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Moving to Spain

Are you considering moving to Europe and require a specialist company who can advise on transporting your goods? There are several considerations often overlooked by people moving overseas rather than domestically.

Will all my furniture fit in my new home? Do I need to leave certain items in storage while I figure out my new property or look to rent beforehand?

As founder members of BAR, FIDI & OMNI, White & Company have provided removals to destinations around the globe for the past 80 years and were proud winners of the 2016 British Association of Removers ‘Overseas Mover of the Year’ Competition.

Whether you are moving from Middlesbrough to Madrid, or Birmingham to Barcelona, White & Company are prepared for every move with made to measure crates, purpose built storage facilities and an extensive fleet of vehicles equipped to deliver to any city, town or island.

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Our experienced surveyor will visit your home to conduct a pre-move survey to ascertain the volume of effects being shipped to Spain.

This involves a surveyor walking through the property room by room noting what items are to be exported and recording it on their electronic tablet.

A written quotation will follow within 48 hours.

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White & Company has storage facilities at 19 storage locations throughout the UK all providing secure containerised storage in personal dedicated storage containers.

Our trusted partners in Spain are also able to offer storage should you require it.

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When our quotation has been accepted and a move date has been secured, the vehicle and removal team will arrive at your home.

The removal team will proceed to export pack and wrap all items being shipped and load them onto a suitable vehicle for delivery to our closest depot, or for full loads directly onto your home in Spain.

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Shipping to Spain

Upon arrival at your local depot all effects are transferred to the export warehouse to await loading into a 20ft or 40ft container.

The container is booked with the shipping line onto the first available vessel destined to the closest port of entry to your final destination in Spain.

Moving to Spain? Get a Quick Quote

Why Move to Spain?

Approximately 6% of the Spanish population is made up of expats and these numbers are increasing year on year. A popular hot spot for British families and retirees thanks to its warm Mediterranean climate, competitively priced villa properties and closeness to the UK, Spain is perfect for sleepy siestas on the sand. Your money goes further here too with Spain enjoying a lower cost of living compared to its western European neighbours.

A land of strong family values and cultural traditions, Spain’s thriving cosmopolitan cities play host to spectacular fiestas and festivals, of which La Tomatina and the Running of the Bulls are world renowned. Outside of the cities there is stunning nature and breath-taking coastlines, from the sandy beaches of Costa Brava to Somiedo Natural Park, a mountain wildlife haven.

Perhaps above all, Spain prides itself on its laid back approach to life and eating out is considered a social occasion, with steaming Paella a Valencian delicacy not to be missed! Be warned however life in Spain is not necessarily all sipping cocktails on the sand.

The country is still recovering from the fallout of the 2008 economic crisis and its jobs market remains sluggish with high levels of unemployment. Having said that for those expats able find work or support themselves through other financial means there are few better places to live out your days than in the simmering sun of Spain.

Shipping My Effects to Spain

The whole moving experience can be incredibly stressful, especially so when relocating abroad.

White & Company, with its 145 years of experience in shipping goods to Spain, can help make the process a lot less traumatic.

White & Company move thousands of families around the globe each year and have branches all over the UK.

We can arrange a free no obligation home survey and quotation. It will be carried out by one of our qualified surveyors, who is able to answer any of the questions and concerns you may have and offer advice where necessary.

The purpose of the survey is to determine the volume of effects you will be shipping.

The cost of shipment is based on the space your effects will take up in our vehicle if transportation is by road and in a container if being shipped by sea.

Following the visit, you will receive a written quotation.

Export Packing UK To Spain

You will want to know that during your door to door service, your possessions are treated with respect and care.

Our experienced teams located across the UK will pack and prepare your valuable, fragile and bulky furniture ready for export.

We use a modern range of environmentally friendly, purpose-made packing materials and can pack everything for you prior to your move.

All china and glassware will be wrapped in special paper and then packed in double-thickness cartons.

Furniture can be wrapped in bubble blanket for extra protection. Items requiring specialist care, such as antiques, can be packed in made-to-measure wooden crates.

Upon arrival at your new home in Spain, our trusted agents will place boxes and furniture in appropriate rooms as directed.

They will unpack your belongings onto flat surfaces and dispose of all packing materials.

Storage Provision

You may find you need to store some or all of your possessions for a period of time prior to moving abroad.

White & Company have storage facilities at all our branch depots across the UK. Our depots offer secure containerised storage in personal dedicated storage containers.

All our warehouses are clean, dry, secure and accredited to European Standard BS EN 14873.

Our Spanish removals partners can also offer you storage. You may be renting for a while and may not need all of your effects to be delivered immediately.

