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    Moving to Greece?

    In collaboration with our extensive network of reputable moving hubs across mainland Greece and its numerous islands, White and Company offers a multi-award-winning European removals service to Greece, ensuring all your belongings arrive swiftly and safely.

    Enjoy a smooth and stress-free relocation with our comprehensive door-to-door service. We meticulously handle every detail, from professionally packing your items in the UK to ensuring their safe arrival at your new home in Greece. Let us take care of it all.

    Why Choose Us?

    • Award-winning overseas removals
    • Long established company since 1871
    • Local offices & storage depots located in Greece
    • Extensive FIDI & OMNI international network
    • Door-to-door service from the UK to Greece
    • Flexible terms available to suit your needs
    • Professionally trained removals team
    • Full packing, storage & shipping service
    • Comprehensive insurance options
    • Full or part-load shipping options

    How It Works

    Whether you’re relocating to mainland Greece or one of its beautiful islands, your belongings will be transported by sea freight. We offer versatile removal solutions to suit the needs of every customer.

    Full Load

    If you’re planning to move to Greece, our full-load service will ensure all of your belongings arrive at your new home in no time. You’ll pay for an entire container, meaning you can fill it exactly as needed, offering the best flexibility you can hope for.

    Our UK-based packing team will carefully wrap and box up your belongings, which will then be transported in our specialist removals trucks to our UK depot. From there, they’ll be transported via sea in a shipping container to Greece.

    Moving to Greece? Get a quick quote

    Regular Removals to Greece

    At White and Company, we provide regular removals services from the UK to Greece. Our team is dedicated to delivering a service tailored to your unique needs. With our extensive experience, local knowledge, and a specialist fleet of removal trucks, we are the premier choice for moving to Greece.

    We have depots in both the UK and Greece, offering fully containerised storage facilities in modern, secure warehouses if needed. We understand the value of your belongings, and whether large or small, we handle every item with the utmost care and attention.

    How Long Do Removals to Greece Take?

    The average duration for removals to Greece from the UK will depend on where exactly you are moving to.

    Our full-load service offers typical transit times of 20 days, but be sure to get in touch with us to get a more accurate schedule for your specific move.

    What Happens Once My Goods Arrive?

    Your dedicated account manager will handle all the paperwork and coordinate with our team in Greece. Once your belongings arrive, they will forward the necessary forms to you and assist with customs clearance. After clearing customs, we will contact you to arrange a convenient delivery time if not already scheduled.

    Navigating customs and bureaucracy in a new country can be daunting. Our local experts are on hand to help with any confusion or misunderstandings that may arise. We understand that moving to Greece can be stressful, so you can rely on us to provide continuous support throughout your relocation journey.

    Still Have Questions?

    Call us today on 01489 858437 and speak to one of our helpful European removals team about your move to Greece.

    Greece Removals Man


    White and Company is a founding member of the British Association of Removers, the leading authority in the UK removals industry.

    Our membership ensures we uphold the highest standards and continuously seek feedback from our customers to enhance our services.

    Additionally, we are affiliate members of the FIDI & OMNI international relocation networks, with industry partners across the globe.

    Insurance for Removals to Greece

    Due to circumstances beyond our control, such as transit and handling, there is a possibility of items being damaged, shifting, or occasionally going missing.

    Our dedicated team of professional movers works tirelessly to minimise such occurrences during the relocation process. We provide limited liability insurance as outlined in our terms and conditions for BAR members.

    For peace of mind when shipping a large consignment overseas, we strongly advise considering our Marine insurance. This ‘All Risk’ Marine Standard Liability cover protects your belongings during transit and storage. To avail of this comprehensive insurance, simply complete our ‘Overseas Valuation Form’ with the total declared value of your items.

    Read Our Moving Guide

    Learn everything you need to know about the process of moving to Greece from the UK. Read our informative article that comprehensively covers essentials you need to know before heading off.

    Preparing for Your Move

    Greece has emerged as a favoured European destination for British expatriates, attracting over 17,000 residents who now call this captivating nation their home. Renowned for its warm climate, profound historical heritage, laid-back lifestyle, and an abundance of picturesque islands to explore, Greece holds a strong allure for Brits seeking a new place to settle and embrace its unique charms.

    Before relocating to Greece, it’s essential to understand the anticipated living costs. Generally, the cost of living in Greece is lower compared to the UK. Rent, for instance, is approximately 60% cheaper on average, and groceries are about 13% less expensive. However, living expenses can vary based on the city or region you choose to reside in.

