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    Why Choose White & Company?

    Planning to move to the Costa del Sol in the near future? Here’s just a few of the reasons why you should consider choosing White & Company as your designated removals specialist:

    • offices & storage depots in Spain & UK
    • door-to-door packing & removals
    • founder member of BAR, FIDI & OMNI
    • award winning service
    • established in the UK since 1871
    • fully insured
    • dedicated team of trained professionals
    • tailored removals package

    We’re founder members of the British Association of Removers, FIDI & OMNI and have been providing removal and shipping services to destinations all over the world for over 135 years.

    Whether you’re moving from Manchester to Costa del Sol, or from another city in Spain to Costa del Sol, our highly trained removals team are equipped to deliver to any city, town or island.

    Our removals service

    We offer weekly removals services to and from the Costa del Sol.

    This includes either full load consignments that take your belongings directly from point A to B, or part loads that are delivered shortly after your arrival.

    Our extensive fleet of vehicles, specialist local knowledge and experienced staff make us the standout choice for all removals to the Costa del Sol.

    We can arrange a free no obligation home survey and quotation to carried out by one of our qualified surveyors. They will answer any questions you have and offer advice where necessary.

    The survey will determine the volume of effects you will be shipping. The total cost of shipment is based on the space your effects will take up in our vehicle.

    Regular removals to Costa del Sol

    Our dedicated team in the Costa del Sol will ensure that all the relevant paperwork and customs clearance is processed correctly and arrange the unloading and unpacking of your household goods.

    Upon arrival at your local depot all effects are transferred to the export warehouse to await loading into a 20ft or 40ft container.

    Depot Locations

    White & Company offers secure containerised storage facilities via its own depots, with 19 strategically placed storage facilities throughout the UK and Spain to choose from.


    White & Company are founder members of the British Association of Removers, FIDI & OMNI, the voices of the removals industry both in the UK and internationally.

    All our warehouses are clean, dry, secure and accredited to European Standard BS EN 14873.


    Despite our best efforts sometimes items get damaged or things go amiss. White & Company always try to minimise problems during the moving process, that’s why we offer limited liability insurance.

    Marine insurance is a key consideration when shipping overseas. We recommend that you consider protecting your valuable personal possessions while in transit and/or storage with our ‘All Risk’ Marine Standard Liability cover.

    Marine Insurance Cover is offered to you on receipt of a completed Overseas Valuation Form. Such Marine Insurance Cover is ‘Comprehensive’ and ‘All Risk’ and is based on the values as declared by you on the Overseas Valuation Form.

    Moving to Costa del Sol? Get a removals quote

    Preparing for Your Move

    The whole moving experience can be incredibly stressful, especially so when relocating abroad. White & Company, has been transporting goods to the Costa del Sol for many years and can help make the process run smoothly on the day.

    With more than 320 days of sunshine and long stretches of coastline to explore the Costa del Sol is the perfect playground for growing families or those just in search of an outdoors lifestyle.

    Moving to the Costa del Sol from the UK is a very different prospect than moving locally. There are lots of cultural differences and plenty of things you will need to plan and prepare for.

    White & Company have been transporting household items and goods to the Costa del Sol for many years and can make the process run smoothly on the day.

    Our experienced moving team can help put you at ease and answer any questions you might have about the process of moving abroad.

    Below are some useful tips to consider before you move to the Costa del Sol:

    • To settle in the Costa del Sol (over 3 months), register at a local Oficina de Extranjeros for a residence certificate.
    • Research before you buy a property and consult independent legal advice.
    • Consider renting before buying to check the area is right for you and has access to work, schools, etc.
    • Consult consumer price index sites, such as Numbeo to compare the cost of living.
    • Consider if public healthcare will suffice for your family or whether you’ll need private cover instead. To access the Spanish public healthcare system you will need to apply for a “tarjeta Sanitaria” (social security card) from your local health centre.
    • Research customs restrictions on certain items that cannot be brought into Spain.
    • Vaccinate and microchip your pets and obtain the necessary paperwork they need to move with you.
    • Start taking Spanish lessons before you go, to help integrate quicker and gain higher paid work.

    Popular Destinations We Cover in Costa del Sol

    • Benalmádena Costa
    • Torremolinos
    • Fuengirola
    • Marbella
    • Estepona
    • Málaga


    The Costa del Sol roughly translates as ‘Coast of the Sun’ or ‘Sun Coast’. It is in the south of Spain, in the Andalusia region, and comprises of almost 100 towns and villages.

    Malaga is the capital city of the region which stretches along the coastline for 159 km from Manilva to Nerja.

    The Costa del Sol is perhaps best known as a popular package holiday destination owing to its wealth of Blue Flag beaches, poolside bars and restaurants.

    There is much more to the Costa del Sol than just €5 English breakfasts. The Costa Del Sol has a rich cultural heritage, colourful customs and delicious cuisine which makes living here full time a varied and life-affirming experience.

