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    Planning to move to Calgary in the near future? Here’s just a few of the reasons why you should consider choosing White & Company as your designated removals specialist:

    • offices & storage depots in Canada & UK
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    • founder member of BAR & FIDI
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    • award winning service
    • established in the UK since 1871
    • fully insured
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    We’re members of the British Association of Removers, FIDI & OMNI and have been providing removal and shipping services to destinations all over the world for over 145 years.

    Contact White & Company today and let us take the strain out of your house move to Calgary.

    Reasons to move to Calgary:

    • Calgary has been voted the world’s cleanest city by Forbes Magazine and Mercer’s Quality of Living Survey.
    • Calgary is the sunniest city in Canada with an average of about 2,300 to 2,400 hours of sunshine.
    • With nearly 20,000 acres of parkland offers an outdoors lifestyle like no other — from skiing and bobsledding in the winter to mountain biking and ziplining in the summer.

    Set in Canada’s ‘wild west’ in the province of Alberta, Calgary is one of the youngest and most educated major cities in Canada and has earned a reputation as a social hub.

    For a city with a skyline dominated by skyscrapers, the nickname “Cowtown” seems a little strange and misplaced. And although there are not many swinging saloon doors this city is proud of its western culture and celebrates it each July with a massive rodeo at the local racetrack.

    There are few ‘real’ cowboys, but the town is incredibly diverse with over 120 languages spoken and around one in three people living in Calgary were born overseas.

    The city has two official languages, French and English, but the labour market is incredibly welcoming of non multi-linguists.

    Calgary has been voted the ‘world’s cleanest city’ and issues heavy fines for littering but has a more progressive tax structure than those living in the more populated Ontario and Quebec regions.

    Living costs are also much lower in Calgary than in its coastal neighbour Vancouver and as with much of Canada, this cosmopolitan city boasts a mix of natural beauty, a friendly and safe society and decent work prospects.

    Export Packing & Wrapping Service

    When the client has accepted the quoted price and a move date has been secured, the vehicle and removal team will arrive at residence.

    The removal team will proceed to export pack and wrap all items being transported in special breathable bubble wrap.

    Special made-to-measure wooden creates can also be used for difficult to move or fragile items.

    Customs Clearance

    Our dedicated team in the UK & Canada will ensure all the relevant paperwork and customs clearance is processed correctly.

    They will arrange the unloading and unpacking of your household goods ready for checks or inspections.

    Once your belongings have cleared customs, you will be contacted to discuss a convenient time to deliver them if not already agreed.

    Storage Facilities

    White & Company offers secure containerised storage facilities via its own depots. We have 19 strategically placed storage facilities throughout the UK to choose from.

    Our partners in Canada can also off your storage facilities should you require them.

    Insurance For Removals to Calgary

    Despite our best efforts sometimes items get damaged or things go amiss. White & Company always try to minimise problems during the moving process. That’s why we offer limited liability insurance.

    Marine insurance is a key consideration when shipping overseas. We recommend you consider protecting your valuable personal possessions while in transit or storage with our ‘All Risk’ Marine Standard Liability cover.

    Marine Insurance Cover is offered to you on receipt of a completed Overseas Valuation Form. Such insurance cover is ‘Comprehensive’ and ‘All Risk’ and is based on the values as declared by you on the Overseas Valuation Form.

    Moving to Calgary? Get a removals quote


    • The average house price in Calgary is C$418,300 (£255,455). In July 2019, average property prices in Calgary were down by 4.3% compared to the previous year.
    • Monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the centre of Calgary is around C$1268 (£774). This is almost 34% cheaper when compared to Vancouver C$1912 (£1167).
    • Most Calgarians live in stand-alone houses, with apartments, row houses, duplexes and semi-detached houses making up the balance.

    Calgary is spread out over a very large space. Rather than high-rise multi-story apartments, housing in Calgary generally consists of separate, detached homes and single level properties.

    There has been somewhat of a housing explosion in recent years in Calgary. Despite many new homes having been built competition remains fierce for housing.

    For new expat arrivals, finding rental accommodation in the right area is going to be a key factor.

    Calgary is divided into four quadrants with each neighbourhood being allocated a street address ending in either NW, SW, SE or NE.

    The south-west is perceived as the best place to live in Calgary for young professionals with easy access to local amenities, a buzzing nightlife and quick transport connections for commuting to work.

    Neighbourhoods such as Bankview, Killarney and Mount Royal are highly sought after and fetch the highest rents.

