Most Brits Consider Moving to Their Favourite Holiday Destination

Most Brits Consider Moving to Their Favourite Holiday Destination

2,000 British Citizens took part in the study in which 47% admitted to researching living in another country, while 36% have looked into the process of moving to their favourite holiday spot. Out of this 36%, a third have actually taken the plunge and moved abroad, or have started to arrange a move.

Spain has been named as the most popular destination, according to the poll, followed by France, America and Australia. A recent survey by the Office of National Statics suggests that most Brits move to Australia, with Canada and the UAE also rated as top destinations.

If you are serious about moving abroad, there will be a vast amount of research and planning required in order to make your dream a reality. It’s important to remember that the stresses and strains of everyday life are not just constrained to the UK, and you will have to take these into consideration should you choose to move abroad.

If you’re not quite ready to take the plunge and move entirely to another country; it can be worth investing in a holiday home. You can then use this whenever you want to take a holiday and it is ideal should you decide to spend some time in your chosen country to see whether you would be happy to live there permanently. Plus, when you’re not using the property, you can also rent it out to other holiday-goers.

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Most Brits Consider Moving to Their Favourite Holiday Destination

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