Taking a Business Global

Residential moving is challenging but deciding to uproot a business, or expand offices into a new country, is a completely different beast all together. Business infrastructure, potential impact on services and the logistics of creating clarity between locations are all going to play a huge part in the move.  Pair this with arranging international furniture removals, the transportation of sensitive documents and potentially finding a new home yourself, and the prospect of business expansion becomes much larger than may have been anticipated.


Getting There

First and foremost, once the business is in a position to expand, business owners will begin to consider logistics.

Moving parts of a business, or arranging new elements of a business to be transferred, is key and international moving companies in the UK can aid in the preparation, allowing business owners to keep their mind on day-to-day matters and the long term strategy of international expansion.

Custom packing, potential storage of items and the management of sensitive documents should be considered; as well as data files and the backing up of documents.

Work with a removals company to ensure advance planning is efficient and aids in the smooth move for the business.


Customs and Taxes

The rate of tax paid will be applicable to change, ensure the business will meet the requirement of tax laws in the country being moved to – regardless of where the headquarters of the business will be based.

Depending on the new location, customs charges for bringing items into the country may need to be paid.


Personal Moves

It may be the case that some people will move with a business, for either a short period of time or as part of the longer term plan of the business.


Ensure the needs of these people are met and where possible take the strain of the move away from them.  This could include using the same removals company in the UK for their moves, supplying temporary or permanent accommodation and aiding their settlement into a new lifestyle in the new country.


Always Think About the Business

Whatever twist or turn is thrown at an international move, the business itself should always be considered.

Think about realistic timescales, costs and the impact on customers a move or expansion might have and weigh up the benefits and negatives of this.

Cost should also be attributed at every stage of the move.

Taking a business to a new location can be fantastic and expansion is result of previous hard work but business must ensure the correct foundations are in place before the moving process even begins.


White & Company provide a range of moving solutions for business and residential purposes.  We are a highly respected international moving company with over 140 years experience in moving sensitive, valuable and essential items around the globe. Get in touch to find out how we can help you. 

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