Moving to Toledo

moving to Toledo

Moving to Toledo

Are you thinking of moving to Toledo? The traditional Spanish city is located in central Spain, about 70 km south of Madrid. It is know as an “Imperial City” because it was the main venue of the court of Charles I.

The economy of the city has been based on metal working industry and has a tradition for manufacturing knives and swords, along with razor blades and medical instruments. The city also manufactures electrical products and has strong soap and toothpaste industries

Property prices if you are thinking of moving to Toledo

Property prices are relatively similar to other European cities and expats usually choose to rent an apartment. It may be worth expats considering living in villages or small towns surrounding Toledo, such as Illescas or Lagartera:

The following site has a selection of properties:

Schools if moving to Toledo

Expats, particularly those who only intend to stay in Toledo for the short-term usually choose an international school, which offers a British curriculum or the International Baccalaureate (IB).

The following site has a selection of international schools:

Local Information if moving to Toledo

When you first move to a new city finding your way around the local taxes and requirements can be daunting, a quick visit to the following website can help you on your way:

Travel if moving to Toledo

The city is small enough to be able to walk to most destinations. Toledo has one railway station with 10 trains arriving from Madrid each day. The city has a large fleet of taxis; the main stops are located at the Cuesta del Alcazar, Cuesta de la Vega, and the bus station. There is an excellent bus service

Currency Conversion If Moving To Toledo

Since 1999, Spain has used the Euro (EUR) as its official currency. It will be relatively straightforward to open a bank account in Toledo. You will need to be over 18, have some proof of Identity and address. Residents will also need to produce their NIE certificate.

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European Removals if you are moving to Toledo

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