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    Moving to Germany?

    Teaming up with a long-established network of moving hubs across Germany, White and Company delivers an exceptional European removals service to Germany, ensuring your belongings reach their destination swiftly and securely.

    Enjoy a seamless door-to-door service where we take care of every detail. From professional packing of your items at your UK residence to their safe delivery to your new home in Germany, we oversee the entire process with meticulous attention.

    Why Choose Us?

    • Award-winning overseas removals
    • Long established company since 1871
    • Local offices & storage depots located in Germany
    • Extensive FIDI & OMNI international network
    • Door-to-door service from the UK to Germany
    • Flexible terms available to suit your needs
    • Professionally trained removals team
    • Full packing, storage & shipping service
    • Comprehensive insurance options
    • Full or part-load shipping options

    How It Works

    Items destined for Germany are typically transported via road, utilising our dedicated fleet of trucks and cross-channel ferries. Our services offer flexibility to suit diverse needs and budgets. To cater to everyone’s needs, we offer two distinct options for transporting goods to Germany:

    Part Load

    This choice is perfect if you’re not planning to move an entire household. Your belongings will be transported to Germany in a shared high-capacity truck, where you only pay for the space you use. Part-loads are ideal for those moving to Germany with fewer items, offering a cost-effective solution for transporting your essential belongings.

    Full Load

    If you’re planning to relocate your entire household to Germany, we recommend selecting our full-load option. With this choice, you pay for the entire truck, allowing you to maximize space and flexibility by filling it as needed.

    Our dedicated packing team in the UK will carefully wrap and box your belongings before transporting them in our specialised removals trucks to our UK depot. From there, they’ll proceed to the port to cross the channel and head over to your new home in Germany. While this full-load option may be more costly compared to part-load, it ensures faster shipping and delivery times.

    Moving to Germany? Get a quick quote

    Weekly Removals to Germany

    At White and Company, we provide weekly removals services from the UK to Germany. Whether you require a full-load or part-load service, we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. Our extensive experience, local expertise, and specialised fleet of removals trucks ensure a top-tier solution for your move to Germany.

    With facilities in both the UK and Germany, we provide fully containerised storage options in modern, secure warehouses. Whether you require short or long-term storage, you can rest assured that your belongings, regardless of the size, are treated with the utmost care and the attention they deserve.

    How Long Do Removals to Germany Take?

    The duration of removals to Germany from the UK varies based on whether you choose a full or part-load service.

    Part-load services, where items are transported as separate consignments, typically have transit times ranging from 7 to 14 days for removals to Germany from the UK. Get in touch with us today for a more accurate timeframe for your move.

    What Happens Once My Goods Arrive?

    Your dedicated account manager will ensure all paperwork is forwarded to our partners in Germany. Once your belongings arrive, they will send you the necessary forms and assist with customs clearance. After customs clearance, we’ll coordinate a convenient delivery time with you, if not already arranged.

    Navigating customs and local bureaucracy in a new country can sometimes be complex. Our local experts are here to assist with any challenges that may arise, ensuring a smooth transition for your move to Germany. Rest assured, we’re committed to supporting you throughout the process, making your relocation as stress-free as possible.

    Still Have Questions?

    Call us today on 01489 858437 and speak to one of our helpful European removals team about your move to Germany.

    Germany Removals Man


    White and Company are founding members of the British Association of Removers – the voice of the UK removals industry.

    As members, we are responsible for meeting the highest sets of standards as well as listening to our customers on how to continually improve our service.

    We are also affiliate members of the FIDI & OMNI international relocation network and have industry partners all over the world.

    Insurance for Removals to Germany

    Despite our best efforts, items can get damaged, move in transit, or go missing from time to time, all of which are outside of our control.

    Our team of professional movers always try to minimise such problems during the move and we offer limited liability insurance as is set out in our terms and conditions for BAR members.

    However, it is highly recommended that you consider our Marine insurance when shipping a large consignment of items overseas. We recommend you protect your possessions while in transit and storage with our ‘All Risk’ Marine Standard Liability cover.

    Marine insurance cover is offered to you on receipt of a completed ‘Overseas Valuation Form’. Such insurance cover is fully comprehensive and ‘All Risk’, and is based on the total value declared by you on your application.

    Repatriating Back Home?

    Are you a British expat now in the process of repatriating back to the UK? Read our super-helpful returning guide that covers moving to the UK from Germany and what to expect when you finally arrive back home. And of course, speak to our removals team if you need assistance with your move back to the UK!

    Preparing for Your Move

    While Germany may not be the most typical expatriate destination, it’s estimated that approximately 175,000 Brits have chosen to make it their home.

