15 Top Facts About Liverpool – Living in Merseyside

15 Top Facts About Liverpool – Living in Merseyside

Are you thinking of moving to a new area, if so you are sure to love our 15 facts about Liverpool?

Liverpool is certainly a household name, both across the UK and the rest of the world!

Locals have access to a range of excellent amenities as well as a truly unique sense of belonging!

Living in Liverpool is undoubtedly a great choice for so many.

Relocating to a new city is never an easy task.

There are numerous factors to take into consideration before you start moving.

If you are moving to a completely new area there may be some things you would like to know!

Before you move, it is advisable to gather as much information about an area as you can.

We are here to provide some great facts about Liverpool!

In this blog, we hope to deliver a thorough guide packed with tips and facts about Liverpool, ideal for those thinking of moving to the city.

Covering everything from fun facts about Liverpool to the cost of buying a home in the city, we aim to provide you with a comprehensive guide.

If you are thinking of moving, here are our 15 top facts about Liverpool.


Liverpool Skyline

Liverpool is a city packed full of amazing history. Image credit: Envato Elements

Liverpool has become synonymous with many things.

It’s the birthplace of The Beatles, whose musical legacy reverberates across the globe even today.

The city is also home to two historic football clubs.

The mighty Mersey River flows through its heart and is emblematic of the city’s maritime heritage.

All these facts about Liverpool are well very well known!

Yet, looking beyond these popular facts, there is a deeper allure to the city, drawing people to its streets.

Liverpool’s charm extends far beyond these surface-level facts, and living here allows locals to delve into its rich culture.

The city stands as a cornerstone of culture in the UK and its influence reaches far and wide.

Here, we uncover some lesser-known facts about the city, showcasing Liverpool’s status as an important cultural hub in Britain.


One great fact about Liverpool is the diversity that is present in the city.

Liverpool is famous for being the home of the largest Chinese Arch in the whole of Europe.

Not only is the city home to this fantastic structure, it is also the home to Europe’s largest Chinese community!

Trade links between Liverpool and Shanghai from 1834 onwards saw the arrival of Chinese immigrants who settled in the city.

Whilst Liverpool’s original Chinatown was demolished in the 1930s, the strong Chinese community in the city saw a new Chinatown emerge.

During the 1970s, Nelson Street became the new hub of Chinatown.

Business eventually extended into Berry Street, Duke Street and Upper Pitt Street where they remain.

Liverpool’s historic docks also mean the city is home to the oldest black community in the whole of the UK!

Liverpool remains a very diverse city, adding to the city’s excellent community spirit!

Pop Capital of the World

The Beatles Statue

Liverpool is home to some of the most popular musicians in the world, including the Beatles. Image credit: Unsplash

This is a fun fact about Liverpool that many may already know.

Did you know that Liverpool holds the esteemed title of the pop capital of the world?

Yes, it’s true! More talented individuals from this historic city have topped the charts with number-one records than anywhere else on the globe.

And if you’re in doubt, just check with the Guinness Book of World Records—they’ve stamped this fun fact with their official seal of approval!

Pioneering Transport

Here’s a remarkable fact about Liverpool that shaped the development of transportation worldwide.

In September 1830, Liverpool hosted the inauguration of the first-ever passenger railway line.

This milestone event saw passengers boarding steam-powered trains from Crown Street in Liverpool to Liverpool Road in Manchester.

This development was more than just a convenience; it catalyzed the expansion of railway networks across Britain, playing a pivotal role in fueling the industrial revolution.

Liverpool’s contribution to this monumental advancement in transportation deserves recognition and appreciation. Thank you, Liverpool, for your role in transforming the way we travel!

Not so Big Ben

The Liver Buidling Clockface

The Liver Buidling’s Clockface. Image credit: Unsplash

Big Ben is perhaps the most famous clock in the world.

However, London’s prominent clock is not the largest in the UK!

In fact, the biggest clock face in the UK can be found in Liverpool.

At 25 feet, the Liver Building’s clock face trumps Big Ben by 2 foot!

Once one of the tallest buildings in the UK, the Liver Building was one of the very first buildings to be built with reinforced concrete.

The grade 1 listed Royal Liver Building is certainly one of the most prominent landmarks in the city.

Next time you are strolling around the city be sure to check the time on the UK’s largest clock!

A Historic City

Whilst England’s capital is one of the most historic cities in the world, Liverpool is not too far behind.

A little-known fact about Liverpool is that the city is home to the most museums outside of London!

In fact, with 2,500 listed buildings and 250 public monuments, Liverpool has the largest collection of Grade 1 buildings outside of the capital.

Living in the city will certainly appeal to all of you history lovers!

There is a truly diverse range of museums and galleries to explore throughout Liverpool.

Be sure to check out the top ten according to TripAdvisor.

We hope you enjoy many educational and mind-expanding days out in the city!

