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    Removals Finland

    Looking to start a new life bathing in a Finnish sauna? With so many relocation companies offering removal services to Finland it can be an ordeal just trying to pick one. Price is likely to be a large deciding factor, but this doesn’t, nor should it, negate quality. At White & Company we strive ourselves on our ability to deliver on both fronts.

    Whether we transport your personal belongings to Finland by sea or road, we can assure you of their safe and timely arrival. Export packing, container loading, shipping, export documentation, customs and the knowledge and observance of local regulations and procedures at your destination is all in a day’s work for White & Company.

    From Hertfordshire to Helsinki or Southampton to Savonlinna, we have the necessary expertise and skill to make your move stress-free. With competitive pricing and top of the range storage and packing solutions, our door-to-door removals service is hard to beat.

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    Our experienced surveyor will visit your home to conduct a pre-move survey to ascertain the volume of effects being shipped. This involves the surveyor walking through the property room by room noting what items are to be exported and recording it on their electronic tablet. A written quotation will follow within 48 hours.

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    White & Company has storage facilities at 19 storage locations throughout the UK all providing secure containerised storage in personal dedicated storage containers. Our trusted partners in Finland are also able to offer storage should you require it.

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    When our quotation has been accepted and a move date has been secured, the vehicle and removal team will arrive at residence. The removal team will proceed to pack and wrap all items being shipped and load onto vehicle for delivery to our closest depot or for full loads, directly onward to your home in Finland.

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    Upon arrival at your local depot, all effects are transferred to the export warehouse to await loading into a 20ft or 40ft container. The container is booked with the shipping line onto the first available vessel destined to the closest port of entry to your final destination in Finland.

    Moving to Finland? Get a Quick Quote

    Why Move to Finland?

    From modernised urban planning to eco-friendly attitudes to living spaces, Finland is truly ripping up the rulebook when it comes to modern living. A top performer in numerous areas, including education, gender equality and human development, Finland is not afraid to do things differently. The Nordic country recently topped a poll produced by the UN Sustainable Development Solutions Network for income, life expectancy and social support, freedom and the list goes on…

    So what is it that’s so special about Finland? The little spoken of country in Scandinavia has one of the fastest growing economies in the EU and a GDP output equal to that of UK, Germany and France. It attributes this to the ‘Finnish Model’ which is devised upon a heavily tax-subsidized social security network, ensuring a strong welfare and education system for all and an open and tolerant society that provides equal opportunities for all, regardless of race and gender.
    Its not just the economic potential that is drawing in more and more expats each year either.

    Finland’s landscape is incredibly diverse, with an enviable outdoor lifestyle which can see residents ski down mountains, swim in pristine lakes and camp in wood logged cabins all in a day’s work. For a truly unique experience you can try a spot of night hiking in northern Utsjoki, nicknamed ‘the land of the rising sun’ due to a unique natural phenomenon in which the sun doesn’t set for two months. For families with kids there is also Lapland where you can be dragged along by a sled led by huskies through the home of Father Christmas and even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights!

    Finns enjoy excellent restaurants and cafés which ensure you’ll never go hungry with all manner of nourishing treats including Karalian pies, korvapuusti cinnamon rolls and Finnish fast food in the form of fried vendace fish (muikku). There are also various sites of historical interest and colourful markets to explore, all of which are surrounded by stunning countryside and green forests. Finland is also a place to truly let go of any social inhibitions, with saunas a popular social invite and form of acceptance into Finnish culture.

    As will many highly developed nations, living costs are quite high in Finland and you can expect certain items to be dearer still than in the UK. However, for those able to secure a well-paying job in any of the major cities, Finland offers unparalleled opportunities for exceptionally high standards of living, an abundance of leisure activities and long summer nights to bask in.

    Working in Finland

    Britons, as current citizens of an EU member state, do not need a residence permit or visa for Finland and have the right to work, run a business and study in Finland. You can reside in Finland for a continuous period of three months at most without registering your right of residence. If you want to stay in Finland and register as a resident, you must have a job, an operating company, a study place, long time family ties or sufficient resources.

