Starting a New Life in Canada | Moving to Canada | The Key Tips

Starting a New Life in Canada

Moving to Canada is a dream come true for many people and the country is one of the fastest growing in terms of popularity for UK expats. After arranging removals to Canada and finding that dream home, you’ll need to start thinking about the transitional period of the move.

Getting to Know Canada

Canada is extremely diverse, with both English and French speaking regions. Being bi-lingual could in fact help you get a job. Made up of a number of provinces and territories, Canada will not only be a new home but an indefinite holiday destination as well.

Think About Schooling

When moving to a new area you should consider the schools on offer. Some may be better suited to your children, such as specialist schools in art. Think about the benefits of each, the location and the rating the school has.

Healthcare in Canada

Health insurance in Canada is important as it will offer access to the best treatment, plans are very affordable and dependent on the company you work with, you may have healthcare included as well.

Settling In

Adjusting to life in Canada can be relatively easy and many expats find the transitional period to be quite relaxed. The biggest challenge will be not being around the corner from family members and in a different time zone to the people that would form a huge part of everyday life.

However, meeting new people and settling into a new neighbourhood can be very simple. As with any move you’re likely to get along with some people more than others and asking for advice from neighbours is a great way to introduce yourself.

White & Company offer removals to Canada from the UK with custom packing, storage if needed and can also aid with insurance.

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