Football Heritage

Liverpool Football Club

Liverpool Football Club are one of the most successful teams in Europe. Image credit: Pixabay

Here’s a standout fact about Liverpool that showcases its sporting prowess.

Did you know that Liverpool is home to two legendary football clubs: Liverpool FC and Everton FC?

In fact, Liverpool holds the prestigious title of the most successful footballing city in England!

Together, these clubs boast an impressive trophy haul, including 27 League championships, 6 European Cups, 3 UEFA Cups, a Cup Winners Cup, 12 FA Cups, 8 League Cups, and a FIFA Club World Cup.

Quite the impressive collection!

Currently, Liverpool FC ranks among the top club teams not only in England but also in Europe!

While fans eagerly await the return to live matches, when the time comes, make sure to show your support for one of these local teams. Who knows, you might witness history in the making!

House Prices

One of the most appealing facts about Liverpool’s housing market is the low cost of property.

For a City with great accessibility, a vast supply of entertainment venues, attractions, and the friendliness of Liverpudlians together with an average price for a home of £189,744, it makes for an incredibly popular locality.

There have been several regeneration projects, in particular the £5 billion northern docks area site where hundreds of new homes have been constructed overlooking the Mersey.

According to Zoopla, there are currently 4,446 properties for sale in the city.

In terms of property types, flats in Liverpool sold for an average of £144,331 and terraced houses for £141,038.

Below are some of the most popular areas to buy and the average cost to do so:

  • Crosby, close to rural areas and the beach – average house price of £288,569.
  • Aigburth is another popular neighbourhood. It is well connected and with a small village feel and good schools, hence its popularity with families – £201,163 average house price.
  • The City centre of course means everything is close at hand both for work and entertainment. You can expect to pay an average of £180,791 for a property here.
  • Anfield, home to Liverpool football team, this area has some of the most affordable properties in the City, with an average property price of £103,823.

Rent Prices in Liverpool

Renting in Liverpool

Renting in Liverpool is an excellent option. Image credit: Envato Elements

There are various reasons why renting has become so much more popular in recent years.

The high cost of property has meant that swathes of people are priced out of the market for one.

Renting also means you don’t have to worry about costly maintenance bills, you have more flexibility regarding where you live and absolutely no worries about downturns in the economy, which for homeowners often leads to negative equity.

Renting in Liverpool makes total sense.

Lettings are just as busy as sales and just as reasonably priced at an average of £1,088.

Compare this to London’s average of £2,121pcm and you can see just how cheap it is to rent in Liverpool.

Many lettings are taken up by the thousands of students who attend Liverpool’s three main universities.

However, of the 2,042 properties available for rent, a good proportion make up homes which are 3,4 and 5 bedrooms so there are also plenty of choices if you move to Liverpool with a family.

At the lower end of the market, one-bedroom properties can be leased for an average of £780pcm, two bedrooms are sitting at £968pcm, 3 bedrooms £1,00pcm and you can pay an average of £1,225 for a 4-bedroom  house.

Cost of Living in Liverpool

It is a well-known fact that Liverpool offers a cost of living which is significantly lower than many cities across the UK.

So, it will come as no surprise that across the board when compared to London, everything is cheaper.

  • Consumer prices are almost 18.8% lower
  • Renting is 64.9% cheaper
  • Eating out at a restaurant is 22.7% cheaper
  • The cost of buying food 11.9% cheaper

You will save in other areas if you choose to live in Liverpool too.

A night out in any city centre can be expensive, but not so in Liverpool.

You can eat out, visit one of the latest nightclub venues and get a taxi home for a fraction of what it would cost in London. No wonder Liverpool has a high number of students!

Families can save too as things such as monthly utility bills and childcare costs are also comparatively less expensive.

Keeping fit by joining a gym can be costly, but again it is much more affordable in Liverpool.

Liverpool doesn’t just give London a run for its money, the cost of living in other cities such as Manchester, Birmingham, Cambridge, Edinburgh and Glasgow are also more expensive.

There is no doubt about it, Liverpool is one of the best cities to live in when it comes to having more money to spend at the end of the month once all your commitments are covered.

Things to do

Anfield Stadium

Anfield Stadium is worth visiting, even if it isn’t a game day. Image credit: Pexels

Liverpool as a city attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists each year and is the 6th most visited city in the UK!

Among Liverpool’s many features are its unique attractions, exciting events, world-class sports offerings, and unrivalled musical heritage.

The downside is that it can be a little overwhelming just how much there is to do it’s hard to know where to start.

A good place to begin your exploration of the city, or any city for that matter, is by ticking off the main attractions first.

Here are what are considered the best things to do in Liverpool:


Liverpool is positively brimming with places to shop.

Designer, vintage, markets and unique one-offs, Liverpool has a bit of everything when it comes to retail therapy.

Good old high street retailers can be found at Liverpool One, the UK’s largest outdoor shopping centre.

