9 Prettiest Villages in Cornwall

9 Prettiest Villages in Cornwall

Have you ever dreamt of living amid the breathtaking coastal views, charming cottages, and tranquil beauty of Cornwall’s countryside?

Living in one of Cornwall’s prettiest villages offers a unique lifestyle brimming with natural beauty and community spirit like no other.

With Cornwall’s popularity soaring, more people are discovering the allure of its many picturesque locations.

Cornwall’s quaint villages provide a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of urban life, a lifestyle choice that has become increasingly appealing in recent years.

Many of the county’s villages boast excellent schools, unique wildlife, and expansive green spaces, making them ideal for families, retirees, and anyone seeking a serene environment to call home.

Additionally, these villages offer a more affordable alternative to other expensive UK destinations without compromising on quality of life in any way.

In this article, we explore nine of the most beautiful Cornish villages, perfect for those looking to relocate to their own slice of rural paradise.

Whether you crave stunning coastal scenery, historic charm, or a welcoming community lifestyle, Cornwall’s villages have something for everyone.

Join us as we uncover the hidden gems that make Cornwall a dream destination for homebuyers.

Here are our top picks for the prettiest villages in Cornwall.

Port Isaac

Port Isaac, Cornwall

Port Isaac is famous for being the filming location of Doc Martin.

Nestled on the rugged North Cornwall coast, Port Isaac is famous for its picturesque harbour and charming, white-washed cottages.

The village sits around 15 miles from Padstow and 23 miles from Newquay, meaning locals still have great connections to the amenities that come with the larger towns.

Known as the filming location for the TV series “Doc Martin,” this village is home to quintessential Cornish narrow winding streets, cosy cafes, and breathtaking coastal views.

Living here means immersing yourself in a rich community with a strong sense of history and culture.

Explore Squeezy Belly Alley, one of the narrowest streets in Britain, and enjoy fresh seafood at local restaurants like The Mote and Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen.

The demand for property in the town has resulted in an average property price for the area of £483,056.

The friendly locals and scenic coastal walks make Port Isaac an idyllic place to call home and certainly one to consider.


Porthleven, Cornwall

Porthleven was once synonymous with smuggling.

Polperro is a classic Cornish fishing village renowned for its picturesque charm and a fascinating history of smuggling!

Its narrow, car-free streets lead to a bustling harbour adorned with colourful fishing boats, providing its residents with a tranquil lifestyle surrounded by some stunning natural beauty.

The South West Coast Path skirts the coastline and offers breathtaking sea views as well as excellent opportunities to explore nearby coves and cliffs, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a new place to call home.

The local community in Polperro is tight-knit, with regular events and festivals that celebrate the village’s maritime heritage, that go a long way to foster a strong sense of camaraderie among the locals.

The housing market in Polperro is a true reflection of the area’s desirability, with cottages and period homes often fetching premium prices due to their unique character and prime location.

Property prices in Portelven currently sit at an average of £402,258, although some homes are much more expensive depending on the property’s size, condition, and proximity to the harbour.

St Ives

St Ives, Cornwall

St Ives is particularly popular with artists.

An artist’s paradise, St. Ives is renowned for its vibrant arts scene, sandy beaches, and turquoise waters, drawing artists and creatives from around the globe.

The village is home to iconic cultural landmarks like the Tate St. Ives and the Barbara Hepworth Museum, which offer residents and visitors a rich cultural experience.

The bustling harbour and nearby Carbis Bay provide stunning backdrops for both relaxation and inspiration.

The cobbled streets of St. Ives, lined with galleries and cafes, create a lively and inspiring environment that fosters a strong sense of community among its residents.

Numerous festivals and events, including the famous St. Ives September Festival, which celebrates arts and music, enhance the local lifestyle.

Living in St. Ives offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural richness, making it an ideal place to call home and one of the country’s most desirable coastal locations.

The property market in St. Ives reflects its desirability, with an average house price of £450,000 for smaller cottages to over £4 million for larger homes with sea views.

The demand for property here is high, driven by the village’s unique charm and exceptional quality of life.


Poet Dylan Thomas described Mousehole as “the loveliest village in England”  and understandably so!

The village is sure to captivate with its sheltered harbour and charming granite cottages.

Renowned for its delightful Christmas lights display and traditional stargazy pie, Mousehole offers a warm and inviting atmosphere throughout the year.

Residents of Mousehole benefit from a vibrant community spirit, with an array of local art galleries and quaint cafes enhancing village life.

Like many of Cornwall’s coastal locations, the path to Lamorna Cove provides stunning scenery for those who love the outdoors, making it a haven for nature lovers and walkers.

Due to its idyllic location and historical charm, living in this picturesque village comes with a premium in terms of property prices.

Properties in Mousehole are highly sought after, with prices ranging from modest for small cottages to significantly higher for larger homes with views of the harbour.

Current market trends indicate buyers should expect to pay an average of £392,000 for a home.

However, you should keep in mind that some properties go for upwards of £1.1 million, especially those boasting sea views and more space.

This makes Mousehole an appealing yet exclusive option for potential homeowners looking for a unique Cornish lifestyle.


Mevagissey, Cornwall

Mevagissey is a standout village thanks to is local events and welcoming community.

A bustling fishing port, Mevagissey is renowned for its narrow streets, working harbour, and seafood restaurants.

Living in Mevagissey means being part of a very active community with a rich maritime heritage, evident in the local museum and aquarium.

