11 Safest Places to Live in UK

11 Safest Places to Live in UK

Thinking of moving house and searching for the safest places to live in UK?

When moving house, safety and comfort should be among the top considerations!

In spite of the fact that many living in safe areas consider this to be a given, it is still one of the most important factors to consider when moving house.

Moving to a new place can be challenging, so putting safety first is often the best approach.

As a result, you will need to know where the safest places to live in UK are.

White and Company are here to assist you!

This article discusses 11 of the safest places to live in UK.

From towns to cities and even whole counties, our list will help you determine the safest places in the UK to live.

Regardless of where we live, it is always worthwhile to consider how safe an area is before moving!

The following are 11 of the safest places to live in UK!


Wiltshire is another county on our list of safest places to live in the UK.

There are many natural areas of outstanding beauty in Wiltshire, which is naturally a very rural county.

Several of these areas are located in Wiltshire, including The Cotswolds to the north, Cranborne Chase & Western Wiltshire Downs to the southwest, and the popular North Wessex Downs.

The counties bordering Wiltshire include Dorset, Somerset, Hampshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, and Berkshire, ensuring the region is very well placed within the UK!

In Wiltshire, you can choose to live in one of the 21 towns, with plenty of quaint villages also on offer.

Homes for sale in the county can be found in a variety of attractive and unique locations.

There are excellent transport links in Wiltshire as well.

Through the A303 or M3, M25 & M1, locals can access the south or north with ease.

Locals can also access most towns in the county and the rest of the UK through three railway stations.

There is no question that Wiltshire is one of the safest places to live in the UK.

Among all the counties in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland, this one is in the top ten for safety.

A total of 53 crimes were committed per 1,000 persons in Wiltshire in 2021!

The data clearly demonstrates why Wiltshire deserves to be ranked among the safest place to live in the UK.



Aberdeen is the largest seaport on the northeast coast of Scotland.

There have been several awards given to the city and it is considered one of the best cities to live in Great Britain.

When compared with more expensive cities across the UK, Aberdeen residents are still able to afford a home.

Aberdeen has numerous nicknames including the “Grey City” or “Granite City.”

It has been nicknamed “Granite City” because much of the city is built with the famous local granite.

Aberdeen has a population of 200,000, making it the third most populous city in Scotland.

In addition to being a fishing, mining, and textile hub, the city is now experiencing tremendous growth in the renewable energy industry.

Aberdeen also has great transportation links!

The A90 is the most popular route by road connecting the city with the surrounding areas.

There are also handy rail connections providing access to Edinburgh in less than two hours.

At £199,700, Aberdeen’s average house price is very low!

This certainly adds to the appeal of the area.

 The crime rate in Aberdeen is 520 per 100,000 people, making it one of the safer cities in the UK.

As a result, buyers can feel safe choosing to live here!

East Renfrewshire Countryside

East Renfrewshire

East Renfrewshire is another of the safest places to live in the UK.

It is ideally located within the region and offers a majority rural setting.

The East Renfrewshire district shares borders with Glasgow, East Ayrshire, Renfrewshire, South Lanarkshire, and North Ayrshire.

This makes it a very convenient location in which to live.

Living in this area is truly a pleasure for locals.

There are quaint towns and villages sprinkled throughout East Renfrewshire’s open countryside.

This beautiful area is surrounded by hills, moors, woodlands, and parks, making it a truly remarkable place to live.

There are 179.6 crimes per 10,000 people in East Renfrewshire on average.

In contrast, the Scottish average for 10,000 population is 331.2, which is an astounding 46% lower in East Renfrewshire!

There is no doubt that living in East Renfrewshire is a safe option.


For those who are on the lookout for a place to reside that not only offers safety but a place where you can soak up a world of cultural delights, York Minster is a good choice.

York was once ranked number one by Post Office Travel when it comes to not just the UK, but the world for safety!

A small city but bigger than a town, York boasts very low crime rates.

The local police force has a particularly high presence in York.

Many residents agree that this has been attributed in a big way, to the city having such a good reputation for being safe.

York proves that you don’t need to reside in a small village in order to enjoy the freedom to walk the streets in safety.

Shropshire Countryside


The county of Shropshire is full of pretty towns and villages immersed in beautiful countryside.

However, the county is also a relatively safe place to put down roots.

Several Shropshire towns have been nominated in the past as being some of the safest in the UK.

