Focusing On Your Move

Focusing On Your Move

Focusing On Your Move

While it might be a romantic idea to leave everything behind and emigrate ready to start your new life with only a backpack, in reality, bringing your possessions with you can help you adjust to your new life. There is something comforting about having your treasures from home, especially for children.

To help you get organised, one of your first steps should be to refer our checklist. The checklist will not only work as a reminder of all the details involved in moving abroad, but will also recommend the best time to do them and help you keep track of what has been done.

Focusing On Your Move – Choose Your Movers Wisely

We are not only happy to visit you, but feel it’s our duty to provide you with a range of quotes and options to give you an idea of costs. Take the time to select which services you feel comfortable with, as this is not a decision that should be made lightly.

Moving house can be incredibly stressful; our aim is to help make the process much more straightforward. If you have the opportunity to attend an Opportunities Overseas Expo for the country you plan to move to, you’ll be able to meet with other like minded people and also look into other aspects of moving (housing, schools, etc).

Focusing On Your Move – Make The Most Of Your Time

Moving house is a perfect time to get rid of any extra clutter. Sell, donate to charity or give away any useful items that you simply don’t need to bring. Recruiting your friends to help you sort and pack will be beneficial.

Talk to a rubbish removal company about options to cart away large amounts of clutter, and investigate if any local charities offer a pick-up service for donated goods.

Consider hiring professional cleaners, to clean your house after you and the movers are finished packing. This will allow you to save your energy for other, more important tasks, reducing your stress as moving day approaches.

Focusing On Your Move – Be meticulous

If you’re packing some or all of the goods yourself, make sure you keep a careful note of what you packed where. Label each of your boxes, indicating which room the goods are from and which room they will be going into, or make detailed lists for each box.

If you are planning to sell your furniture and purchase new items once you arrive, first check out the costs of buying new or second-hand furniture abroad. If you have an abundance of antiques it will probably be easier to bring these with you, as it is unlikely you will be able to replace them with something similar.

Before you sell everything you own, take time and research the costs involved. Shipping belongings can easily be worth the expense in return for the pleasure of making your house your home.

If you are thinking of emigrating; White and Company can help. We specialise in overseas shipping to thousands of destinations. Our international removals service includes a full house survey, packing and shipping direct to your new home.

Currency Conversion when Looking Into Emigrating

When considering emigrating you will want to consider exchanging your currency. This is called foreign exchange or FX. The currency converter shown here is a useful guide to the value of your money. To open an FX account use the link below.

Open an Account Button

Whether you need to arrange monthly payments to service an overseas mortgage, or wish to protect yourself against exchange rate fluctuations and fix the rate for up to a year, we will be able to suggest the most suitable way to do so. Open your free, no obligation account in as long as it takes to stop for a coffee. White and Company have an exclusive arrangement with The FX Firm. For further information either read our FX Page or simply call us on Tel: 01494-857672

When considering a house removal, storage or shipping in the UK, Europe or International, White and Company should be your first choice. Visit your local branch or complete our enquiry form and a member of our moving team will contact you.

If emigrating, White and Company have 16 branches located in: Bedford,Bournemouth, Dunfermline, Farnborough,ForresKnaresborough, Lancaster, Leeds,LondonPlymouth, Portsmouth, Southampton,TelfordWinchester, Jersey and Guernsey.

Our branch locator will help you find a White & Company branch near you

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