50 Amazing Facts About Cardiff

50 Amazing Facts About Cardiff

Are you looking for some of the most amazing facts about Cardiff?

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Cardiff, Wales’s capital city, is a hidden jewel buried among the country’s picturesque landscapes.

The city is known for its rich history, renowned landmarks, and a warm and welcoming environment.

Cardiff combines its historic beauty with the modern excitement you would expect from a capital city.

This city truly has something for everyone, whether you’re interested in history, sports, or natural beauty.

In this article, we’ll look at 50 amazing facts about Cardiff to help you better appreciate this incredible city.

We hope that these fun facts help to give you a better understanding of what the city has to offer and maybe you’ll learn something new along the way!

Here are our 50 amazing facts about Cardiff!

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Cardiff’s Historical Foundations

Cardiff Castle

Cardiff Castle. Image credit: Depositphotos

1. Roman Beginnings

Cardiff’s origins can be traced back to a Roman fort, established around 55 AD. The fort’s remains are still visible in the city, signifying Cardiff’s longstanding historical significance.

2. Cardiff Castle’s Evolution

This iconic historical building has served various roles throughout the years – from being a Roman fort to a Norman stronghold, and eventually, a Victorian Gothic palace. Cardiff Castle truly reflects centuries of architectural changes and historical events.

3. Coal Industry Legacy

In the 19th century, Cardiff was the heart of the coal industry, becoming the world’s largest coal-exporting port. This helped to shape the city’s economic development setting it up for years to come.

4. Becoming the Welsh Capital

Gaining the status of the capital in 1955, Cardiff has since been the political and cultural centre of Wales. The city now plays a pivotal role in Welsh identity thanks to its capital city status.

5. City of Arcades

Boasting more Victorian, Edwardian, and contemporary shopping arcades than any other city in the world, Cardiff’s arcades are a testament to its commercial history and architectural charm. If you are ever in Cardiff be sure to pay them a visit.

Entertainment and Media

Cardiff Rugby

Cardiff Rugby. Image credit: Pixabay

Being the capital city of Wales, it will come as no surprise that Cardiff is home to a range of excellent entertainment facilities.

The city’s prominence in the country sees people flock to its streets to make the most of the wonderful entertainment options that can be found here.

Here are some of the most interesting entertainment and media facts about Cardiff!

6. Doctor Who’s Home

Cardiff has been the primary filming location for ‘Doctor Who’ since its revival, making it a pilgrimage site for fans of the show. Fans may even be lucky enough to spot a Tardis in the city, which have been known to pop up around the city. There are plenty of iconic Doctor Who locations throughout the city and you can even join one of the many guided tours!

7. The Iconic Millennium Stadium

Now known as the Principality Stadium, this arena is not just a sports venue but a symbol of Welsh pride and the host of significant cultural events. Rugby fans should certainly take the time out to see ‘The Dragons’ play in this stunning stadium.

8. BBC Drama Village

A cornerstone of the UK’s television industry, the BBC Drama Village produces globally recognised shows and contributes significantly to Cardiff’s economy. The BBC Roath Lock Studios houses many BBC drama productions including Doctor Who, Casualty, and Pobol y Cwm.

9. National Museum Cardiff

More than just an art gallery, the National Museum in Cardiff is a treasure trove of Welsh history, natural science, and art. This is the perfect spot for those looking to explore and learn about Wales’s diverse history.

10. Historic Llandaff Cathedral

An architectural masterpiece with a history dating back to 1107, the cathedral symbolises the religious and historical depth that can be found in Cardiff.

Green Spaces and Leisure

Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay is Europe’s largest rejuvenation project. Image credit: Pexels

Cardiff is home to a host of wonderful outdoor spaces which provide the opportunity for a number of wonderful leisure activities.

Here are some of the top facts about Cardiff’s green spaces.

11. Roath Park’s Victorian Elegance

This park, with its classic Victorian layout, conservatory, and a beautiful lake, offers a peaceful retreat for those living in or visiting the city. The park is even listed on the Cadw Register of Landscapes, Parks and Gardens of Special Historic Interest in Wales, holding the status of a Grade 1 listed historic park!

12. Cardiff Bay’s Transformation

Once a bustling coal port, Cardiff Bay is now Europe’s largest waterfront development! The area combines leisure, residential, and business spaces to make a truly unique location and certainly a stand out in the city!

13. Bute Park’s Urban Oasis

Offering over 130 acres of landscaped gardens and parkland right in the city centre, Bute Park is a testament to Cardiff’s commitment to ensuring locals have access to green spaces.

14. The Welsh National Opera

A symbol of Cardiff’s cultural richness, the Welsh National Opera provides high-quality operas and contributes to the city’s artistic scene.  The Welsh National Opera was founded in 1943 by a group of people from across South Wales including miners, teachers and doctors. The opera still upholds the founder’s vision of proving Wales’ rich reputation as the ‘land of song’.

