7 Easiest Countries to Move To

7 Easiest Countries to Move To

Are you looking for the easiest country to move to?

You may be among the many people around the world who are considering emigration.

Each year, literally hundreds of thousands of people leave their own countries and choose a new life somewhere else.

This can be for a myriad of reasons, work, retirement, a cheaper lifestyle, a warmer climate, study, or just to experience life amid a totally different culture.

Despite your motivation for the decision to emigrate, there are some countries that you may not have thought about living in but are among some of the easiest to enter.

Whether you want a temporary change of surroundings or a permanent one, here we explore some of the easiest countries to move to.

United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Dubai Skyline, UAE

Becoming a resident of the UAE is very straightforward. Image credit: Unsplash

The UAE might be the easiest country to move to.

It certainly offers a unique lifestyle, and it is relatively simple to become a permanent resident.

High salaries, excellent standard of living, expat-friendly, beautiful beaches, and fantastic weather.

All these benefits await those emigrating to the UAE.

You can move here without a job provided you meet certain criteria; however, the majority of immigrants secure an employment contract before coming.

Once you have your contract, you need to obtain a probationary 3-month work permit, which will allow you to start working immediately.

Provided you earn more than 4,000 AED (£856) per month your family can also join you.

The great plus with life in the UAE is that your earnings will be tax-free!

It is important to bear in mind that the UAE is a Muslim country and there are some restrictions, particularly for women.

To find out more about moving to the UAE, visit the UK Government website here.


Switzerland Lake and Countryside

Moving to Switzerland is easy for those who meet the criteria. Image credit: Pixabay

Well-organised public services, excellent healthcare system, punctual, clean, and home to plenty of world nationalities.

With the bonus of pristine nature on your doorstep.

There is no contesting that Switzerland offers its residents a quality of life that is hard to beat.

But is moving here easy?

Switzerland is worthy of consideration for the title of the easiest country to move to.

If you meet the criteria, it is relatively straightforward.

You must apply for a D-type visa (long-stay visa) before travelling to the country.

However, there is an annual cap on how many non-EU nationals are allowed to immigrate to Switzerland.

Salaries are high and specialist workers are in demand. Engineering, financial services, IT and pharmaceuticals are all sectors currently experiencing labour shortages.

For those with skills in any of these areas, it can prove a quick route to attaining a work permit which can lead to permanent residency.

Many foreign workers, especially highly skilled ones, successfully find work in Switzerland.

Follow the step-by-step guide for gaining employment in Switzerland via the Technview website.


Sintra, Lisboa, Portugal

Portugal’s Golden Visa Program allows investors to live and work in Portugal. Image credit: Pexels

This is a relatively simple country to emigrate to.

You can look forward to plenty of sunny days here. Portugal is one of the sunniest countries in Europe.

It boasts an average of 2750 sunshine hours each year compared to the UK’s 1403.

The Portuguese live a slower pace of life along with a low cost of living and great connections to other European cities.

Plus, it enjoys a diverse culture and plenty of opportunities to eat, drink and socialise outside all year round.

The country also has a booming tech and startup scene and there are some great tax incentives for non-EU citizens.

To get into the country there are various options available to you, depending on your circumstances and what you want.

The Portuguese Golden Visa investment and D7 Visa programs are popular routes and arguably the easiest ones.

As part of the Portuguese’s long-term plans to attract more foreign investors, the Golden Visa Program allows investors to live and work in Portugal.

After a period of five years, it is then possible to apply for citizenship and permanent residency.

The D7 Visa offers a path to residency in as little as 4 to 6 months.

If you have the means to support yourself through stable passive or recurring income, such as retirees and remote workers you can apply for the D7 Visa.

To find out more about how and what visa to apply for, the Portuguese government has some very helpful advice on its website.

United States of America (USA)

Brooklyn Bridge, New York

The USA has plenty of immigration options. Image credit: Depositphotos

It may surprise you to know that the USA is one of the easiest countries to move to.

One of the reasons for this is that it has numerous immigration options that are likely to cover almost all foreign immigrants’ needs.

Moreover, the U.S. immigration system is highly stable, and it is unlikely to undergo major changes which may affect your immigration plans.

To find out exactly how to apply for your US visa, Visa Nation has all the information you need along with an easy-to-understand guide of which one would suit your particular circumstances.

Of course, the country is vast, and each state will provide a different lifestyle.

