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    Why Choose White & Company?

    Planning to move to Toulouse in the near future? Here’s just a few of the reasons why you should consider choosing White & Company as your designated removals specialist:

    • offices & storage depots in Toulouse & UK
    • door-to-door packing & removals
    • founder member of BAR, FIDI & OMNI
    • award winning service
    • established in the UK since 1871
    • fully insured
    • dedicated team of trained professionals
    • tailored removals package

    We’re founder members of the British Association of Removers, FIDI & OMNI and have been providing removal and shipping services to destinations all over the world for over 135 years.

    Whether you’re moving from London to Toulouse, or the countryside to the Toulouse, our highly trained removals team are equipped to deliver to any city, town or island.

    Our removals service

    Our extensive fleet of vehicles, specialist local knowledge and experienced staff make us the standout choice for all removals to Toulouse.

    We can arrange a free no obligation home survey and quotation, carried out by one of our qualified surveyors. They will answer any questions you have and offer advice where necessary.

    The survey will determine the volume of effects you will be shipping. The total cost of shipment is based on the space your effects will take up in our vehicles.

    Regular removals to Toulouse

    Our dedicated teams in the UK and Toulouse  will ensure that all the relevant paperwork and customs clearance is processed correctly and arrange the unloading and unpacking of your household goods.

    Upon arrival at your local depot all effects are transferred to the export warehouse to await loading into a 20ft or 40ft container.

    Depot Locations

    White & Company offers secure containerised storage facilities via its own depots, with 19 strategically placed storage facilities throughout the UK and France to choose from.


    White & Company are founder members of the British Association of Removers, FIDI & OMNI, the voices of the removals industry both in the UK and internationally.

    All our warehouses are clean, dry, secure and accredited to European Standard BS EN 14873.


    Despite our best efforts sometimes items get damaged or things go amiss. White & Company always try to minimise problems during the moving process, that’s why we offer limited liability insurance.

    Marine insurance is a key consideration when shipping overseas. We recommend that you consider protecting your valuable personal possessions while in transit and/or storage with our ‘All Risk’ Marine Standard Liability cover.

    Marine Insurance Cover is offered to you on receipt of a completed Overseas Valuation Form. Such Marine Insurance Cover is ‘Comprehensive’ and ‘All Risk’ and is based on the values as declared by you on the Overseas Valuation Form.

    Moving to Toulouse? Get a removals quote

    Preparing for Your Move

    Moving to Toulouse or ‘La Ville Rose’, meaning the ‘Pink City’ is an exciting prospect.

    Despite being France’s fourth largest city its lack of a high-speed rail connection to Paris means it holds a reputation as an off the beaten track destination.

    As such moving to Toulouse carries with it many unknowns which expats are not always prepared for.

    There will be local customs and traditions to equate yourself with in addition to general French road and parking rules you will need to sharpen up on.

    With a little planning and preparation you should be well placed to enjoy living in the cosmopolitan city of Toulouse and everything it has to offer.

    Finding a trustworthy removal company with extensive knowledge of the local area will be crucial in this regard.

    Having moved hundreds of families to cities all over L’Hexagone, White & Company are the go-to removals company for all moves to France.

    Whether you are moving the contents of your whole house, half or just a few boxes, we can help ensure that everything runs smoothly and with as little fuss as possible.

    Below are some useful tips to consider before you move to Toulouse:

    • Register- a visa, or entry permit (carte de séjour), is required for all persons entering France intending to remain there for longer than 90 days and/or work or study in France. After the UK leaves the EU it may be necessary to register through a new registration system.
    • Check what you can bring with you – There are certain restrictions as to what you can and can’t import into France so be sure to familiarise yourself with customs regulations. Our team can walk you through the process should you need help.
    • Renting before you buy – Renting allows you the opportunity to test out an area you wish to live in before you commit to purchase. That way you can take greater stock of local amenities, schools and anything else of importance to you.
    • Hire a good Notaire – Similar to a solicitor, you will need to enlist the help of a good Notaire who can speak English to help you navigate the intricacies of the French property process.
    • Secure school places – There are lots of International, public and private schools in Toulouse. International schools which allows pupils to follow a curriculum from their home country are often oversubscribed so it is worth doing your research in advance.
    • Vaccinate and microchip your pets and obtain the necessary paperwork they need to move with you.
    • Start taking French lessons before you go, to help integrate quicker and gain higher paid work.