Oswestry lies close to the Welsh border in an area of great beauty.

The vigilant nature of residents in Oswestry is credited for helping to retain the town’s enviable safety record.

Shrewsbury is another popular town in Shropshire.

It too has a reliable safety record offering plenty of family-friendly residential areas within a thriving town setting.


A major city in the South West of England, Plymouth is a popular tourist destination.

There are more than 250,000 people living in the area, making it one of the most popular places to live in the county.

Despite its size, this city has great safety statistics!

In Plymouth, burglaries occur at a very low rate of 240 per 100,000 people and violent crimes occur at a reasonable rate of 1,140 per 100,000 people.

In light of the city’s size, these are very encouraging figures.

During the English Civil War, Plymouth played a key role.

Its history however stretches even further back with the settlement first being founded in the Bronze Age.

A visit to the city reveals its vibrant history to this day.

A variety of boutique shops, galleries, and restaurants can be found throughout Plymouth’s ancient lanes which are lined with Tudor and Jacobean buildings.

As well as being home to the largest Western European naval base, the city is also home to the University of Plymouth, one of the most respected universities in the world.

Dartmouth, Devon


A much-loved holiday destination, Devon is full of stunning locations where tourism dominates.

From beautiful coastlines, home to seaside resorts and fishing villages to an unrivalled inland rural terrain, including two world-renowned national parks.

The fact that Devon experiences less burglary, vandalism, drug use, and violent crime than many other counties, makes it so desirable.

Among some of the safest locations in Devon are the likes of Salcombe, Lynmouth, Bideford, and Tiverton all score very highly on the “safety” charts.

Retirees and families flock to this region. It is easy to understand why.


A large town situated around 20 miles from London, Luton has a population of approximately 211,000.

Although it is one of the largest towns in the UK, it has a great safety record, unusual for its size.

There are a number of reasons why Luton is considered relatively safe.

In the past few years, its council has introduced a number of measures to ensure the safety of its residents.

Steps such as a greater police presence, especially at night, along with nightlife guides for students, have led to a significant drop in crime.

Not just a drop in crime, these measures have also contributed to improving the visitor experience and for those who reside here, reassurance and a feeling of personal safety.


Well-heeled Surrey is home to plenty of millionaires.

From football stars to actors and singers, some of the richest people in the UK reside in this wonderful county.

But is the county a safe place to live?

According to Accent Housing, Surrey is the safest place to live in the Southeast

Fewer crimes were reported in the year ending September 2020 than in any other region in the South East.

Waverley, Camberley, and Farnborough North, along with several other villages all enjoy low crime rates.

The great thing about Surrey is its strategic location.

Many areas enjoy fantastic links to London along with friendly communities and good schools.

All things considered, along with safety, Surrey is hard to beat.

Beautiful yorkshire dales landscape stunning scenery england tourism uk green rolling hills road

North Yorkshire

North Yorkshire is the largest ceremonial county in England, covering an area of 3480 square miles.

Around 40% of the county is covered by national parks, incorporating most of the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors.

There is no doubting the county’s beauty, but what of its crime rates?

According to the Office of National Statistics end of year crime report 2021, the region as a whole had the lowest crime rate in the country at 49.9 crimes per 1000 people.

This is significantly lower than the country’s average, which sits at 80.8 crimes per 1000 people.

Plus, a UK-wide study conducted by Money Expert in 2021 also concluded that North Yorkshire was one of the safest places to live in England and Wales.

The great bonus of moving to Yorkshire is that along with a feeling of security, you can expect to pay a lot less and get a lot more property for your money.



Yet another entry in our ranking that is found in the South West of the UK.

In addition to Gloucester, Gloucestershire settlements include Cheltenham, Stroud, Tewkesbury, Dursely, and Cheltenham.

Gloucester is however the only city in the county.

Tourists flock to the city for its imposing cathedral and historic period homes.

Those seeking a more tranquil lifestyle can choose from a wide range of picturesque villages in Gloucestershire filled with picturesque Cotswold stone cottages and some stunning local pubs.

The rest of the Gloucestershire towns are filled with quirky shops, tea rooms, and traditional inns.

Diving into the statistics, Gloucestershire ranks quite high compared to other areas on our list.

In terms of crime categories, the highest crime rate in the county is for robberies.

The area, however, ranks well overall, with 58.3 crimes per 1000 residents.

This is 19.3 lower than the national average crime rate.

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