But as a general guide, the cost of living is like that of the UK.

It is “the land of opportunity” and offers a host of employment possibilities and higher wages than most countries.

With world-leading cities, awe-inspiring natural wonders, and vibrant cultures it will be an assault on the senses living in the USA.

Wherever you choose to live, from the East to the west coast, the diversity of culture in the country gives everyone a warm welcome.

Socialising with friends is huge for Americans and you will quickly be made to feel at home by being invited to all manner of social gatherings. You won’t be lonely for long.

Costa Rica

Jaco Beach, Costa Rica

Costa Rica only requires you to prove sufficient resources for citizenship. Image credit: Unsplash

Not your usual migration location, however, the country has much to offer for those who can adapt to its idiosyncrasies and diversity.

Costa Rica welcomes new residents for citizenship and only requires you to prove sufficient resources.

In other words, they won’t accept you if you need state assistance or welfare.

The country provides a mixed bag of terrain including plenty of natural beauty both inland and along its dramatic coastline.

You will experience a relatively low cost of living and an outstanding healthcare system that won’t bankrupt you.

Expats can also look forward to a favourable tax system, out of all Latin American countries, Costa Rica can boast the best standard of living.

There are no limitations for foreigners wishing to buy homes or land in Costa Rica.

Foreign buyers have the same rights and legal protection as Costa Rican citizens

Although relatively small Costa Rica leaves a mark on all who visit it.

Many have succumbed to its charms and returned to retire or to make it the place to raise their family.

To find out how you can start your new life in Costa Rica take a look at the Expatra Essential Expat Guide.


Finish Flag

The entrepreneur’s residency permit is a good choice for UK citizens. Image credit: Pexels

If you are someone who enjoys skiing amid breathtaking scenery, rather than lazing in the sunshine, perhaps Finland is a possibility.

Free education, great healthcare facilities, peaceful, happy (often ranked as the happiest place to live in the world), and safe, with the added extra of being just a three-hour flight from London.

Plus, working conditions are among some of the best in the world and you can expect to be paid well.

Since leaving the EU, it is a little more complicated, but not difficult to become a permanent resident.

You must apply for a residence permit from the Finnish Immigration Service before you come to Finland.

You must also first prove that you can support yourself financially.

You need a residence permit. The permit can be granted based on work, entrepreneurship, studies, family ties or international protection.

Non-EU members often qualify for the entrepreneur’s residency permit, it can be a quick route in.

However, you need to run the business in Finland and reside there.

For a thorough explanation of how to apply and if you are eligible to apply for permanent residency, visit the Scandification website.

Though Finland is another country that may not come to mind when you are considering a move abroad it does manage to provide a swathe of great benefits and not too much hassle to gain residency.

New Zealand

New Zealand

A good migration agent will be able to help gain citizenship in New Zealand. Image credit: Pixabay

New Zealand is one of the world’s most popular destinations to emigrate to and makes

The country enjoys a growing economy, a robust job market, and the all-important favourable work-life balance most of us crave.

It may not actually be the easiest place to gain entry permanently if you go it alone however, with the help of a good migration agent, it is a relatively straightforward process.

Your agent will ensure that all necessary paperwork is filled in accurately and help you to gather all the supporting evidence and documents that you will need.

But, if you fit the criteria, all it takes is time. You will need to be patient here as it can take as long as 12 months.

If you want to make New Zealand your permanent home, then you can do so by applying for a Permanent Residence Visa.

There is a range of different visa types, from study visas and family visas to those who qualify for essential skills work visas.

To explore your options further and check which visa would be best for you, check out the NZ Government website.

Although moving so far away from home is a massive decision, if you are lucky enough to qualify for residency, you have so much to look forward to.

New Zealand certainly offers a unique lifestyle that is hard to find elsewhere.

Tons of open space, fantastic weather, reasonably priced property, a landscape that ranges from huge mountains to crystal clear waters lapping its 9300-mile coastline and so much more.

Thinking of Moving to One of These Countries?

White&Company Truck in Transit

White & Company Truck

Clearly, there are plenty of choices for those looking for the easiest country to move to.

This list includes 7 countries that offer relatively easy entry requirements.

We would suggest considering these options when deciding where to relocate.

Hopefully, you have found our guide helpful and will soon be moving to one of these countries.

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Regardless of which country you choose to move to, we will ensure your belongings arrive safely without disruption.

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