    Moving to Greece, despite its proximity, presents challenges due to its complex language, which includes a distinctly different alphabet from that used in the UK. Adjusting to a new culture adds to the complexity. That’s why our aim is to ease your transition and alleviate any concerns you may have.

    Embarking on your move to Greece can feel daunting as you pack up and prepare for relocation. Our experienced team of European removals specialists is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition of your belongings from the UK to Greece.

    For any inquiries or assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We’re committed to supporting you throughout your journey!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How difficult is it to move to Greece?

    Foreign nationals can relocate to Greece through the Golden Visa program, designed for investors from non-EU countries. The process typically takes about 6 months to complete, including document preparation, application submission, and permit issuance. The program provides various investment pathways, with property acquisition being the most favoured option among applicants.

    Can British citizens move to Greece?

    UK nationals planning to stay in Greece for more than 3 months must apply for a visa. Among these, the Type D long-stay visa is crucial. It encompasses three categories: employment, student, or family reunification visas. A sought-after option is the Golden Visa program, where investing in Greek property grants a residence permit. The investment threshold ranges from €250,000 to €500,000, depending on the property location. Alternatively, investors can opt for government bonds, private equity, or real estate shares as qualifying investments for the program.

    Can British citizens retire in Greece?

    The Retirement Visa in Greece, also known as the Financially Independent Person Permit, allows individuals to retire and reside in Greece. The primary requirement is demonstrating sufficient financial means to support oneself and any accompanying family members. Typically, this is achieved through a pension, whether from a state or private source, that meets the stipulated criteria. Successful applicants also benefit from visa-free travel within the European Union’s Schengen zone, enabling them to explore and enjoy tourism across Europe without additional visa requirements.

    What are the best Greek islands to retire to?

    Corfu stands out as a top retirement destination thanks to its warm climate, affordable living costs, and picturesque landscapes. It boasts a welcoming community and reliable healthcare services, making it an easy place to settle down. The island offers a perfect mix of relaxation and cultural exploration, featuring stunning beaches and a rich historical background. These qualities make Corfu an ideal retirement spot.

    For those looking for a more unique experience, Rhodes is an excellent choice. With its rich history and UNESCO World Heritage sites, Rhodes invites retirees to explore ancient ruins, stroll through medieval towns, and unwind on its scenic beaches. Alongside its affordable living expenses and hospitable atmosphere, Rhodes presents an inviting and comfortable retirement destination.

    What is the 5 year law in Greece?

    Under Article 20 of the Greek Immigration & Social Integration Code (Law 4251/2014), third-country nationals and their family members can obtain a five-year residence permit in Greece by owning immovable property valued at €250,000 or more. This permit allows non-EU nationals to reside in Greece, exit and re-enter the country without a visa, and travel freely within all Schengen countries using only their passport and Greek residence permit. The residence permit also covers accompanying family members, including spouses, children under 21 years old, and parents of the spouses. It can be renewed for equal periods as long as the property remains in their ownership.

    How much money do you need to move to Greece?

    Living in Greece is generally affordable compared to other European countries, especially in rural areas where costs tend to be lower than in urban centers. Despite relatively modest salaries compared to the rest of Europe, the overall quality of life remains high. Excluding rent, a single person can expect to spend approximately €800 per month on average living expenses in Greece. University students may require around €650 monthly to cover their basic needs. For a family of four, a comfortable monthly budget is estimated to be around €2,750.

    Can British citizens buy property in Greece?

    Yes, British citizens are eligible to buy property in Greece. EU residents face minimal restrictions when purchasing property there, whereas non-EU residents may need to demonstrate their ties to the country and their intended use of the property. This application process is handled by the Ministry of National Defense and typically involves submitting relevant documents and proof of intent for the property’s use.

    Can I live in Greece and pay tax in UK?

    You can reside in Greece and still maintain your UK tax residency status. For instance, if you spend more than 183 days in the UK during a tax year, you’ll continue to pay taxes on your income and capital gains (such as from shares) in accordance with UK tax regulations.

    Can I live in Greece without speaking the language?

    Living in Greece without speaking the language is common, especially in international workplaces where English is widely spoken. However, if you plan to retire or live in Greece without integrating into the local community, not learning the language and understanding cultural differences could pose challenges to your integration into daily life.

    Popular Places to Live in Greece

    • Agrinio
    • Alexandroupoli
    • Athens
    • Chalkida
    • Chania
    • Corfu
    • Heraklion
    • Ioannina
    • Kalamata
    • Kavala
    • Larissa
    • Patras
    • Piraeus
    • Rethymno
    • Rhodes
    • Serres
    • Thessaloniki
    • Tripoli
    • Volos
    • Xanthi
    • Zakynthos

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