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    Shipping to Tunisia

    Tunisia is an exciting and exotic location which many expats travel to initially for their holidays only to find themselves laying down roots for the long-term.

    Having decided that Tunisia is the place to move to you will quickly realise that there are lots of things to organise, including the transferring of your belongings. This is where finding the right international removal company to carefully plan out each detail of your move will be indispensable.

    Here at White & Company we take relocation very seriously and are proud to be one of the industries most respected, family owned removals companies. We’ve shipped just about every item imaginable to destinations around the globe, including Tunisia, Australia and the USA. Unlike most of our competitors, we own all of our buildings and vehicles and do not sub contract.

    Whether we transport your personal belongings by sea or road, we can assure you of our quality and value for money service at all times. So whether you’ve already booked your flights, or are weighing up your options still, don’t hesitate to call White & Company today to receive a free home move survey and written quotation and see how we can make your dream move to Tunisia a reality.

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    Our experienced surveyor will visit your home to conduct a pre-move survey to ascertain the volume of effects being shipped. This involves a surveyor walking through the property room by room noting what items are to be exported and recording it on their electronic tablet. A written quotation will follow within 48 hours.

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    White & Company has storage facilities at 19 storage locations throughout the UK all providing secure containerised storage in personal dedicated storage containers. Our trusted partners in Tunisia are also able to offer storage should you require it. All our warehouses are clean, dry, secure and accredited to European standard BS EN 14873.

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    When our quotation has been accepted and a move date has been secured, the vehicle and removal team will arrive at residence. The removal team will proceed to pack and wrap all items being shipped and load onto vehicle for delivery to our closest depot or for full loads, directly onward to your new home in Tunisia.

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    Upon arrival at your local depot, all effects are transferred to the export warehouse to await loading into a 20ft or 40ft container. The container is booked with the shipping line onto the first available vessel destined to the closest port of entry to your final destination in Tunisia.

    Moving to Tunisia? Get a Quick Quote

    Why Move to Tunisia?

    Situated on the Mediterranean coast, Tunisia bills itself as the ‘Jewell of North Africa’ and is perhaps best known as a popular holiday destination for Europeans and Arabs in search of luxury resorts and poolside relaxation. It may come as a surprise to know therefore that Tunisia is also home to a large expat population, mainly from France, Italy or Malta, but also the UK. Expats are primarily drawn to the strong and open business culture, low cost of living and the laid-back lifestyle.

    The cosmopolitan capital, Tunis, is home to almost 750,000 people and the official languages spoken are Arabic and French, with the latter typically the business language of choice. The city’s bustling ‘Medina’ market place is a designated world heritage site and is a great place to find beautiful works of art or crafts. Away from the hustle and bustle of the cities, Tunisian towns pay homage to a bygone era of ancient civilisation. El Jem is home to one of the largest and best-preserved Roman amphitheatres in the world which featured in famous films such as Gladiator and Monty Python’s Life of Brian.

    Tunisia’s diverse, market-oriented economy has long been heralded as an African rags to riches story and is a key driver behind the large number of settling expats. Most trade is done with the EU, for which it trades freely in a number of key exports, including textiles, clothing, food products and petroleum. Investment in education and infrastructure projects has enhanced the country’s GDP growth and improved living standards but this been blighted of late by political upheaval and corruption which has led to high levels of unemployment.

    Tunisia’s tourism sector also continues to recover from the fallout of an isolated terrorist incident in 2015, but numbers are steadily climbing once again.
    While Tunisia is predominately an Islamic country (99% Muslims), Tunisia is considered to be decisively more liberal than its Middle Eastern counterparts and is perceived as being very open and tolerant of other cultures. Expats will still need to be mindful of Islamic practices however and dress modestly when out in public, covering the arms and legs when visiting places of worship. Those who do so will more than likely be embraced with open arms by the friendly and welcoming locals and can expect to lead an engaging and exotic lifestyle on the Mediterranean coastline.

    Working in Tunisia

    Tunisia’s economy is principally based on mining, petroleum and manufacturing based in the major cities of Tunis, Sfax and Sousse and a large amount of the country’s trade comes from the EU. Expats relocating to Tunisia are typically employed in senior management roles in these industries with over 3,000 international companies basing themselves across these cities.

