Moving Home To Jersey

moving home to Jersey

Moving Home To Jersey

Are you are considering moving home to Jersey? The island of Jersey forms part of the Channel Islands, it is has twelve parishes with the largest being the capital St. Helier.

Property prices if Moving home to Jersey

House prices on the island are relatively expensive, there is a huge range of styles and sizes you can purchase, typically an average 3 bedroomed home would cost in the region of £495,000, a one bedroomed flat from £145,000 with larger properties fetching £800,000. The homes on the island are so diverse the prices vary enormously.

Local Council if Moving home to Jersey

If you are planning to move to Jersey, and need information on schools, planning permission, parking permits or council tax, council planning permission meetings are held on a regular basis. Simply contact:

Local Schools if Moving home to Jersey

La Moye School (0.5 miles)
Mont Nicolle School (0.6 miles)
St Peter’s School (2.4 miles)
Les Quennevais School (0.8 miles)
Highlands College of Further Education (3.6 miles)
Haute Vallee School (4.2 miles)
Mont a l’Abbe School (4.3 miles)
Blanchelande College (24.7 miles)
Elizabeth College (24.8 miles)

Leisure if Moving home to Jersey

Jersey is a holiday island, there are plenty of things to see and do. One of the most famous land marks is the German Underground Hospital.

Jersey was occupied by the Germans for 5 years during the war, whilst there the orders from Berlin were to make the island into an impregnable fortress, work began to build underground where the army could be protected from attack from sea or air.

The labor to build the tunnels, came from people from all countries in Europe, forced to work in terrible conditions, starved and ill-treated.

You can feel the heavy atmosphere as soon as you enter. There are carefully reconstructed areas within the Hospital tunnel such as the operating theatre, doctors and nurses quarters and offices, all looking as though the occupants have just left the room, a chilling snapshot and an extremely moving experience.

On a lighter note, a visit to the Durrell Wildlife Park is a great day out. The aim of the park is to assist the survival of rare and endangered animals across the world. Founded by author and naturalist Gerald Durrell who has dedicated his life to saving endangered animals.

The park has a huge variety of wildlife and exhibits on show. You can become a keeper for the day, help to feed the Monkeys and the Meerkats. You have to pre- book an “Animal Encounter” where you can go behind the scenes and assist the keepers with the Andean Bears; Aye aye; Fruit bats; Sulawesi Crested Macaques; Birds; Reptiles and amphibians. An amazing experience.

Cable and Phone Connections if Moving home to Jersey

If you’re moving to Jersey, and need to know the broadband availability, simply visit:

Travel Connections if Moving home to Jersey

Travelling around Jersey is via the main roads A1/A2/A4/A9/A13/A16. Getting to and from the Island is via Jersey Airport or by ferry travel from Jersey to the UK mainland and France, from St Helier’s port, both with regular departures.

Domestic Removals If moving home to Jersey

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