Why Move To Adelaide

Why Move to Adelaide?

In the past three years, Adelaide has been voted the best place to live in Australia when looking at a poll from Auspoll. This survey has taken into account 17 different factors.

Adelaide has consistently been ranked number one with Canberra coming close second out of eleven different areas of the country. When you are deciding on a place to live, take a look at some of the factors which residents were surveyed on.

What Adelaide Does Well

Along with being at the top of the list for the best places to live in all of Australia, Adelaide tops several of the individual categories which have been seen as important factors.

  • Wide Range of Outdoor Recreation
  • Attractive Natural Environment
  • Good Climate
  • Vibrant Entertainment Scene
  • Increase in Balance of Types of Housing
  • Clean City
  • Diverse Population Which Gets Along Well
  • Well Designed City
  • Increase in Affordable Standard of Living
  • Safe City
  • Strong Approach to Environmental Sustainability
  • Well Managed Growth
  • Strong Healthcare

One of the strengths that can be seen with Adelaide is the government’s role in developing the future of the city. With a focus on making sure there is affordable housing, adequate land and strong infrastructure meaning the government is helping to make this one of the best places to live.

Why Live In Adelaide

When you are looking for a safe, affordable city with lots of outdoor recreation and a solid healthcare system, consider Adelaide. This city appears to be very family friendly. Unlike the rest of Australia where everything is said to be ‘an hour away’, it is that you can get almost anywhere in this “20 minute city” with relative ease.

Perhaps it is the proximity to the beach and the lovely weather which draws people in. Perhaps it is that Adelaide is calm and lovely, yet has a bustling inner city for industry and shopping.


Over the course of time there have been many apartments converted into townhouses, which is one signal that people are choosing to stay. Along with the conversion there is an addition of single family homes. What this means is that you can really make a life for yourself here. For a calm place to live with just enough city and just enough natural beauty, choose Adelaide.

Moving house can be a difficult process at the best of times, moving to a whole new country can be much harder. There are many things to think about and make decisions about.

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