Spare Euros Become a Way to Help Those in Need

Spare Euros Become a Way to Help Those in Need

During the wind-down of a project over in Germany in late October, a team led by Mr McGarr of White & Company collected the teams’ unspent euros and donated these to two different charities: St. Michaels Hospice and Macmillan Cancer Support.

St Michaels Hospice is a charity ensuring people have access to the end of life and bereavement services they deserve. This service is free and relies on the support of people like Mr McGarr and his team, to keep this running.

Macmillan Cancer Support helps people manage their symptoms of cancer and offer advice and benefits during the treatment cycle. They understand that cancer impacts a persons’ whole life, from family to work, and provide support and inspiration to help those who have cancer to feel more like themselves.

Each charity received £260.00 from the collection of these unspent euros. This brilliant endeavour has meant that each charity now has availability to more resources and can help more people than they could before.

From White & Company, we would like to say a massive thank you to those involved in this collection and thank you for the efforts you have gone to, to help those in need, as it is truly inspirational to see such dedication to these kinds of fundraising efforts.

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