    In the North-west is where lots of expat families relocate to take advantage of its mix of bistros, boutique shops and educational facilities.

    Neighbourhoods such as Arbour Lake and Hamptons offer quick access to the Rockies for a weekend road trip to the great Canadian outdoors.

    White & Company Provide Removals to Calgary and all major surrounding locations

    Living costs

    • The average monthly net salary in Calgary is C$4442 (£2712) which is 17% higher compared to London C$3804 (£2323).
    • The cost to eat out at a standard restaurant in Calgary is 27% lower than in central London.
    • One litre of fuel is 48.48% cheaper in Calgary at C$0.68 per litre.

    Alberta’s most populated city falls into the middle-ground when it comes to cost of living calculations compared to its major Canadian counterparts.

    Mercer´s 2019 Cost of Living Survey, which measures the comparative cost of items in 209 cities (including housing, transport, food, clothing, household goods and entertainment), ranked Toronto at 115 and Montreal at 139, followed by Calgary and Ottawa at 153 and 161 respectively.

    Owning a car in Calgary is going to make life much easier. Public transport is not as efficient or reliable as other large Canadian cities and the low cost of fuel makes it economical to drive.

    It is also important to bear in mind that everyday food items such as milk, bread, eggs and cheese are all more expensive in Calgary when compared to London prices.

    This is offset somewhat by the average wages in Calgary which are around 17% higher than the UK.

    Housing is also cheaper than the UK and space is much less of an issue with expat families often shocked at just how much further their money goes here in Alberta.

    Jobs Market

    • Calgary’s economy has seen the highest economic growth of all the Canadian cities in recent years and the Canadian economy has added 247,500 jobs, the majority full time positions.
    • Calgary is recognized as a leader in the Canadian oil and gas industry, with lots of options for those intending to work in the financial services industry as well.
    • Calgary boasts the highest head offices per capita concentration nationwide, as well as Canada’s highest total growth of salaries and wages per employee over the last few years.

    Immigrants continue to prosper in Canada in 2019 as the economy reaches record-level growth and the biggest spurt in employment opportunities since 2002.

    Moving to Canada and finding work can be a daunting experience but with focus and dedications it’s possible for expats to find great jobs in Calgary or elsewhere in Alberta.

    It’s important to plan thoroughly so you can accomplish this crucial part of the moving process. In most cases, you need to have a job already lined up in order to be allowed to work in Canada. Expats will need to apply for a Social Insurance Number in order to start work.

    Oil and gas are crucial to Calgary’s economy and there are lots of vacancies in this industry. There are also other sectors to consider searching for work such as the services, agriculture, IT or financial sectors.

    Some large employers with Calgary head offices include Canada Safeway Limited, Westfair Foods Ltd., and Suncor Energy.


    • Canada spends about 5.3% of its GDP on education compared to the UK’s 2019 figure of 4.2%
    • The English language public school system in Calgary is run by the Calgary Board of Education.
    • A mix of state funded schools, faith schools, International schools, private institutions and French language schools are available.

    There is no single, nationwide school system in Canada, but Canadian public schools offer students a very high standard of education.

    The country ranks first worldwide in the number of adults having completed tertiary education and Calgary’s population is among the most educated in the whole of Canada.

    Schools are funded through taxes and public schools are free for all residents, including expat children permanently domiciled in the country. As standard in North America there are additional expenses parents are required to contribute towards such as educational materials and field trips.

    Children are expected to attend the school closest to their address, unless they are attending a fee-paying school.

    With around ten different colleges and universities, Calgary provides plenty of choice when it comes to those seeking further education and most children will not have to travel far.

    The publicly funded University of Calgary (U of C) is Calgary’s largest degree-granting facility with an enrolment of nearly 29,000 students and an extensive range of degree programmes on offer.

    Removals to Calgary

    • Weekly removals services to Canada with full load consignments that take your belongings direct from point A to B or part loads that are delivered shortly after your arrival.
    • Shipping can take anything from 8 to 12 weeks. From arrival at port to the additional time taken for the clearing of customs and quarantine.
    • Storage offered either at our secure facilities based in the UK or through our industry partners in Canada.

    Now that you’ve hopefully decided to settle down and move to Calgary it’s time to figure out how to get there.

    Canada has long been the expat destination of choice with thousands making the move each year.

    During this time White & Company has positioned itself as the international removals firm of choice for all Removals to Canada.

    To find out more about how we could get your dream move to Calgary underway don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

    Alternatively fill out a quick quote form or chat to our Bot and we’ll get in touch with you straight away.

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