Repatriating to UK – 2022 Expats Returning Guide

Repatriating to UK – 2022 Expats Returning Guide

Are you thinking of repatriating to UK?

With so much change over the last few years, it is no surprise an increasing amount of people are considering repatriating to UK.

Brexit and numerous lockdowns have certainly shifted many of our priorities.

For some, this could mean taking on new challenges, reconnecting with friends and family or getting even considering purchasing your first property.

Whatever your reasons for considering repatriating to UK, we are here to help.

There have been some drastic changes to the moving process when repatriating to UK in the last few years.

In this article we focus on those thinking of returning to the UK, providing all the information needed to ensure the move is stress-free.

We hope you find our repatriating to UK guide helpful!

House Prices

UK House Prices

No matter where you have been living most recently, you will have to accept the fact that property prices are higher when repatriating to UK.

The average price of a property in the UK £286,000.

It is a good idea to ensure that before repatriating to the UK, you have sold your home in your previous country, that way, you will have a clean slate once you are back.

Be sure to have a good grasp of the market in the UK before moving!

There are various excellent websites to check house prices

Both Rightmove and Zoopla will help you get a general idea of current property prices, giving you a good idea of where you can afford to live when repatriating to UK.

The property market in the UK has seen a huge growth in prices in the last 18 months.

This is thanks to a few factors.

The primary reason for this is the widely known stamp duty holiday saw which saw an increased appeal to get on the property ladder.

Subsequently, many areas of the UK have seen record prices paid for homes as well as properties literally selling overnight.

Cost of Living in the UK

Unfortunately, there is almost nowhere in the UK that offers a cheap cost of living.

The recent fast rise in daily living costs has seen most of us have had to consider a financial evaluation.

So you should expect the general cost of living to be high when repatriating to UK.

There are some slight variations in the cost of living across the UK.

Prices generally decrease the further North you go.

Despite the increase in the cost of living when repatriating to UK, bear in mind that wages tend to be higher here.

You can as much as 70% more for a similar job compared to most European countries.

puzzle with the national flag of great britain and european union on a world map background. brexit concept

Changes Post Brexit

We are all aware that post-Brexit travel between the EU and UK is no longer as easy as it once was.

Whilst large numbers of Brits have chosen to apply to remain abroad in Europe, thousands have decided to return to the UK.

It is imperative that you have notified and de-registered from any services and local authorities before repatriating to UK.

After Brexit, those repatriating to UK with a valid citizenship or settled status are able to relocate permanently, with no need to take further action.

If you gave up your UK passport and became a Spanish citizen this isn’t the case.

You will need to apply for the right to permanent residency, subject to immigration rules as would any other non-UK citizen.

The UK Government website has all the information you need to make the transition legally and with minimum disruption.

Family Visas

If you are repatriating to UK and currently have members of your family living here, it could be possible to reunite with them much easier than you may expect.

Individuals with family members already living in the UK can apply for a family member visa when repatriating to UK.

As you may expect, several varying types of visas fall within the family member visa subcategory

Some people will be seeking a visa to join their spouse, and some to reunite with their parents.

There are also family member visas available for children, so make sure you apply for the correct one!

A family permit is generally valid for two and a half years, with the validity of your visa changing in relation to what type of visa you obtained.

Should there be any change to your family status, one example being getting married, be sure to apply for another visa asap to avoid any awkward situations.


Shipping Your Belongings

Shipping your belongings to the UK takes some precise planning as inevitably there is will be some hiccups to overcome.

The first thing to consider is whether you are going to bring back all your belongings.

Most people tend to return with everything. In this case, you need to contact a reputable European Moving Company.

There are plenty to choose from, but you need to ensure that they are fully registered with FIDI, BAR, and Omni.

Companies who are members of these organisations are regularly audited to very high standards, so you know that you are going to get the best possible service.

Contact White & Company in the UK.

We have reliable partners across the globe who we have operated with for years.

White & Company is happy to pass on the contact details of our trusted partners.

Your removal company can explain the export process and assist with any UK import documentation you need.

If you shipped all your effects out with you when moving abroad, the process will be the same but reversed.

You need to book an appointment for a surveyor to come and calculate the volume of your shipment and then he will arrange for a quotation to be issued.

To be sure you are not landed with a large duty bill when repatriating to UK, you should familiarise yourself with the UK customs clearance documentation.

Click here for some very useful information to help you fully what you can and cannot import into the UK.

Cat and Dog

Returning to the UK With Pets

If you are repatriating to UK with a pet this is an important section!

Irrespective of whether your pet was originally from the UK or if you got it whilst living abroad, there are various conditions you need to meet repatriating to UK with a pet.

You are able to bring your pet to the UK if:

  1. ·        Has a valid microchip.
  2. ·        It has a passport or health certificate.
  3. ·        It is vaccinated against rabies.

There are various other rules that apply to specific types of pets when repatriating to UK.

Check out the government website for an in depth look at these rules.

One significant rule is that when travelling with a dog, it must have been treated for tapeworm no less than 24 hours and no longer than 120 hours before the time you started the journey.

If your pet fails to meet any of these requirements, it will be kept in quarantine for four months.

This takes place at a government-sanctioned facility and is implemented to safeguard against diseases.

White&Company Truck in Transit

Are You Ready to Start Repatriating to UK?

Are you thinking of repatriating to UK?

White & Company are here to help your move to the UK be as stress-free as possible.

Over the years, White & Company has positioned itself as the international removals firm of choice for removals worldwide.

Our experience is second to none. As members of BAR, FIDI and OMNI, White & Company have been relocating people to destinations worldwide for 150 years.

Our experienced teams located across the UK will pack and prepare your valuable, fragile and bulky furniture ready for export

To find out more about how we could get your dream move underway, don’t hesitate to give us a call today.

Alternatively, fill out a quick quote form or chat with our bot and we’ll get in touch with you straight away.

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