    More and more expats are making the move permanent and we’re not just talking about retirees either. British expats are drawn to the low cost of living and affordable property prices, as well as the outdoors lifestyle on offer.

    Even if you bank with a Spanish bank in the UK, such as Santander you will need to register and open a separate account in Spain.

    You can open a non-resident’s bank account without an NIE number, but you will have to change this once you have your NIE number.

    To open a bank account in Spain you must be over 18 years of age and bring the following documents:

    • Photographic proof of identity such as a passport.
    • Proof of your occupation status (employment contract or payslip)
    • Confirmation of address (utility bill, driving licence or council tax bill no older than 3 months)

    EU citizens are free to purchase property on the Costa del Sol and there are no restrictions.

    When going through the process of buying through a vendor you should consult a Spanish speaking realtor and ensure:

    • you have seen the land registry extract (nota simple), available from the Colegio de Registradores (translations into English for an additional fee)
    • the property and land for sale match the details registered and the sellers are the registered owner(s)
    • there are no debts or charges, such as a mortgage, on the property
    • there are no legal proceedings initiated against the property for contravention of planning law

    Golf might be the Costa del Sol’s flag-bearing sport, but the coast’s outdoor-friendly year-round climate and top-class leisure amenities make it a haven for enthusiasts of a diverse and extensive array of sporting activities.

    Some of the region’s top attractions include:

    • Malaga Cathedral – Located in the towns historical centre, the cathedral was built between 1528 and 1782. This incredible landmark is well worth a visit and afterward you can relax with a glass of wine or a coffee in one of the local al fresco cafes
    • Nerja Caves – Discovered by five local boys in 1959, the caves are a series of huge caverns stretching underground for almost five kilometres and are home to the world’s largest stalagmite; a 32-metre-high column measuring 13 metres by 7 metres at its base. There are three inner galleries cleverly illuminated to showcase the wonder of the huge caverns.
    • Tivoli World Theme Park – Located in Benalmadena, on the outskirts of Torremolinos, this theme park is great for the kids. It has children’s shows, water slides, carousels, a fair and various food stands catering for all tastes.

    The Costa del Sol like much of Spain is still recovering from the fallout of the economic crisis and levels of unemployment remain high.

    If you have not already secured work or are relying on other sources of income then it is advisable to do your research before you move.

    Making sure you have enough money to support yourself for at least three months mean that you can do your job-hunting without any financial pressure.

    Much of the work is seasonal and centred around tourism and the many bars and restaurants. Lots of people obtain a TEFL qualification which enables them to teach English as a foreign language.

    For more information on working in the Costa del Sol click here.

    One of the biggest draws to moving to the Costa del Sol, or indeed anywhere in Spain for that matter, is the lower cost of living.

    For the most part the cost of everyday items are cheaper than the UK. Below are a few examples of what you are likely to pay:

    • Fuel is around €1.20 (£1.03)
    • A 20 pack of cigarettes (branded) costs €5 (£4.30)
    • A bottle of mid-range wine costs €4.00 (£3.44)
    • Domestic Beer costs around (0.5 litre bottle) €0.60 (52p)
    • A pint of milk costs 73 cents (63p)
    • A Three course meal for two people in a Mid-range Restaurant €30.00 (£25.81)

    Renting a home when you first arrive means that you have time to research and explore the different neighbourhoods until you find one which suits your personal circumstances.

    Rents on the Costa del Sol have gone up in recent years but still remain very cheap.

    Depending on where exactly you are going to base yourself you can expect to pay €800 (£686) per month for a two-bedroom apartment with sea views.

    For a larger family sized home away from the sea front, with three bedrooms and a shared pool you will be looking at closer to €1200 (£1029).

    Torremolinos, Mijas and Estepona are all popular areas for expats where it is possible to find low cost homes and apartments in safe neighbourhoods with excellent facilities and quality schools.

    More information on each is included below:

    • Torremolinos – although very touristy and crowded in the summer season, there is a large UK expat community here. The town is situated close to Malaga airport so it’s easy to hop home for a few days and the flight is just two and a half hours to London’s main airports.
    • Mijas – more traditional and less crowded than Torremolinos, Mijas is situated in the lowlands of the Sierra de Mijas mountain range, surrounded by pine forest. This picturesque town is located 428 meters above sea level and covers a 12 kilometre stretch of coastline.
    • Estepona – perhaps the pick of the bunch, it is renowned for being a lively but peaceful Spanish town with narrow cobblestone streets and typically Spanish white houses set against a background of mountainous landscapes and to its fore the Mediterranean Sea.

    Marbella, dubbed the millionaires’ playground of Marbella is the exception to the above. The glamour of this town is reflected in its much higher cost of living which attracts those with lots of disposable income.

    The beautiful marina is home to luxurious super yachts and sea-facing restaurants. Homes are on average around three times more expensive than its more modest neighbours.

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