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With White & Company, moving to Italy is simple. Complete our online form or call 01489 858668 for an overseas removals quote.

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    Moving to Italy

    Once you have taken the decision to relocate to Italy, you will undoubtedly need to enlist the services of a reputable international moving company to ship your personal and household effects overseas and to help manage your move.

    White & Company can provide a top- quality and efficient removal service to any European or international destination and as founder members of BAR, FIDI & OMNI, you can rest assured your move will be in safe hands.

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    Our experienced surveyor will conduct an online pre-move survey or visit your home to calculate the volume of effects being shipped.

    This involves him/her either walking through or viewing the property room by room noting what items are to be exported and recording it on his electronic tablet.

    A written quotation will follow within 48 hours

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    You may find you need to store some or all of your possessions for a period of time prior to moving abroad.

    White & Company has storage facilities at 19 storage locations throughout the UK all providing secure storage in personal dedicated storage containers.

    All our warehouses are clean, dry, secure and accredited to European standard BS EN 14873. Just speak to our surveyor for further information.

    Our trusted partners in Italy are also able to offer storage should you require it.

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    When our quotation has been accepted and a move date has been secured, the vehicle and removal team will arrive at your residence.

    The removal team will proceed to export pack and wrap all items being shipped and load onto vehicle for delivery to our closest depot or directly onward to your home in Italy.

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    Shipping My Effects to Italy: the process

    The whole moving experience can be incredibly stressful at the best of times, let alone to a new country.

    White & Company, with its 151 years of experience in the removal industry, can help make the process a smooth and largely pleasant experience.

    Moving to Italy? Get a Quick Quote

    Why Move to Italy?

    Whether it is Romana Pizza, Neapolitan ice cream or Venetian tiramisu, those looking for a taste of ‘La Dolce Vita’ need look no further than Italy. There are reported to be around 70,000 expats living in Italy. For many it represents the perfect blend of ancient and modern living.

    Italy places a strong emphasis on work/life balance while also maintaining high standards of living. The capital city of Rome with its rich and vibrant history, is the city of choice for many expats. Others are drawn to the shopping and fashion hub of Milan or even the art mecca that is Florence. The Amalfi coast, known as the ‘Italian Riviera’ is also a favourite coastal location. It boasts stunning beaches and clear blue waters.

    In terms of climate, Italy is a country of contrast. The south tends to benefit from a typically warm Mediterranean climate with mild winters. Whereas the more mountainous areas in the North such as Turin experience colder and harsher climates. What the north lacks in terms of sunshine however it makes up for in snowfall, which makes it pliable ground for avid skiers.

    Wherever you choose to reside, you will find that Italians are a friendly fun-loving nation. While working opportunities are typically found through organised business moves or personal connections, those who are able to navigate the language are sure to be rewarded with an excellent standard of living and stunning natural surroundings.

    Shipping My Effects to Italy

    The whole moving experience can be incredibly stressful, especially so when relocating abroad. White & Company, with its 151 years of experience in the removal industry, can help make the process a lot less traumatic.

    Italy is home to lots of locations with winding and cobbled streets and some homes are hard to access due to lakes and other natural hindrances.

    You can rest assured however that with White & Company, we have a number of different sized vehicles which service the region regularly. We can carry out your move efficiently and on time.

    White & Company move thousands of families around the globe each year. We have branches all over the UK and our local knowledge is second to none. We can arrange a free no obligation home or virtual survey and quotation.

    This quotation will be carried out by one of our qualified surveyors, who are able to answer any of the questions and concerns you may have and offer advice where necessary.

    The purpose of the survey is to determine the volume of effects you will be shipping. The cost of shipment is based on the space your effects will take up in our vehicle if transportation is by road and in a container if being shipped by sea. Following the visit, you will receive a written quotation.

    Export Packing to Italy

    You will want to know that during your door-to-door service, your possessions are treated with respect and care. Our experienced teams will carefully pack and prepare your valuable, fragile and bulky furniture ready for export.

    We use a modern range of environmentally friendly, purpose-made packing materials and can pack everything for you.

    All china and glassware will be wrapped in special tissue paper and then packed in double-thickness cartons.

    Furniture can be wrapped in bubble blankets for extra protection. Items requiring specialist care, such as antiques, can be packed in made-to-measure wooden crates.