Residents and visitors can explore the nearby Lost Gardens of Heligan, a restored botanical garden offering lush landscapes and historical intrigue.

The village also offers boat trips, providing opportunities to see dolphins and seals in their natural habitat, adding to its charm.

The blend of history, nature, and a community-based approach to life makes Mevagissey a real one-off and goes a long to explain the appeal of living in this Cornish village.

The village hosts various events and festivals throughout the year, including the popular Mevagissey Shanty Festival, fostering a strong sense of community and making it a lovely place to settle.

Similar to many of Cornwall’s villages, homes often come at a premium here in Mevagissey, with prices seemingly always on the rise.

The current average house price in Mevagissey is £410,868, however, there are smaller properties in the village, and these start from £215,000 for a pretty one-bedroom cottage that sits high up, providing sea and harbour views!


Polperro, Cornwall

Polperro is one of the most picturesque villages in Cornwall.

Tucked away on Cornwall’s south coast, Polperro is a picturesque fishing village that seems to have leapt out of a storybook!

The village’s cobbled streets meander past the stunning whitewashed cottages that are adorned with colourful flowers in the summer months, creating a scene that feels both timeless and inviting.

Polperro’s charm lies in its vibrant maritime heritage, the bustling harbour is a testament to its long history as a fishing hub.

A stroll along the quayside will lead you to a range of local shops, art galleries, and pubs, each brimming with character and welcoming locals.

Nature enthusiasts will revel in the stunning coastal walks surrounding Polperro, with the South West Coast Path offering breathtaking views and hidden coves.

Don’t miss a visit to the Polperro Heritage Museum of Smuggling and Fishing, which explores the village’s storied past.

Despite its popularity, Polperro retains a quaint, unspoiled feel.

The current average house price in Polperro may surprise you at £334,778.

This represents excellent value for a location with as much appeal as this famous village.

If you’re looking to experience the authentic essence of Cornwall, this enchanting village should be at the top of your list.

With its mix of history, natural beauty, and local flavour, Polperro stands out as a true gem among the villages in Cornwall.


Charlestown, Cornwall

Charlestown is one of Cornwall’s most recognisable villages.

Charlestown’s historic Georgian harbour, featured in numerous films and TV shows like “Poldark,” is a true gem of Cornish heritage and has become synonymous with the county as a whole.

This village radiates unique charm with its pebbly beach, historic dock, and the fascinating Shipwreck and Heritage Centre.

The serene seaside atmosphere and historical intrigue make Charlestown a captivating place to live and a top choice for those considering swapping city life for a new start in Cornwall.

Life in Charlestown is enriched by the friendly local pubs and cafes, offering residents a welcoming community to accompany their new laid-back lifestyle.

The village regularly hosts events and markets, adding to its strong community spirit, check out all of the upcoming events on Eventbrite.

Although busy in the summer and owing much of its economic success to tourism, Charlestown becomes a peaceful haven throughout the rest of the year.

The village’s historical significance and picturesque setting make it a sought-after location for potential homeowners.

Somewhat surprisingly however, Charlestown is one of the cheaper villages on our list!

The local housing market provides buyers with a range of properties and has an average house price of £367,150.

However, stock is very limited in this popular location.

Homes sell very quickly and while this is a testament to its popularity you should be sure to act quickly when purchasing a home here!

Mawgan Porth

Mawgan Porth, Cornwall

Mawgan Porth is one of the most premium locations on our list, with some stunning properties.

Nestled between the iconic destinations of Padstow and Newquay, the small village of Mawgan Porth boasts a sandy beach beautifully framed by rugged cliffs, making it a haven for seabirds and a paradise for surfers.

Mawgan Porth’s is not only serene but is also somewhat lesser-known than some of the other additions to our article, meaning it offers residents a peaceful hideaway amidst Cornwall’s bustling tourist hotspots.

Despite the village’s remote nature, there are still some great amenities, there’s a local post office, a village shop, and a lovely tearoom serving the county’s famed cream teas!

Despite being off the beaten track and the amazing tranquil quality it offers, Mawgan Porth is a sought-after location, with property prices reflecting this.

In fact, only two houses have sold in the village in the last year, with an average price of £1,716,667.

Whether you’re seeking stunning scenery, exhilarating walks, or simply a place to call home in one of the charming villages in Cornwall, Mawgan Porth is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

For the perfect blend of natural beauty and community spirit, this village is an ideal choice.


Located on the stunning Lizard Peninsula, as far south as the UK goes, Cadgwith is a traditional Cornish fishing village complete with charming, thatched picture-postcard cottages and a scenic shingle beach.

The twin beaches, separated by a rocky outcrop known as The Todden, offer breathtaking coastal views, making it a perfect spot for nature enthusiasts and photographers.

Life in Cadgwith means enjoying a peaceful, picturesque lifestyle where everyone knows each other, exactly what village life is all about!

Residents can enjoy fresh seafood at the local pub, The Cadgwith Cove Inn, a hotspot for social gatherings and community events in the area.

The village’s active community includes events like the annual Cadgwith Singers performances of shanty songs as well as traditional fishing competitions, coming together to create a strong sense of belonging among its residents.

In terms of the property market, the average house price in Cadgwith is currently £442,500, with several larger properties fetching well over the £1,000,000 mark!

The village’s stunning natural beauty, combined with its vibrant community spirit, makes it an appealing choice for those seeking a tranquil yet engaging place to live in Cornwall.

Ready to Move to One of these Villages in Cornwall?

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