15. Cardiff University’s Academic Excellence

A leading research and teaching institution, Cardiff University plays a crucial role in the city’s educational and cultural landscape. The city is home to over 30,000 university students! Cardiff University offers a variety of different courses ensuring there is something for scholars in Wale’s capital.

Recreation in Cardiff

The River Taff

The River Taff on the Taff Trail. Image credit: Unsplash

16. St. David’s Hall – The National Concert Hall

Not just a concert venue but a cultural landmark hosting a range of performances from classical to pop. Since opening in 1982, millions of concert-goers have flocked to St David’s Hall to experience the venue’s awe-inspiring sound, which still hosts the world’s best orchestras to this day!

17. Rugby’s Heartland

Cardiff’s enthusiasm for rugby is palpable, especially during international matches at the Principality Stadium. The city truly embodies the Welsh passion for the sport and there is a true buzz to the city on game day!

18. Population and Diversity

It will come as no surprise that the population of over 362,310 living in Cardiff makes it Wale’s largest city, in fact, Cardiff is the 11th largest city in the UK! Cardiff’s diverse population contributes to its vibrant cultural scene and helps to ensure the city has something for everyone.

19. The Taff Trail Adventure

This 55-mile trail is not only a wonderful path through the capital but also a journey through Cardiff’s variety of scenic landscapes! The Taff Trail runs for over 50 miles between Cardiff and Brecon, passing an assortment of riverside paths, railway paths and forest roads and is a truly wonderful experience!

20. Culinary Diversity

Reflecting its multicultural community, Cardiff’s food scene offers everything from traditional Welsh dishes to wonderful international cuisines. Check out some of Cardiff’s best restaurants here.

Science and Education

21. Techniquest’s Interactive Learning Centre

Techniquest is a science discovery centre located in Cardiff Bay. The centre gives visitors a hands-on approach to science and is home to a science theatre, planetarium and an exhibition space! There are 100 interactive exhibits to explore aimed at visitors of all ages, making the centre a true hub of science and discovery! A visit to the centre makes learning fun and accessible, highlighting Cardiff’s focus on education.

22. The Old Library’s Evolution

Once a centre for reading and learning, The Old Library located in the heart of the city has been transformed into a hub for media and culture. The Old Library is currently home to the Cardiff Story Museum and is certainly worth a visit!

23. Cardiff’s Welsh Folk Dancing Traditions

This local dance tradition is not just about the entertainment it provides but is also a celebration of Welsh heritage. These dances can often seen at cultural festivals and events throughout the capital and there is even a Welsh Folk Dance Society ensuring the tradition stays alive.

Shopping and Culture in Cardiff

Animal Wall, Cardiff

The Animal Wall. Image credit: Unsplash

24. Castle Quarter Arcades’

Although we already mentioned Cardiff’s wonderful arcades for their historic relevance, they are also more than worthy of including when it comes to shopping in the city. The many arcades dotted around the city provide shoppers with a range of independent shops in a unique architectural lovers’ paradise.

25. The Senedd – The Heart of Welsh Democracy

The Welsh Parliament building is not just a political hub but also an architectural marvel and symbolises the city’s prominent role in regional governance.

26. The Animal Wall – A Quirky Landmark

This unique wall outside of Cardiff Castle is adorned with carved animals. Originally sculpted by Thomas Nicholls between 1887-1889 it featured 8 animals, with a further 7 added in the late 1920s.

27. St Fagans National Museum of History

This open-air museum offers a journey through time, showcasing the evolution of Welsh life and culture. The museum opened its gates to the public in July 1948 and was the UK’s foremost national open-air museum! Since its opening, St Fagans has become Wales’ most popular heritage visitor attraction!

28. Mermaid Quay

This bustling area in Cardiff Bay is not just about dining and shopping but is also a symbol of Cardiff’s successful urban regeneration. The location has been transformed and is now home to a host of excellent shops and restaurants, making it a prime spot for a bit of retail therapy!

29. The Welsh

Welsh, an ancient Celtic language, is extensively spoken in Cardiff, helping to preserve the city’s cultural past!

Cardiff’s Arts, Sport and Heritage Scene

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting. Image credit: Depositphotos

30. Cardiff International White Water

Cardiff International White Water is an Olympic standard white water rafting centre located in the Cardiff International Sports Village in Cardiff Bay. This innovative facility provides world-class water sports and is a testament to the city’s commitment to sporting excellence.

31. Chapter Arts Centre

More than an arts venue, Chapter Arts Centre is a community space fostering creativity and showcasing diverse talents in cinema, theatre, and art. The centre is home to more than 50 artists and creative companies who are all based in the studios. From award-winning animators and film production companies to artists, designers, photographers and recording studios, it is a testament to Cardiff’s arts and heritage scene.

32. Norwegian Church’s Maritime Heritage

Sitting in Cardiff Bay’s West dock, The Norwegian Church was built in 1868 as a meeting place for Norwegian seafarers. Today, the Chruch is a great reflection of Cardiff’s nautical history, with the historic church, now turned arts centre, is a nod to the city’s Scandinavian connections!022 EIHL play-off title

33. Cardiff Blues – The Rugby Pride

The city’s rugby union team is not just a sports team but a source of local pride and community spirit. The Cardiff Blues play at Cardiff Arms Park and are one of the four professional rugby union teams.

