Five Tips For Presenting A Home For Sale

Five Tips For Presenting A Home For Sale

Five tips for presenting a home for sale

If you are selling your home, you will want to ensure that you generate lots of interest and ultimately a sale.

Research suggests the average home buyer typically decides whether to make an offer on a property within the first five minutes of viewing. This is significantly less time than they took deciding to buy a car (31 minutes) and even less time than they took deciding on a pair of jeans (seven minutes). When it comes to selling your home therefore, first impressions are everything.

It can be difficult but learning to separate your emotions from the selling process is crucial. It is time to stop looking at this as your home and start treating it as a commodity that you need to market and sell for the highest price possible.

You are likely to receive feedback from estate agents as your home is viewed by potential buyers and criticisms about the place you call home can be hard to hear. Fortunately, there are numerous things you can do to ensure your home looks its best and attracts serious buyers.

1. Re-decorate.

According to property valuers, repainting tired decor has been listed as one of the best ways to sell your home quickly.

One of the first things to do is consider sprucing up the internal decor and toning down any bright colours. Neutral colours give the impression of space and make things look brighter and cleaner.

2. Repair.

Make sure that everything is in working order and any repairs are carried out. Fix things such as leaking taps, cracked walls and missing roof tiles.
Doors that don’t close properly or kitchen cupboards that are hanging down on one side don’t create the ideal impression either and are easy changes that can be made which can make all the difference.

3. De-clutter.

A messy overcrowded home is another bug bear for potential buyers. You need to create the impression of space, order and cleanliness as many people will not see past the untidiness or clutter.

It is a good idea to consider removing some furniture in rooms to open up more space. Don’t use the garage/basement/attic as this is where potential buyers are likely to look also. Instead consult your removals company and see if it offers short term storage services.

Keep kitchen surfaces free of mess and too many appliances and place storage containers, ornamental items and any other items gathering dust away. Hallways tend to gather clutter also. Try and clear hallways of coats and boots but again be weary of just stuffing items in closets — remember ‘out of sight, out of mind’ doesn’t apply to house buying.

4. Clean.

The house needs to be spotless. A clean house makes a strong first impression that your home has been well cared for. If you can, pay a professional cleaner to give your home a really good deep clean prior to going on the market.

Bathrooms and kitchens really need to sparkle and smell fresh. A few well-placed fragrant candles and diffusers throughout the house will eliminate smoking and other odours.

While we may grow accustom to the smells and comforts of our pets any unwanted smells may put off potential buyers. Be sure to clean pet’s habitats ahead of viewings and conduct a deep clean. Seeing or smelling damp is also seen as a major turnoff.

5. Generate Curb-appeal.

Many potential buyers have not bothered to view a home and just driven on by based on bad ‘curb appeal’. You need to think about the outside just as much as the inside. First impressions really do count for everything.

Your first point of call should be to make sure the front garden is looking tidy. You don’t need to spend a fortune just tidy flower beds, prune any overgrown bushes, mow the lawn, repair any damaged fencing and put away all the children’s toys.

As the entrance to your home a badly painted or tatty front door is not a good look. Besides cleaning it you might even want to consider replacing it altogether. New modern front doors can significantly enhance the image of period properties and even push up the value.

Windows are another sticking point. Clean them and wash any guttering, checking that they are not clogged up with leaves or debris. If necessary, touch up the exterior paintwork and pressure wash and sweep pathways and drives.

Maintaining the front of the house is also an opportunity to really showcase any distinguishing features. Does the property have a large space for parking? Is there potential space to expand? If so, make this clear, cutting back any restrictions and removing obstructions.

Thinking about selling and moving overseas?

When thinking about selling your home and moving abroad, uncluttered homes have more appeal and sell faster. Why not place your surplus possessions, attic contents, collectables and memorabilia into our safe, secure, clean, container warehouse while you market your home?

White & Company provide a de-clutter service for £25.00 plus VAT per container which can be delivered within 15 miles of any of our superb warehouses. Warehouse rental charges are £6.00 plus VAT per container per week and the first four weeks are offered completely free of charge.

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