Revival Of Mining Jobs in Australia Drives “Best Jobs Growth in 40 years”

Revival Of Mining Jobs in Australia Drives “Best Jobs Growth in 40 years”

Australia’s mining boom is far from over. Or so It would appear as the country experiences an upsurge in mining jobs.

Mining in Australia has long been a prime contributor to the Australian economy. And in turn, it provides a vast pool of jobs for both domestic and foreign workers.

Subsequent mining booms have encouraged immigration to Australia in order to meet the demand for skilled workers in this field.

Kalgoorlie in Western Australia is perhaps the most notable example. The once small dust town was completely transformed by the ‘Gold Rush’ and the emergence of the ‘super pit’, with no end in sight.

Despite this illustrious history, the commodities crash in 2015 resulted in a downturn of activity in the industry. Coal, copper and iron all dramatically lost value, forcing companies to scale back their mining operations. Fears were voiced that this could spell the end.

It would appear however that the mining industry is set to boom once again.

A spate of new activity has emerged on existing mining sites, as well as a brand new coal project in Galilee Basin, Queensland.

According to the country’s most circulated broadsheet, The Australian, a revival in the mining states of Queensland and West Australia has driven the “best jobs growth in 40 years”.

Galilee Basin mines new opportunities

Mining In Australia

Open cut rock quarry on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Queensland’s Galilee Basin could pave the way for thousands of new mining jobs in Australia.

Six new mining project proposals in Queensland’s newest thermal coal mining province have been put before the Queensland Parliament for consideration.

The mining industry in Australia currently employs over 200,000 workers. Between 2016 and 2017, the number of vacancies increased by 38.7%, according to the DFP Mining Index.

The Galilee Basin alone could generate 16,000 new jobs.

What mining jobs are available?

Two workers and quarry in background

Two workers lookout into a quarry

Most mining jobs are as drillers and miners, followed shortly by machinists and truck drivers.

You can earn between A$80,000 and A$200,000 (£44,000 and £110,000) working as an underground miner, driller or haulage truck driver.

The most lucrative positions of geologist and chemical engineer fetch towards the higher end of the pay spectrum.

What mining job you can get will depend on your skills and experience.

You will need to have proof that you have a skill, trade or qualification in demand by that employer.

To look at the latest vacancies and to discuss your credentials consult the specialist UK to Australia recruitment agency, Live The Dream Australia.

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