    Popular Destinations We Cover in Toulouse

    • Toulouse Amidonniers‎
    • Toulouse Arènes‎
    • Toulouse Arnaud Bernard‎
    • Toulouse Bagatelle‎
    • Toulouse Bayard‎
    • Toulouse Bonnefoy‎
    • Toulouse Borderouge‎
    • Toulouse Bourrassol‎
    • Toulouse Busca‎
    • Toulouse Capitole‎
    • Toulouse Carmes‎
    • Toulouse Casselardit‎
    • Toulouse La Cépière‎
    • Toulouse Chalets‎
    • Toulouse Compans-Caffarelli‎
    • Toulouse Croix-Daurade‎
    • Toulouse Croix-de-Pierre‎
    • Toulouse Daurade‎
    • Toulouse Empalot‎
    • Toulouse Esquirol‎
    • Toulouse La Fourguette‎
    • Toulouse Guilheméry‎
    • Toulouse Lalande‎
    • Toulouse Lardenne‎
    • Toulouse Minimes‎
    • Toulouse Mirail‎
    • Toulouse Montaudran‎
    • Toulouse Papus‎
    • Toulouse Pech-David‎
    • Toulouse Ponts-Jumeaux‎
    • Pouvourville (Toulouse)‎
    • Toulouse Purpan‎
    • Toulouse Rangueil‎
    • La Roseraie (Toulouse)‎
    • Toulouse Saint-Agne‎
    • Toulouse Saint-Aubin‎
    • Toulouse Saint-Cyprien‎
    • Toulouse Saint-Étienne‎
    • Toulouse Saint-Georges‎
    • Saint-Martin-du-Touch‎
    • Toulouse Saint-Michel‎Toulouse Saint-Sernin‎
      Toulouse Sept Deniers‎


    Toulouse is a bustling city with a large student population and a temperate Mediterranean climate which means navigating the city on foot is a desirable option.

    The city really comes alive at night with safe streets and lots of bars and restaurants to socialise in.

    Expats often remark that north of Haaute Garonne prices are a lot steeper than in the south, in areas such as Reynerie and Basso campo.

    There are a number of very nice neighbourhoods to choose from but our picks are:

    Minimes –Quite a quiet neighbourhood only 10 minutes from the city centre by bus or car which is highly prized by families young and old. Homes here tend to be large modern apartment buildings in a calm atmosphere close to the pretty Canal du Midi.

    Saint Etienne – An upmarket location in the centre of the city where historically the aristocrats of Toulouse built their own houses. It remains the most expensive area in the city to this day with many luxury and antique stores.

    Saint Cyprien – An up-and-coming area with a melting pot of cultures and styles that is home to lots of affordable apartments perfect for young professionals.

    Les Carmes – Traditionally seen as a student’s hideout, Les Carmes’ medieval streets are full of charm with lots of tall trees and quant street delis.

    For more information on finding accommodation or work in Toulouse visit the following expat site.

    It is mandatory for all EU Expats who intend to live and work in France to obtain a French Social Security number in order to subscribe to the country’s healthcare system.

    The process of registering with a doctor takes place when you join the health system through your local Caisse Primaire d’Assurance Maladie (CPAM) or state insurance office.

    In France healthcare provision is on a ‘pay now and recover the cost later’ basis. Not also that children under 16 years of age can attend appointments, at any time, without financial penalty.

    You can take most pets with you to France without many problems but you must ensure they are fit for travel and carry out a few administrative steps:

    Make sure that you have the correct papers – obtain a European Pet Passport from a registered Vet.

    Take steps to prove your pet’s fit bill of health – All vaccinations (including the rabies vaccine) should be up to date and official recorded.

    Have your pet micro-chipped – Ensure it done at a registered vet, that it is ISO compliant and that you receive a physical record of its completion.

    For more specific advice on moving pets to France with you visit the following site.

    Anyone from a member state of the EU can buy property in France with no restrictions.

    Below are a few tips to consider before you buy:

    Choosing the right place – Do your research first and ‘try out’ the area to ensure that the surrounding location is suitable for you and your family’s needs.

    Apartment or house? – Toulouse has a very high proportion of apartments (80% of people inside the city limits live in apartments). If you need a larger home, then living in the suburbs may be a better option but you will need to check transport links and schools.

    Affordability – Set your budget and stick to it. As with the UK prices vary considerably but the French system is more open to negotiation so it’s easier to ‘bag a bargain’.

    When buying property in France, there will be several legal documents to sign along the way. It is important to understand what these documents are and more importantly, what you are legally binding yourself to.

    Below are some common documents and what they mean:

    Bon de visit – Is an agreement that your estate agent in France may ask you to sign. It confirms that if you buy the property, the estate agent will serve as an intermediary in the case of the purchase.

    Compromis de Vente – The preliminary contract is the first formal and legally binding stage in the property purchase process in France. It is a written contract of sale agreement which legally binds together the seller and purchaser.

    Acte de vente – Is the completion deed. When it has been signed, the sale has been completed. It is similar in some ways to an English title deed.

    As a university city the level of education in Toulouse is of an exceptionally high standard.

    There are a variety of schools to choose from, including private, state and international schools, all of which have their own merits.

    French education follows a three tier system, divided into primary level (école), elementary or middle school (collège) and high school (lycée).

    Many UK parents send their young children to local state schools where they can pick up French more easily and integrate into the local community.

    Others, particularly those with older children in their teenage years opt for an international school where they can follow an international curriculum like the IB which is taught in English, with the option to learn further languages.

    Below are a selection of international schools in or close to Toulouse:

    International School of Toulouse
    Kaleidoscope School
    Montessori Bilingual School

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