If so you can arrange for certain items to be delivered and once settled in your new home, the rest can follow.

Please note that storage rates may apply.

Contacting White & Company

For further information on our European removals services, or any other international destinations, contact our international office on 01489 858778.

Spanish Office

Carrer d’Alacant 5a, 07183 Calvia,
Mallorca, Illes Balears, Spain

Tel: +34 971 70 76 31

Alternatively complete the form below with your details and we will contact you.

Working and living in Spain

As previously mentioned the jobs market in Spain remains quite slow at present. As such there are limited opportunities for expats at the moment outside of the traditional tourism and English language tutoring jobs. Your best chance of securing a job is to source one with a British company based or with offices in Spain prior to leaving.

Whatever form of employment you are seeking it is a good idea to learn the Spanish language if you do not already have knowledge of it.

While the Spanish tend to be proficient in English, to a large extent you will be expected in business and financial matters to be able to converse in Spanish. Enrolling in a language course or undertaking lessons on an app like Duolingo will prove useful.


Spain is a member of the European Union and so at present, UK citizens do not require a visa or work permit to work in Spain. If you intend to work and live here full time you will however need to apply for a social security number, which can be obtained from your local Oficina de Seguridad Social.

Customs Information

Like many countries, Spain operates a tight customs operation and there are restrictions on certain items entering the country.

There are restrictions for example on certain meat and milk products and the amount of alcohol and cigarettes that can be taken in.

It is worth researching the restricted items list beforehand and White and Company can also help advise what you can and cannot take into the country.

General Information

Moving to another country is a truly life affirming opportunity but also one which will take lots of careful planning and consideration.

Holidaying in a country you enjoy is thoroughly different from living their full time, so it is a good idea to do plenty of research beforehand to prepare yourself and ensure there are no nasty shocks.


Public transport is generally better within the major metropolis’ but trams and bus services operate across the whole country making it a very easy country to navigate.

The AVE-Renfe high-speed train network in Spain travels between all the largest cities, including to and from Madrid, Barcelona, Seville, Cordoba and Zaragoza, and allows for travel to France.

It’s not necessarily the cheapest option for travelling however, although subsidies do exist.

For those wishing to drive in Spain be aware that the country drives on the right hand side and road customs and standards can differ quite substantially from that found in the UK. For example, it is a commonly accepted practice that you must first flash your lights before proceeding to overtake on main roads.


Those planning on moving to Spain to live off their pensions, should be aware that while this is possible, there are often fluctuations between the British pound and the Euro which you need to be prepared for. The onset of Brexit also means there may be changes to the way in which you access or obtain your pension or certain benefits. So it’s always prudent to learn precisely how you can use your pension whilst living in Spain and other parts of Europe.


Home ownership is 78% in Spain, well above the average across the EU. A large proportion of Spanish property owned by foreign investors, including British expats which have traditionally been seen as one of the main buyers, particularly in the coastal regions, such as the Costa Del Sol.

After a sluggish market which coincided with the economic crisis, the Spanish property market is beginning to again to be seen as a strong investment. The renewed interest has propped up prices and increased competition both in the coastal areas and major cities of Madrid and Barcelona.

There are a huge range of properties for sale in Spain, although prices vary according to size, property type and location.

There are some real bargains to be found if you purchase a property way from the more touristy towns and cities. As a guide currently on the market is a 5 bedroom villa in the town of Extremadura, Badajoz, close to the Portuguese border for €99,000 (£86,500)

For those looking to rent, a three bedroomed studio apartment in the capital of Madrid will cost you in the region of €1578 (£1378) in the city centre. A similar sized apartment in the heart of Barcelona will set you back around £1495 (£1306) with prices declining the further outside of the city centre you venture.

Education and Schools

You will of course want to ensure that your children receive the best education possible whilst living in Spain. Generally, education provision is of a good standard, with a range of schools to choose from. Education in Spain is regulated by the Ley Orgánica de Educación (LOE, Organic Law of Education), and is free for all children aged between 6 and 16 years.

The Spanish Bachillerato is the post-16 stage of education, comparable to the A Levels/Higher (Scottish) in the UK, the French Baccalaureate in France or the International Baccalaureate.


Spanish healthcare is of a very good standard and operates a national health service (or low cost healthcare) to all EU citizens.

For those working in Spain and making National Insurance contributions, you’ll be entitled to access healthcare on the same basis as a Spanish national.

For those seeking private healthcare it is worth considering your options and costings prior to departing the UK as this can prove a great deal more expensive.

Those looking to retire to Spain should note that the NHS stopped reimbursing medical costs incurred by non-working Britons under pensionable age in other European states.

It is worth considering and researching what healthcare options are available to you before moving.

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