Record management
    • Vault storage
    • File destruction
    • Barcoded security

    Self Storage

    White & Company offers extensive self-storage facilities at Security Self Storage in Waltham Cross:

    • Unlimited access during store opening hours
    • Clean, safe and secure storage rooms for your personal or business use
    • Room sizes from 16 square feet to 250 square feet
    • Indoor customer loading area
    • Store for as long or as short a time as you need
    • Change the size of your storage unit as often as you like
    Archive Storage Boxes
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Effective records management guarantees that information is readily accessible, can be systematically destroyed when deemed unnecessary, and enables organisations not only to operate seamlessly in their daily activities but also to meet legal and financial obligations.

    Records managers utilise classification or categorisation methods to logically structure the various types of records generated and maintained by an organisation. These classifications aid in tasks such as record creation, organisation, storage, retrieval, movement, and destruction.

    Document shredding is essential for every organisation. It’s not only about preventing your premises from being overwhelmed with paper, but also about taking proactive measures to safeguard the data you handle. Failing to shred documents can lead to various consequences, including reputational harm and fines for non-compliance, all of which could significantly impact your business.

    One of the key reasons behind document shredding is to safeguard confidential information. Businesses frequently deal with sensitive data, including financial records, customer details, legal documents, and proprietary information. When these documents are no longer required, shredding is one of the most secure and failsafe ways on ensuring that data is discarded correctly.

    Document cataloging is used to ensure documents are stored correctly and in a logical order, making them easier to locate and retrieve at a later date. When dealing with paper and other physical records, cataloging and preparation involves creating descriptions and physically organising the files. This precise process is crucial for ensuring the long-term survival and preservation of the records.

    Accurate document cataloging is a crucial task of any modern day business, as it ensures a clear understanding of the documents you currently hold and their precise location. Cataloging vital files and documents can be a time-consuming process, which can divert vital team members away from more profitable tasks. Therefore hiring a professional to handle document cataloguing can help minimise business interruption and allow critical staff members to get on with other more pressing tasks.

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