Document Storage

Document Storage

record management limited document storage


When looking for document storage to de-clutter your office consider our dedicated record management service that provides businesses with secure, bar-coded archive storage for business documents.

It is so easy for documents & files to build up; often being moved around to free up space. This often leads to files not being readily found. This will waste time and money for you and your business. Record Management Ltd staff are experienced in document storage and retrieval.

Dedicated Document Storage

We provide a complete professional service, relieving businesses of the need to devote valuable office space and personnel to store their archive documents. Record Management Limited is a dedicated archive storage company with custom-built facilities and the latest computer systems.

Accessing Your Documents

All types of records are professionally managed: files, boxes of archives, confidential documents, architectural plans and drawings, and stationary supplies. You will have immediate authorised access to your documents, be able to retrieve them whenever they are required or, if you prefer, we’ll deliver them back to you.

Please visit the Record Management Limited website for more information.

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