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    Why Choose White & Company?

    Planning to move to Palma in the near future? Here’s just a few reasons why you should consider White & Company as your designated removals specialist:

    • offices & storage depots in Spain & UK
    • door-to-door packing & removals
    • founder member of BAR, FIDI & OMNI
    • award winning service
    • established in the UK since 1871
    • fully insured
    • dedicated team of trained professionals
    • tailored removals package

    We’re founder members of the British Association of Removers, FIDI & OMNI and have been providing removal and shipping services to destinations all over the world for over 145 years.

    Wherever you’re looking to move to on the stunning island of Mallorca rest assured our specialist local knowledge will help ensure your belongings arrive safely, without disruption.

    Our removals service

    Our extensive fleet of vehicles, specialist local knowledge and experienced staff make us the standout choice for all removals to Palma de Mallorca.

    We can arrange a free no obligation home survey and quotation, carried out by one of our qualified surveyors. They will answer any questions you have and offer advice where necessary.

    The survey will determine the volume of effects you will be shipping. The total cost of shipment is based on the space your effects will take up in our vehicles.

    Regular removals to Palma

    With a facility in Palma we offer weekly removals services to and from Mallorca.

    We operate a fleet of vehicles including Scania Road Trains to Mallorca and smaller vehicles which deliver to some of the more difficult locations on the islands of Mallorca, Minorca & Ibiza.

    This includes either full load consignments that take your belongings direct from point A to B, or part loads that are delivered shortly after your arrival.

    With full load services our team will arrange the unloading and unpacking of your household items exclusively onto our own fleet of trucks.

    If you are moving with fewer items or are staggering your move to Palma you may want to opt for a part load service.

    The service is completely the same but we will combine several customers’ loads onto one high-capacity truck to save time and reduce transport costs.

    Our dedicated team in Palma will ensure all the relevant paperwork and customs clearance is processed correctly. They will arrange the unloading and unpacking of your household goods.

    Depot Locations

    White & Company offers secure containerised storage facilities via its own depots. We have 19 secure units dotted throughout the UK and our partners in Palma can also offer storage facilities.

    Carrer d’Alacant 5a, 07183 Calvia,
    Mallorca, Illes Balears, Spain

    All our warehouses are clean, dry, secure and accredited to European Standard BS EN 14873.


    White & Company are founder members of the British Association of Removers, FIDI & OMNI, the voices of the removals industry both in the UK and internationally.

    All our warehouses are clean, dry, secure and accredited to European Standard BS EN 14873.


    Despite our best efforts sometimes items get damaged or things go amiss. White & Company always try to minimise problems during the moving process, that’s why we offer limited liability insurance.

    Marine insurance is a key consideration when shipping overseas. We recommend that you consider protecting your valuable personal possessions while in transit and/or storage with our ‘All Risk’ Marine Standard Liability cover.

    Marine Insurance Cover is offered to you on receipt of a completed Overseas Valuation Form. Such Marine Insurance Cover is ‘Comprehensive’ and ‘All Risk’ and is based on the values as declared by you on the Overseas Valuation Form.

    Moving to Palma? Get a removals quote

    Preparing for Your Move

    The process of moving is stressful at the best of time; throw in the idea of not just moving house but moving to an entire different country altogether and the prospect may seem even more unsettling.

    Moving to Palma is not as daunting as it first seems.

    There are some differences as to how the move is handled domestically which you need to prepare for, including navigating Spanish laws and customs.

    By choosing a reliable removals company like White & Company you are not only getting a first-class removals service but access to the knowledge and skills of an experienced international relocator.

    White & Company carry out around more than 20 moves to and from Palma and other destinations across the Balearic Islands every week.

    No matter what challenges you face you can rest assured that we have likely encountered and overcome them before.

    Whether you are moving to a small city apartment or a huge chateau in the countryside we’re equipped to get the job done and be home in time for tea.

