A Place in the Sun Italy | Moving To Italy

A Place in the Sun Italy | Moving To Italy

Are You Looking For A Place in the Sun Italy?

It’s almost everyone dream to find a place in the sun Italy and for many people Italy is the ideal place to relocate. There are over 26,000 expats living in Italy and for many living in the capital city of Rome is the only choice, while others are drawn to the fashion and finance hub of Milan & Turin or the art mecca of Florence.

If you are considering a move to Italy, it is essential to do your research so that you can avoid any costly issues.

Before you go ahead and make the move, you should make sure that you have:

• Researched your destination, and the local customs and laws
• Obtained independent legal advice
• Researched the tax regulations
• Made plans for your health cover

Once you have taken the decision to relocate to Italy, you will undoubtedly need to enlist the services of an international moving company to ship your goods overseas and to help manage your move. White & Company can provide a top- quality and efficient removal service to any international destination and as founder members of BAR, FIDI & OMNI, you can rest assured your move will be in safe hands.

White & Company is the proud winner of the 2016 British Association of Removers ‘Overseas Mover of the Year’ Competition, as well as being finalists in the 2017 competition, reinforcing the high level of service they provide to all their customers.

Founded in 1871, they are one of the UK’s largest international moving companies:

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A Place in the Sun Italy – About Italy

Moving to Italy is a thrilling opportunity, but also one that requires dedication, plenty of organisation and time to research what is available. Thinking life will be one long holiday is a usual mistake. You’ll need to prepare yourself for the physical, psychological and financial factors of moving.

The first thing to do is to decide where you would like to settle:

Bologna – This a medieval university city situated at the foot of the Apennine Mountains in northern Italy. It is famous for its towers and porticoes, earning the nickname La Turrita or ‘City of Towers’. It’s often called Bologna la Rossa or ‘Bologna the Red’ because of the predominant colour of the city’s buildings and its political history! It is a recognised and well-known cultural and artistic centre and has the oldest university in the world. It’s also one of the most prosperous cities in Italy and, as a result the cost of living here is higher than in some other areas.

Florence – This city is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s the birthplace of the Renaissance and has inspired many great writers and artists. The city is magical, romantic and thriving. Its buildings have hardly changed in the past few hundred years, its narrow streets evoke a real feeling of the past and its food and wine are outstanding. Florence is surrounded by beautiful sun drenched countryside and the area still offers a very good selection of bargain properties. Low cost flights have increased the strong tourist industry and made traveling to a second home in Florence much more accessible.

Genoa – nicknamed la Superba or ‘the Proud One’, because of its impressive landmarks and ancient history. It has a population of over 800,000 and is one of Europe’s largest cities. The city’s economy is based on electrical engineering and electronics, petrochemicals, aerospace. Genoa also has a strong ship building industry.

Naples – This is one of the oldest continually inhabited cities in the world. It has a large business district and has experienced significant economic growth in recent decades. Unemployment has been steadily falling since 1999. Expats are most likely to find employment in the tourist industry, shipping or teaching English.

Rome – Italy’s capital city, modern and old, past and present, all go side by side in this sprawling, cosmopolitan city. Few places can rival Rome’s astonishing heritage. The city is awash with priceless treasures, ancient statues, Byzantine mosaics, Renaissance frescoes and world-class museums. Eating out is one of the city’s high points; there is a great choice of street side cafes, restaurants, trattorias, cocktail bars and late-night clubs.

A Place in the Sun Italy – Buying a Property in Italy

There are no restrictions on foreign ownership in Italy. The first step to purchasing property in Italy is to hire a real estate attorney, to protect your interests. Although the real estate transfer process is regulated, it is potentially biased against the buyer. Once you have chosen a property and made an offer, you must pay 1% of the purchase price as a gesture of good will. Unfortunately, an offer of purchase is only binding on the buyers side; the seller may still consider other offers. It is best to specify a time limit in the offer document, so as not to be left hanging by the seller.

If the seller accepts, the deal becomes binding for both parties. The seller, his solicitor, or estate agent then draws up a preliminary contract or a ‘compromesso’. This will show the sale price, the amount to be paid as a deposit, the completion date, land boundaries and other details of the property. Upon signing of the ‘compromesso’, the deposit is usually raised to between 10% to 20% of the sale price.
You can currently expect to pay approximately 9600 € per square meter to buy an apartment in the centre of Rome. Outside the centre the prices drop to 4400 €.

Here is a list of real estate agents, which may prove helpful in your search for a property:

• World Real Estate –
• Angel’s House SRL –
• Madeinitaly Real Estate –
• Accademia Realty –
• Sabini&Associates Real Estate –

A Place in the Sun Italy – Education and Schools in Italy

Most parents choose to send their children to one of the many private or international schools in Italy. Most international schools will follow major European curricula such as the International Baccalaureate (IB). Private schools are often run by religious organisations and may be considered less suitable.

A Place in the Sun Italy – Cost of Living in Italy

Italy is generally near the top of the index of most expensive EU countries to live in. Salaries are reasonable, but the taxes are high. Life in the larger cities will cost you more than it will in more rural areas, where it’s possible to live more economically.

A Place in the Sun Italy – Overseas Mover Of The Year

White & Company are proud winners of the British Association of Removers ‘Overseas Mover of the Year’ Competition 2016 and finalists in the 2017 competition.

 A Place in the Sun Italy Winner 2016 Overseas Remover of The Year

If you are thinking of moving overseas, making sure you get the best exchange rate possible is essential to starting your new life on a sound footing. White & Company has an exclusive arrangement with an FX Firm (foreign exchange company). Simply follow the link below to see what additional monies you will receive compared to using your high street bank and to set up a free no obligation account. White & Company/foreign-exchange

Whether you need to arrange monthly payments to service an overseas mortgage, or wish to protect yourself against exchange rate fluctuations and fix the rate for up to a year, we will be able to suggest the most suitable way to do so. Open your free, no obligation account in as long as it takes to stop for a coffee.

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