    Whatever role or position expats apply for they should be mindful that while the official language is is a specific dialect of Arabic called Denija, French is also widely spoken in business transactions. A mastery or strong foundation of these languages will therefore be of considerable benefit when applying for these positions.

    You may find the following web sites useful when carrying out your job search:


    Expats looking to move to Tunisia should obtain Carte de Sejour or Residence Permit. There are special provisions for foreign-owned or off-shore companies. As a rule, job seekers should only sign properly drawn-up contracts offered by an employer and which have been endorsed by the Ministry of Social Affairs.

    For more information on applying for work permits and visas see:


    Foreigners can purchase real estate property in Tunisia although most expats will choose to rent an apartment when they first arrive in Tunisia. Until recently, Tunisian Government officials discouraged investment in the real estate sector. Nonetheless, this policy seems to be being relaxed, though all real estate transactions are still subject to approval.

    If you do intend to purchase, the current average cost for real estate in the city is DT 2205 (£643) per square metre. The further out you venture this price drops to around DT 1421 (£414). You are strongly advised to enlist the services of a reputable lawyer and real estate agent.

    As with most countries, rental prices in the larger cities will higher than property situated further out. Rental costs in Tunisia are however very cheap and the cost to rent a family sized 3 bedroomed apartment in the city is approximately DT 767 (£225) per month. For a similar property on the outskirts of the city it is around DT 569 (£166).

    Visit the following web sites for further information regarding renting or purchasing property in Tunisia:

    Shipping My Effects to Tunisia

    The whole moving experience can be incredibly stressful, especially so when relocating abroad. White & Company, with its 145 years of experience in the removal industry, can help make the process a lot less traumatic.

    White & Company move thousands of families around the globe each year and have branches all over the UK. We can arrange a free no obligation home survey and quotation. This will be carried out by one of our qualified surveyors, who is able to answer any of the questions and concerns you may have and offer advice where necessary.

    The purpose of the survey is to determine the volume of effects you will be shipping. The cost of shipment is based on the space your effects will take up in our vehicle if transportation is by road and in a container if being shipped by sea. Following the visit, you will receive a written quotation.

    Export Packing UK to Tunisia

    You will want to know that during your door to door service, your possessions are treated with respect and care. Our experienced teams located across the UK will pack and prepare your valuable, fragile and bulky furniture ready for export.

    We use a modern range of environmentally friendly, purpose-made packing materials and can pack everything for you prior to your move. All china and glassware will be wrapped in special paper and then packed in double-thickness cartons. Furniture can be wrapped in bubble blanket for extra protection. Items requiring specialist care, such as antiques, can be packed in made-to-measure wooden crates.

    Upon arrival at your residence in Tunisia, our trusted agents will place boxes and furniture in appropriate rooms as directed. They will unpack your belongings onto flat surfaces and dispose of all packing materials.

    Customs Information

    When transporting household goods and personal affects you must check beforehand to ensure there are not any restrictions placed on certain items you are intending to take with you to Tunisia. For foreigners entering Tunisia via an approved employment contract, the original Work Permit is required for Customs clearance. If this is not available, additional port storage and container demurrage charges may be applicable.

    For more information regarding restricted and prohibited items entering Tunisia feel free to contact White & Company who will be able to advise you throughout the process.

    Storage Provision

    You may find you need to store some or all of your possessions for a period of time prior to moving abroad. White & Company have storage facilities at all our branch depots across the UK. Our depots offer secure containerised storage in personal dedicated storage containers. All our warehouses are clean, dry, secure and accredited to European standard BS EN 14873.

    Our partners in Tunisia can also offer you storage. You may be renting for a while and may not need all of your effects to be delivered immediately. If so you can arrange for certain items to be delivered and once settled in your new home, the rest can follow. Please note that storage rates may apply.

    Contacting White & Company

    For further information on our removals service to Tunisia, or any other international destination, contact our international office on 01489 858666. Alternatively complete the form below with your details and we will contact you.

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