    The attractions of working in Finland include good working conditions and high employment security. Even the intriguing Finnish language poses no barrier to newcomers willing to try, although admittedly it may slow you down a bit at first. Local authorities and many employers too, provide immigrants and their families with language training, either free or at very low cost,

    There are skills shortages in several markets at the moment. Healthcare is one sector where demand for staff is greater than supply. There is also a growing need to fill positions in IT, hospitality, finance, construction and education.

    For help finding employment in Finland visit the following web sites:

    Shipping My Effects to Finland

    The whole moving experience can be incredibly stressful, especially so when relocating abroad. White & Company, with its 145 years of experience in the removal industry, can help make the process run a lot smoother.

    White & Company can arrange a free no obligation home survey and quotation to be carried out by one of our qualified surveyors, who is able to answer any of the questions and concerns you may have and offer advice where necessary.

    The purpose of the survey is to determine the volume of effects you will be shipping. The cost of shipment is based on the space your effects will take up in our vehicle if transportation is by road and in a container if being shipped by sea. Following the visit, you will receive a written quotation within 48 hours.


    In 2000 the government removed the requirement that a non-resident must obtain a permit to buy a secondary residential property in Finland, putting foreigners on the same footing as Finns. Finland has mostly new or recent housing stock with all modern conveniences. The capital city of Helsinki currently has a housing shortage, with high rents and equally high housing prices. The cost to purchase a property in one of Finland’s main cities is approximately €4,185 (£3689) per sq metre. For a property situated further outside the city this drops to €2,856 (£2517).

    Expats usually choose to rent a property, however, if they plan to stay in the country for a longer period, it would be wise to consider purchasing a property. If you choose to rent, you can expect to pay around €729 (£642) per month for a one bedroomed apartment close to the centre of the city.

    The following sites have a selection of properties for sale or rent:


    Finland has for many years set an example for a successful education system, sitting at the top of international league tables for literacy and numeracy. Attendance at school is mandatory for all children in Finland, including foreign citizens who are living in the country permanently. There are no tuition fees and fully subsidised meals are served to full-time students.

    It is very important to choose the right school for your children and most main cities have good quality local, private and international schools. Unfortunately, they are often oversubscribed and have long waiting lists and so it is a good idea to start looking for a suitable school as soon as possible.

    The following site has a list of international schools in Finland:

    General Information

    Moving to Finland is a thrilling opportunity, but also one that requires dedication, plenty of organisation and time to research.

    For some helpful tips and information on settling into life in Finland, visit some of the many expat forums online:


    Public transport in Finland is excellent, clean fast and efficient. Helsinki is the only city to have a metro and tram service but all Finnish towns and cities have a local bus network which are considered safe and affordable compared with taxis which are generally very expensive.

    Driving licences issued in European countries are valid in Finland for the period of their validity. You can drive from 18 years of age. Finns drive on the right, overtake on the left. Driving laws are strict and heavy penalties are issued if you break the law. It is important that you familiarise yourself with the highway code. Weather conditions, particularly in winter are very dangerous, even more so if you are from the South of the UK and not used to driving in heavy snow.


    Finland offers its residents universal healthcare, but it is not free, though charges are very reasonable. The prevention of diseases and other types of health promotion has been the main focus of Finnish healthcare policies for decades.
    British expats will be happy to know, like the NHS, public healthcare is available to all permanent residents in Finland regardless of their financial situation. Primary health care services are provided by municipal health centres (terveysasemat), and specialised medical care is provided by district hospitals (sairaalat). Private healthcare is also available for those who prefer it, however it can be expensive.

    There are plenty of pharmacies, and there is always at least one pharmacy in town that is open late. Unlike the UK, drugs such as paracetamol and aspirin can only be purchased from a pharmacy, supermarkets are not allowed to sell them.

    Contacting White & Company

    For further information on our removals service to Finland, or any other international destination, contact our international office on 01489 858632. Alternatively complete the form below with your details and we will contact you.

    Customs Information

    Finland, like most worldwide countries has very strict importation regulations and consequences if regulations are not adhered to. You must be in Finland at the time of the customs clearance process. Used household goods and personal effects are duty free provided goods have been owned and used by the client for a minimum of six months and the customer has lived abroad for at least one year. The goods cannot be sold, lent or otherwise disposed of for at least six months.
    To ensure that you do not incur any extra charges due to customs delays, it is imperative that you familiarise yourself with Finland’s customs regulations.

    The following web sites will assist:

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