It boasts over 160 stores that are sure to keep even the most avid shoppers happy.

Plus, when the shopping is done or it’s time for refreshments, Liverpool One also has plenty of restaurants to enjoy.

The much-loved Royal Albert Dock sits right on the waterfront.

This wonderful feat of architecture is part of Liverpool’s soul.

Not only can you shop till you drop here, but it is also set amid a wonderful waterside setting.

Bold Street is another spot well worth visiting.

If you are into vintage clothing or enjoy collecting vinyl records, this is the spot for you!

Plus, it is lined with other unique and unusual stores too.

Red Brick Market is another of the top spots in the city and is perfect to explore any time of the year.

Packed with stalls selling a vast array of produce, gifts, crafts, and antiques. Comparable to London’s Camden Market it is a real boho eclectic mix and a great experience.

For one of the most exclusive places to shop, head to the Metquarter.

Located in the heart of Liverpool, this area is perfect for those wanting a sophisticated city centre shopping trip and home to top brands such as Hugo Boss, Kurt Geiger and Vincentius.

No matter how much or how little you have to spend, you will find something to suit you at one of Liverpool’s shopping areas.

Alternatively, you can just sit, relax, and enjoy a glass of wine or beer whilst watching other people doing their shopping!

Working in Liverpool

Working in Liverpool

There are plenty of job opportunities in Liverpool. Image credit: Unsplash

The Economy of Liverpool is one of the largest within the United Kingdom, sitting at the centre of one of the two core economies within the North West of England.

The local economy is dominated by service sector industries, both public and private with 60% of all employment in the city being in the public administration, education, health, banking, finance and insurance sectors.

The tourism industry is also huge and requires thousands to keep it running.

Salaries are not as high as in some cities, According to PayScale, the average salary in Liverpool is £27,000 (

however, as the cost of living is relatively low in Liverpool, you will find your earnings go that much further.

Getting employment in the city is not too difficult, of course, it will depend on your qualifications and skills but there is definitely plenty of opportunities.

Online recruiting is huge nowadays and a great way to search for employment.

Monster is among the top companies and currently advertising plenty of jobs.

Indeed is another popular site and they have over 14,000 jobs available.

If you are moving to Liverpool and looking for work, for the best chance, make sure your CV is up-to-date and accurate.

It takes time to get a position, so be patient and keep trying and it will happen.

Nightlife in Liverpool

Not many cities in the UK can compete with the nightlife on offer in Liverpool!

The city is home to several fantastic regions to enjoy a night out, each offering its own unique appeal.

Popular comedy clubs can be found on the waterfront and offer a hilarious night out to visitors.

There are also some widely popular bars and clubs to be found throughout the city.

These go a long way to guaranteeing that you will have a great night out in Liverpool, regardless of what you are seeking!

Considering Liverpool’s music pedigree, it is no surprise that there are some outstanding live music venues.

Regardless of your music taste, the city is sure to have a venue to appeal to you!

One of the best aspects of Liverpool’s nightlife is the proximity of all the best spots.

The majority of the best venues are all located near each other.

This makes a change of pace for your night particularly easy.

Liverpool clearly has some fantastic offerings for those who enjoy a night out!

Education in Liverpool

Schools in Liverpool

There are some great schools in Liverpool. Image credit: Pexels

Liverpool provides a wide range of schools to residents.

The city has 119 primary and 29 secondary schools, with several outstanding universities also available.

Some of the best primary schools in the city are St Silas Church of England Primary School, Smithdown Primary School and Windsor Community Primary School.

All three of these schools are rated as “outstanding” by Ofsted.

For secondary schools, Bank View High School, The Belvedere Academy and Archbishop Blanch School all achieved “outstanding” reviews from Ofsted.

The best further education institute in the city is the University of Liverpool.

Ranking amongst the top 200 universities in the world, it is one of the original six “red brick universities” and has close to 20,000 students with plans to expand its site.

Ready to Start Living in Liverpool?

WACO Truck

White & Company Truck

Have you decided to start living in Liverpool?

Hopefully, our facts about Liverpool have helped you decide to start your move.

This eclectic city has heaps to offer, meaning that living in Liverpool will undoubtedly to a variety of buyers.

Liverpool offers residents a wide range of outstanding property types, some outstanding activities to enjoy, top schools and some very good shopping spots.

Furthermore, the city has a rich history, as displayed by our 14 facts about Liverpool!

If you are thinking of living in Liverpool and have found your perfect home, we are here to help you get moving.

You can start planning your move with the assistance of our Liverpool Removals service from White & Company today.

White & Company are also happy to offer our new video survey service.

During these unprecedented times, we can safely conduct remote removals surveys.

We can gather all the relevant information for your move from the comfort of your own home.

So, fill out a quick quote form to see how we can get your dream move to Liverpool in the works.

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