Removals to South Africa – Where to Go?

Removals to South Africa Where to Go

Removals to South Africa Where to Go

Planning a move to South Africa offers an unmatched level of culture and diversity across every choice of city.  Whether a move to Cape Town is on the cards, or an expat is thinking about kicking off a new life on The West Coast, it pays to research in advance, talk to a specialist in international removals to South Africa, fill out all customs forms and discuss all options with family members before making any final decisions.

Removals to South Africa Where to Go – Cape Town

Cape Town is one of the most popular choices of location for expats opting to move to South Africa. The city is vibrant, diverse and very modern, with the addition of some stunning scenery and historic locations to match.

Business in Cape Town has surged following international investment, with concerted efforts to keep the city clean and safe drawing in more people to what before was considered a risky move.

Cape Town also offers a range of benefits including fantastic private healthcare, a connection to the Western world that makes things like international removals easier, a range of properties – both rural and inner city – and a fantastic nightlife.

Removals to South Africa Where to Go – Port St John’s

The Transkei Coast is one of the few ‘untouched’ regions of South Africa and offers incomparable beauty to anywhere else in South Africa.  Nestled on the Indian Ocean coastline, the region is perfect for people looking to expand on a family.

In the future there may be a need to move into a bigger city dependant on the type of schooling you’re after, but some nearby towns do have very reputable secondary schools; Port Elizabeth and Durban are great examples of this.

Removals to South Africa Where to Go – The West Coast

An alternative option for expats is South Africa’s West Coast.  Large parts of the coast remain unpopulated due to how dry the region is.  There are however plenty of towns along the coast that are both safe and a fantastic place to raise a family. Yzerfontein, Churchhaven and St. Helena Bay are noted as top choices for those looking for a laid back expat experience.

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Because it is so important that your possessions are cared for throughout your entire process, White & Company are members of the British Association of Removers and all services performed are in accordance with European standard BS EN 12522. 

White & Company are proud winners of the British Association of Removers ‘Overseas Mover of the Year’ Competition 2016.

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