34. Cardiff Devils’ Ice Hockey

Demonstrating Cardiff’s love for sports beyond rugby and football to the exciting world of ice hockey! The Cardiff Devils were founded in 1986, playing at the Wales National Ice Rink and even won the EIHL play-off title in 2022.

35. Welsh National War Memorial

The Welsh National War Memorial is located in Cathays Park and serves as a poignant reminder of the sacrifices of Welsh soldiers in World War I and World War II, and is a reminder of Cardiff’s respect for its history.

Cardiff’s Modern Developments and Infrastructure

36. The Hayes – From History to Modernity

A central area that seamlessly blends historic significance with modern retail, symbolising Cardiff’s evolution. This mostly pedestrianised area has seen huge rejuvenation since 2006 and has even been a filming location for Doctor Who!

37. Film and TV Production Hub

Cardiff’s contribution to the film and TV industry goes beyond ‘Doctor Who,’ making it a significant player in the UK’s entertainment sector. The city is home to the BBC Drama Village and is a leading hub for film and tv production in the UK.

38. Wales Millennium Centre – An Artistic Beacon

Located in the rejuvenated Cardiff Bat area, this centre is not just an arts venue but a symbol of Welsh cultural identity, hosting a range of international and local performances. 

39. Cardiff Gin Festival – A Celebration of Spirits

Reflecting Cardiff’s burgeoning interest in artisanal and craft spirits, ‘The Gin to My Tonic’ festival is a toast to the city’s evolving culinary scene.

40. Cardiff International Film Festival – A Global Stage

This annual event showcases Cardiff’s growing influence in the international film community, bringing diverse cinematic experiences to the city.

Famous People From Cardiff

Willy Wonka, Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl was born in a suburb of Cardiff. Image credit: Depositphotos

41. Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl, a world-renowned novelist, short story writer, poet, screenwriter, and World War II fighter pilot, was born in the Cardiff suburb of Llandaff. Dahl’s most famous works, ‘Matilda’, ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’, and ‘The BFG’, sold more than 250 million copies worldwide!

42. Griffith Rhys Jones

Griffith Rhys Jones OBE, also known as Griff, is a comedian, actor, writer, and television presenter who has been in a variety of programmes including ‘Three Men in a Boat’, ‘Not the Nine O’Clock News’, and ‘Alas Smith & Jones.

43. Shirley Bassey

Shirley Bassey DBE, a famous vocalist, was born in Tiger Bay, Cardiff, in 1937. Bassey is recognised for her powerful voice and her work on the theme music for three James Bond films, the most recognised of which is ‘Diamonds are Forever’. In 1959, Bassey even became the first Welsh person to have a number-one single!

44. Ryan Giggs

Ryan Giggs OBE is a professional football coach and former professional player for Manchester United, who co-owns Salford City. Giggs was born in Cardiff and moved to Manchester when he was six years old, eventually joining Manchester United, where he remained for the next 23 years!

45. Charlotte Church

Charlotte Church, a British singer-songwriter, actor, TV presenter, and political activist, was born in Llandaff, Cardiff. She first rose to fame as a classical vocalist when she was 11 years old, but she later switched to pop music in 2005. Her debut album, ‘A Voice of an Angel’, was released in 1998.

Unique Facts About Cardiff

Cardiff Green Spaces

Cardiff has the most Green Spaces of any city in the UK. Image credit: Pixabay

46. The Home of Captain Morgan

Sir Henry Morgan was a Welsh privateer, landowner, slaveholder, and later Lieutenant Governor of Jamaica who was born in Cardiff in 1635. These days he is known for being the ‘face’ of Captain Morgan’s rum!

47. Football History

Cardiff City are the only non-English team to win the FA Cup! Cardiff won the FA Cup on April 23, 1927. The final was held at Wembley Stadium, and the team beat Arsenal 1-0. Thanks to the win, Cardiff City Football Club became the only non-English team to win the FA Cup.

48. The UK’s Green Space Capital

Cardiff has more green areas per capita than any other UK city. The city surpasses Manchester, Liverpool, and even London!

49. A Famous Toilet!

The Wales Millennium Centre has won the ‘Loo of the Year’ award twice. The Loo of the Year awards have been identifying the best toilets in Britain since 1987. Surely visiting this famous toulet it top of everyone’s list when visiting Cardiff!

50. Hidden Tunnels

A mediaeval tunnel built by monks runs beneath the city centre and Bute Park, while another, created in the late 1970s by the British Post Office to carry cables, connects the BT building on Park Street to Cardiff Castle. Another tunnel was discovered in the basement of the Angel Hotel on Castle Street, believed to lead to Cardiff Castle and perhaps dating back to the 13th century. There are even more tunnels beneath St David’s Centre, the Ely River, and Culverhouse Cross!

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