    Among them, about 80% relocate for work rather than retirement. However, Germany’s excellent healthcare system, high standard of living, and rich cultural offerings make it increasingly appealing for British retirees seeking to move abroad.

    Many British citizens relocate to Germany for employment opportunities, often within multinational corporations, academia, or in sectors where Germany excels, like engineering or automotive industries. Germany’s renowned education system, with universities offering programs in English, also attracts British expatriates pursuing academic careers or higher education.

    While English is widely spoken in Germany, learning the language is strongly recommended to fully integrate into German life, understand local customs, and navigate legislation, especially if you plan to work in the country.

    Moving to a new country with a distinct culture can be challenging and stressful, which is why we’re here to help ease the process for you.

    As you prepare for your move to Germany, the prospect of packing up and relocating may seem daunting. However, you can trust our team of experienced European removals experts to seamlessly transport your belongings from the UK to Germany, ensuring a smooth transition for you.

    Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have – we’re here to support you every step of the way!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How is the cost of removals calculated?

    A number of factors will be included when calculating the cost of your move such as the distance our vehicles have to travel to get to you, the volume of your effects (and the space they take up in the vehicle) and customs documentation fees along with a number of extra considerations that may be specific to your move.

    Some of these extra services can be costly as they must be arranged independently on the German side. Our estimator will let you know if they think there could be any extra services that may apply to your move.

    What packaging materials do you use?

    We endeavour to use environmentally friendly packing materials which are specifically sourced to ensure they are eco-friendly. All of our used cardboard is compacted and sent to a recycling facility. We use double-thickness cartons to wrap china and glassware, quilted blankets to wrap items such as sofas and armchairs, and bubble wrap is also used to ensure your possessions arrive safely. We also use wooden made-to-measure crates to safeguard more high-value, fragile items such as antiques.

    Can I drive my own car to Germany and how do I get it there?

    Exporting your car to Germany is legal, however, it does involve quite a lot of paperwork. There are also some details you need to be aware of. If you bring a car to Germany from outside the EU, you are liable to pay an import duty of 10% of the car’s value, plus VAT. You are exempt from these fees however if you are moving to Germany as a full-time resident, have given up residency in your home country, the vehicle has been used for more than six months, or if it has acquired more than 6000 kilometres (3730 miles).

    It may also be necessary to make some modifications to the vehicle to satisfy German safety standards. Before you make your decision to export your car you will need to familiarise yourself with German traffic rules and regulations. White and Company can arrange to transport your car directly to your new home in one of our large trucks as part of our vehicle shipping service.

    The earlier you plan your vehicle shipping, the less stressful the move should be. To start planning, contact our experienced team who will take you through the process or enquire during the survey stage to obtain a quote.

    How can I open a German bank account?

    You need to register in Germany before you are able to open a German bank account. Make an appointment with the bank and take your passport and confirmation of your registration or (Meldebescheinigung) document.

    The most common account is called a Giro account. It is like a checking account or current account and various banks offer various services for differing fees with a Giro account. Some of the popular banks for those who speak English are Deutsche Bank (they offer all services in English). The N26 Bank, also called Number26 offer their services in English, but you have to specifically request an English-speaking employee.

    Online accounts require you to have a basic command of the German language. Many Brits start with the basic account and once their German improves, they move to using the online system.

    Can I use my UK bank/credit cards in Germany?

    As a general rule yes. Credit cards are widely accepted as are most Debit Cards in large stores, hotels restaurants and supermarkets. It is wise to check before you purchase as in some cases, they may not be compatible with older German technology. The most commonly used German bank card is a debit card which is called a “EC-Karte” There are plenty of ATMs or (Geldautomats) most do not charge for withdrawing cash. Their locations are easily recognizable by a large EC sign.

    How can I get a well-paying job in Germany?

    With a burgeoning economy centred around migration, the German job market has much to offer expats in a range of sectors. Most notably within the automotive industry and finance services. Looking for a job in Germany can be a cause of great frustration however due to the high levels of bureaucracy involved, meaning your search will take time and patience.

    Currently, one in five expats in Germany work in the IT industry and people with the right skills are highly sought after. Other high-demand areas of employment are managerial roles, researchers, engineers, doctors, nurses and medical assistants.

    Knowing where to look for employment and what skills are in demand is just one piece of the puzzle. Despite being a multi-lingual country with high levels of spoken English, learning and having a good grasp of Germany will strengthen your chances of securing highly-paid employment. There are several good online recruitment agencies who will point you in the right direction and can offer services such as CV preparation and useful interview techniques, tips and general advice.

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