Reasons to move to Leeds

Reasons to move to Leeds

If you are considering moving to Leeds but have any reservations, then here are 10 interesting facts that might help you make up your mind. And when you are ready and want to talk to a removals company in Leeds, then please, get in touch.

  1. It’s a very central city with easy access to anywhere in the UK.  The city has everything, well, almost everything…location, culture, work, the arts, food, retail, entertainment and a fab nightlife.
  2. Leeds attracts lots of talented people and leading companies, in fact it’s the UK’s fastest growing city and has the second largest employment total outside of London with an estimated 457,000 people in work.  So, broken down, what does that mean:
  3. The Economy of £13.5 billion is projected to grow by one third in the next ten years.
  4. There has been a 3.2bn investment in property schemes in the last decade.
  5. It has 2.8 million residents and a labour force in excess of 1.45 million.
  6. It has 3.5 million square foot of retail and five miles of shopping streets.
  7. It’s the third largest manufacturing centre with 2,000 firms employing 40,000 people.
  8. Average asking price for housing in Leeds is £182.129.
  9. Property values have risen by 6.19% in the past year.
  10. There are over 4,000 properties on the market in Leeds.

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