    Before we jump on board here are some useful pre-planning tips (the four Rs) to consider before you take the plunge and move to Palma

    • Register – As an EU citizen you will qualify for residency in Mallorca if you have a work contract that runs for more than three months or proof on an income (pension, trust fund, etc). You will need to register for Número de Identidad de Extranjero (NIE) which is can identification and tax number.
    • Research – If you are relying on working to support your island lifestyle look for jobs in advance. The sectors of tourism, agriculture and construction are where you are most likely to find employment.
    • The island’s IT capabilities have greatly improved over the last few years but tourism remains the main source of employment.
    • Rent Before You Buy – It’s generally good advice to rent on the island before you commit to a purchase. This gives you the opportunity to test out an area and see if it is suitable for you. Check are local amenities, schools if moving with children and commuting distance for work.
    • Read Up On The Lingo – With a large expat population with lots of fellow Brits you shouldn’t struggle to get by with English. Having said that, the transition to your new life will be made much easier the more Spanish you take on board. Locals respect your efforts also.
    • Consider if public healthcare will suffice for your family or whether you’ll need private cover instead.

    Popular Destinations We Cover in Palma

    • Calatrava & Dalt Murada
    • La Lonja
    • Santa Catalina
    • Avenue Jaime Iii – San Nicolás


    Palma is the capital city of Mallorca. It was recently recognised by the Sunday Times as the ‘most liveable place in the world’ from a list of over 50 global cities.

    Half of the entire island’s population reside here but unlike in other major cities, most time is spent outdoors enjoying the beautiful clean beaches and late-night dining opportunities.

    In the height of the summer months the city gets even busier as tourists from all over Europe flock to the capital. Many expats have now made the island their permanent residence, either retiring or operating their business form the sunny stretches of one of Spain’s most reassure isles.

    The most popular areas are the Old Town and Calatrava district where history from the Byzantine era sits alongside an emerging café culture enjoyed by digital nomads and seasonal visitors alike.

    The bohemian district of Santa Catalina is also immensely popular with fresh fruit and veg markets and numerous tapas bars and restaurants.

    For those looking for something a little more reserved and private, the Son Vida estate is just a short drive away off the main Palma ring road boasts a fantastic range of luxury villas and apartments. Three golf courses can be found just round the corner as can the sparkling Puerto Portals Marina.

    As with the whole of Mallorca and indeed the rest of Spain if you are paying social security contributions you are entitled to use the Spanish healthcare system with no charge.

    Currently your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) entitles you to access the necessary state-provided healthcare in Spain for free or at reduced cost.

    Be aware however that the EHIC does not cover certain costs and in some parts of the island you may have to travel some distance to find a local state healthcare provider.

    If you are intending to stay in Spain long term (longer than 3 months for each period) you will need to apply for a ‘tarjeta Sanitaria’ from your local health centre. If you do not have employment, you are strongly advised to take out private health insurance.

    Opening a bank account on the island of Mallorca is a relatively painless and the process is very similar to that back in the UK.

    There are several branches dotted throughout the island with a large concentration in Palma itself, which is the business and commercial centre. Popular banks for British expats include Sabadell, ING and Santander.

    Note that if you currently bank with a Santander branch in the UK you will need to re register and open a new account when in Spain.

    To open the account, you will need to take with you:

    Your certificate of residency (NIE)

    Your original passport or national identity card if an Eu citizen

    Proof of address, such as a utility bill or rental contract

    Proof of occupation

    EU citizens are free to purchase property in Palma and there are no restrictions.

    Greater numbers of foreigners are buying apartments in the old part of the city. Close to shops, restaurants and conveniently placed next to Palma’s international airport means you can get to the UK in just over 2 hours, or other countries in Europe.

    Although the purchasing process is not complicated, some things do get lost in translation. Be sure to enlist the services of a reputable real estate agent.

    Mallorca offers an impressive selection of international schools and ‘island children from abroad’ are commonplace on the popular Balearic Island.

    Most of these are centred in and around the capital city of Palma and cater for children from nursery age all the way to 18 years of age. In fact, five of the best ranked international schools are located in Palma and the nearby municipality of Calvia.

    Below are a selection of schools you may be interested in researching further:

    Bellver International College – the oldest British school in Spain, located just 3km from Palma at Cala Fornais, lessons are taught in English with students adopting Spanish as a second language.

    Queen’s College – A mixed school which takes in students aged between 8 and 18, it recently opened a new sports complex.

    Agora Portals International School – a mixed school for kids which takes on kids from kindergarten age right up until school leavers with a heavy emphasis on sports and creative disciplines.

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