    Upon arrival at your residence in Italy, our trusted agents will place boxes and furniture in appropriate rooms as directed. They will unpack your belongings onto flat surfaces and dispose of all packing materials.

    Customs Information

    Italy, like most worldwide countries has very strict importation regulations and consequences if regulations are not adhered to. There are restrictions on importing of items such as:

    Replica guns, weapons and ammunition.
    All narcotics and some prescribed medications are prohibited.

    You must declare all kinds of food to the customs authorities, too. In practice, unless it poses a general health hazard or violates animal health laws, food and drinks usually are ignored.

    You must declare cash, securities, or cheques more than EUR 10,000 in value. Cash equivalents such as raw or polished jewels and precious metals must also be declared.

    If you are caught trying to slip these items past customs, the resulting fines can be incredibly hefty (up to EUR 1 million).

    Used household goods and personal effects can be imported into Italy free of duties if you:

    Have lived in your country of origin for at least 12 consecutive months.
    Are planning to take up official residence in Italy.
    Have owned the imported items for at least six months.
    Intend the goods for personal use only.
    Wait at least one year before reselling them in Italy.

    If you are unsure of any items, visit the following web site for further customs information before you attempt to import them:

    Storage Provision

    You may find you need to store some or all of your possessions for a period of time prior to moving abroad. It is good to know that White & Company have storage facilities at all our branch depots across the UK.

    Our depots offer secure containerised storage in personal dedicated storage containers. All our warehouses are clean, dry, secure and accredited to European standard BS EN 14873. Just speak to our surveyor for further information.

    Our partners in Italy can also offer you storage. You may be renting for a while and may not need all of your effects to be delivered immediately.

    You can arrange for certain items to be delivered and once settled in your new home, the rest can follow. Please note that storage rates may apply.

    Contacting White & Company

    For further information on our removals service to Italy, or any other international destination, contact our international office on 01489 858668. Alternatively complete the form below with your details and we will contact you.

    Working in Italy

    EU nationals now need a visa or work permit to enter or work in Italy.

    For detailed information on how to apply for visas visit the Immigration Italy website.

    Finding work in Italy is not easy but it is not impossible either. To be able to improve your prospects, the most important qualification for working in Italy is the ability to speak Italian.

    The unemployment statistics are high and unless you have very good qualifications in the areas of business and construction, jobs are limited.

    There are part time opportunities in the hospitality and retail industries, however these tend to be seasonal.

    For help finding employment in Italy visit the following web sites:


    There are no restrictions on foreign property ownership in Italy. The first step to purchasing property is to hire a real estate attorney, to protect your interests.

    Although the real estate transfer process is regulated, it is potentially biased against the buyer.

    Once you have chosen a property and made an offer, you must pay 1% of the purchase price as a gesture of good will.

    Unfortunately, an offer of purchase is only binding on the buyer’s side; the seller may still consider other offers.

    It is best to specify a time limit in the offer document, so as not to be left hanging by the seller.

    If the seller accepts, the deal becomes binding for both parties.

    The seller, his solicitor, or estate agent then draws up a preliminary contract or a ‘compromesso’. This will show the sale price, the amount to be paid as a deposit, the completion date, land boundaries and other details of the property.

    Upon signing of the ‘compromesso’, the deposit is usually raised to between 10% to 20% of the sale price.

    For a property price guide, you can currently expect to pay approximately €7,000 (£6,135) per square metre to buy an apartment in the centre of Rome. Outside the centre the prices drop to €3,400 (£2980).

    If you intend to rent. A one-bedroom apartment in the centre of Rome will cost approximately €1043 (£914) per month and on the outskirts of the city €704 (£617).


    It is important to investigate the standard and type of healthcare available in your chosen destination. It is especially important if you or a member of your family suffers from a medical condition which requires ongoing treatment or medication.

    The Italian National Health Service (Servizio Sanitario Nazionale) covers all citizens and legal foreign residents. Coverage is automatic and universal. Since 1998, undocumented immigrants have access to urgent and essential services. Temporary visitors receive health services by paying for the costs of treatment.

    Private healthcare in Italy is highly regarded but can be very expensive without the proper insurance.

    Most Italians make use of the public healthcare but those that can afford it, try and get the best of both systems.

    Visit the following web sites for further information regarding healthcare provision in Italy:

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    Below is a guide to the largest cities in Italy:




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