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Moving to Greece

Are you thinking of moving to Greece? The country is attributed to being the centre of Western civilisation, with its archaeological ruins, beautiful beaches and over 3,000 islands.

This idyllic picture of Greece contrasts starkly with a country that continues to struggle with the 2010 debt crisis and austerity measures imposed upon it.

Unemployment is high and jobs are scarce for everyone, including expats. All expats considering moving to Greece should consider the unstable state of the economy and the weakened employment market. The tourist industry in Greece is still strong and many expats also find employment here or in teaching English.

Property prices if you are thinking of moving to Greece

Finding accommodation is relatively easy for expats with real estate being lower than it has been for a number of years. It is definitely a buyer’s market, although expats would be well advised to hire a local real estate agent or mesitis.

Expats looking to stay in Greece for a short period of time will want to consider renting a property. Legally, residential lease agreements have to cover a minimum of three years. Normally, the longer the lease, the lower the monthly rent.

The following site has a selection of properties:

Schools if moving to Greece

The standard of education has suffered since the austerity measures were imposed. Expats particularly those who only intend to stay in Greece for the short-term, usually choose an international school, which offers a British curriculum or the International Baccalaureate (IB).

The following site has a selection of international schools:

Local Information If Moving To Greece

When you first move to a new city finding your way around the local taxes and requirements can be daunting, a quick visit to the following website can help you on your way:

Travel If Moving To Greece

The public transport system in Greece is extensive making it easy to get around the country and to the islands. There are regional railway lines, which link the main towns and cities. A subway and tram system operates in Athens; buses make up the primary form of transport, these provide a modern, affordable and safe way of travel.

The ferry services operate around the mainland and to the many islands and is used for business and pleasure.

Currency Conversion If Moving To Greece

The official currency is the Greek Euro, which is split into seven banknotes and eight coins; these are differentiated from the continental euro by their designs, which are symbolic of the country, such as historical figures and Greek ships.

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European Removals To Greece | Moving To Greece | Shipping To Greece

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